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Captain's Log
Captain's Log
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Technology... Simply Dangerous
Thursday, January 12, 2006


Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -317031.16

Someone I don't know forwarded an email to me today containing a story of a lady being harassed publicly by two perverted morons in MRT by taking a picture of her breast... (Her low neckline actually...). Pictures of the perverts were also attached in the email. Here's the email I recieved:

Subject: FW: Warning! MRT Commuters....please pass...

I was on my way to work when this happened. The whole story is on my friendster blog. I just culled this part to share with you guys. I hope this won't happen to anyone else because it feels so wrong.

I attached pictures, read on to find out what pictures I'm talking about...

I got off at Makati to take the MRT to GMA-Kamuning, my everyday routine. I usually wait for the first train cabby to be able to save myself a seat. But today, the train was already boarding when I got in the station so I had no choice but to rush to the nearest open cabby door, which was located towards the middle of the train. Needless to say, all seats were taken so I just accepted the fact that I may not be able to grab a seat for the rest of the ride.

I was wearing a striped sleeveless shirt, it had a low neckline but I still looked decent and was ok with it. Besides, there was no cleavage to show off anyway, so I was comfortable with my outfit.

A friend sent me a text message asking where I was, so I was busy texting back that I failed to notice two perverts standing beside me. One of them was actually trying to take a sneak peak of what was under my low neckline. He even took out his cell phone. I was rattled by the clicking of his camera phone that I actually saw him CAPTURING my breasts! People sitting in front of us saw what happened and were stunned. He showed my picture to the guy he was with and was pleased of his handy work, dismissing that I saw what he just did. I was giving him a stern look and when he did look back at me, he gave me a smirk as if telling me that I cannot do anything about it. I got so infuriated that I called a friend up just to have an excuse of broadcasting what had just transpired to everyone on board the train and to show the two pricks that I wasn't just gonna stand there and do nothing.

I was telling the whole story over the phone loud enough for everyone to hear. The passengers started talking amongst themselves, some clearly showing disgust for the two asswipes while the others whispering that I was actually looking for trouble for dressing up the way I do.

Of course, I didn't just stop at embarrassing them. I took 2 pictures of the sleazebags too. When I got off my station, I talked to the station manager there and filed a complaint. I was endorsed to the MRT central station where I will be submitting the pictures I took. MRT management promised that they will be posting an ad at all MRT stations, using the photos of the two pervs, as a warning to all others who have made capturing of breasts, legs and other what-have-you's of women passengers, their MRT pastime.

I don't know if its Filipino culture or it's just that people don't get that no girl would want to be sexually harassed period. It is never the girl's fault if she is harassed and it doesn't mean that if a girl is wearing a sexy outfit that she wants to be hollered at or that she is showing off her body and anyone is invited to take pictures of any part of her!

Love, rage, fire and flames,

Maria Edilyd P. Orias
Campaigns, Communication and Media Officer
Amnesty International Pilipinas

Tel. no. 63 2 927 9856
Telefax 63 2 927 6008


I was not convinced at the start since I don't believe letters being forwarded via email. Curiosity strikes me so I tried searching her on Friendster since she mentioned that the whole story was posted on her Friendster Blog. After a while, I found her profile and blog. The story was indeed true. The pictures of the two morons attached in the email were the perverts who took her picture.

With the advancement of technology, imaging devices are now built-in in most cellphones and easily accesible to anyone because of its cheap price. Just imagine giving a sexually urged individual a phone camera. He doesn't need to go to a film shop to develop them. Just transfer the pictures into a PC and with the internet.. BOOM! Pictures are published instantly over the internet.

These stalkers and perverts should be shot in the head. To those Congressmen, please do your job. CREATE NEW LAWS TO PROTECT THE CITIZEN'S. DEATH PENALTY TO THESE KINDS OF PERVERTS. Stop bickering and your useless politicking. Serve your people. Maybe these old geezers don't know that with a click of a mouse, your picture could be sent to millions of internet users around the world. You'll be an instant "porn" celebrity.

Her entry was posted last November 2005 and I haven't seen any pictures of these morons in any MRT Stations I've been to... Ehem.. yuhuuu MRT Station Manager....

We're not in the world of telegraphs... today's lifestyle is different. So to those stupid politicians, put your acts together and make yourselves useful. Create laws f00ls!

Click the images below to enlarge:
Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

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*Computer end log*

Posted by Jepoy @ 1/12/2006 09:03:00 AM
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Posted by Blogger Karlo on Thursday, January 12, 2006 at 10:46:00 PM GMT+8:  
boo! menyek sila! masunog sila sa hell! off wid der head! ^_^

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on Monday, January 23, 2006 at 10:39:00 AM GMT+8:  
thank you so much for posting my story on your blog. many have messaged me on friendster commending what i did. some of them, like yourself, either posted my story on their blogs or forwarded the email.

i am grateful to people like you who give a damn.

but im afraid i have to oppose something that you wrote on your blog though, as i am a human rights advocate and i work with a human rights organization, i wanna tell you that the "death penalty", however grave a crime is, shouldn't be the answer to criminatlity. (especially to what those two guys did to me, however despicable i think they are!)

the death penalty wouldnt surely stop these guys from doing what they do. but a little vigilanteism and activism will and shall positively make other voyeurs think twice before they do the same stupid things.

we dont need the death penalty to strike out crime because we indeed have that law in the philippines now (RA7659) but then, criminatlity is still in our midst. we need better policing and implementation of the law against criminality, not a grave punishment that will neither reverse nor deter crime.

i hope you understand why i am saying this, of course as a victim. i am disgusted with people like those two that captured me, but surely, subjecting them to death won't make me feel better. but an end to women being seen as sex objects will. and we can achieve this through other means such as what you do here on your blog.

thank you again. i just have to drop some lines off my mind on this.

goddess bless!

Love and Rage,

Mei Orias
Amnesty International Pilipinas

"The ultimate end of all revolutionary social change is to establish the sanctity of human life, the dignity and the right of every human being to liberty and well-being." -- Emma Goldman

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