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Captain's Log
Captain's Log
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Sigaw ng Bayan's 9 Million
Friday, May 19, 2006


Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -317380.79

It's been weeks since Sigaw ng Bayan claimed to have achieved 9 million page hits with just three weeks from its launched. 9 million hits in 3 weeks... WOW! They must be in Neverland! Then there's this Inquirer columnist interpreted the hits as site visitors. OK. FIINNEEEE... Don't you just miss the times when reporters are not this ignorant?

The local blogosphere reacted violently about the claim. How can you justify a claim that a 3 week-not so popular website can achieve that feat? Maybe because their page is splattered with graphics. Each element counts as a website hit whenever it is loaded. Anyway, the guy behind the claim responded to the bloggers uproar by releasing an article on their website. But upon reading his explaination, I was like a CISCO certified individual listening to a 1st year Nursing student trying to explain the very basics of the internet a router*. His explanation doesnt make sense at all:

Released April 28, 2006

The phenomenon continues…

Call it phenomenal or call it a fake, website access logs simply cannot lie – however pundits question their results in the most tech-savvy lingo. The objectivity, fairness and accuracy of website access logs are beyond question unlike the credibility of some certified heckler effectively disguised as an opinion maker.

For the benefit of the growing number of Sigaw ng Bayan website visitors, our site is a legal, paid subscriber of a professional weblog analyzer used and employed by tens of thousands, probably millions, of website administrators the world over. Since April 8, 2006, our daily access log reports amount to an average of 80 megabytes and that alone takes a lot of space to file daily. It takes almost 20 minutes for a special software to analyze the daily logs, a considerably long period given the speed of hardwares nowadays. Visitor bandwidth usage averages 2 gigabytes daily for only around 200 pages that compose the entire website so far. Any website administrator would know that figure is half of the maximum monthly bandwidth allowance of a regular webhosting service.

The www.sigawngbayan.com uses a static sitemeter simply because it relies on the access logs automatically rolled daily by its webhost providers. It does not employ free sitemeters that abound in the electronic world like those naysayers in the country who refuse to see anything good around them. Most free sitemeters come expensive actually as their providers flood administrators’ emailboxes with spam – unwanted emails – which come from third parties the freegivers share the user’s address to. This “gateway” can be used by better-educated techies to enter into the bowels of a site, play around for sometime and leave the administrators with severe headaches. In short, we hold our site’s security very seriously and that credibility of statistics is the better judgment call for us rather than rapidity of reports, the latter serving only to satisfy the amusement of nosey know-it-alls.

We do not also use our webhost’s counters menu as they tend to display dissimilar hits reports as a site can be viewed either as www.sigawngbayan.com or simply sigawngbayan.com. Chances are, one URL or web address will be visited more than the other variant. We can only imagine how this seeming discrepancy would again be used to pummel our down-to-earth intent of promoting the People’s Initiative. We will not belabor the fact that the aesthetics of the pre-programmed counters of our webhost do not conform with our website layout using advance software.

If only we are not protecting the identities of many of our site visitors who support our crusade but meantime want to remain anonymous, we are more than willing to make public the access logs of www.sigawngbayan.com so opinion makers would not waste precious column space to question an insignificant, grassroots-operated and volunteer-funded website’s hits statistics. There they can see, before they open their malicious minds, that indeed, a phenomenon – a rare occurrence – if they like to call it, is really happening in a people’s website, courtesy of its visitors coming largely from the United States, Canada, Australia, the Middle East, China, and many other countries abroad, including a single computer terminal from Congo that is being used to access the Sigaw ng Bayan website faithfully two times a day since April 15.

Our access logs analyzer is a wonder in itself as it detects not only the IP addresses but almost the exact locations of site visitors and writers, and many other details we cannot divulge for obvious reasons. We protect these private details about our visitors – including those whose intent is only to pry for lapses and wreak havoc in the site – as much as we protect our own confidential particulars, and no amount of heckling and bullying can force us to betray them.

Perhaps this is one contributing factor to the phenomenon bad cuts from old chips cannot accept: That we value the trust of the millions of people supporting us in the great exodus towards Charter change, and they reward us in return with site revisits and passing on to their friends, families and colleagues the good news that a people’s website manned from a humid cellar using low-end computer terminals by part-time volunteers is doing an unheralded, unsung job of informing their countrymen on the beauty of a systemic change that will revolutionize the lives of 85 million Filipinos for the better.

As for the search engines yielding “negative” replies to queries on the Sigaw ng Bayan term, this is either an inaccurate statement or an outright lie. A simple search on www.webcrawler.com will show that different search engines do show up results on the particular query. The layman must also be informed that search engines nowadays display different result for searches at different times. Meaning, a site may be on the number one spot now, but is at the bottom of page 1 results an hour later, or totally gone from the top-ranked pages a day after. It is also an elementary subject to deal with the truth that search engines may take 10 to 12 weeks to index web pages, giving priority to sites manually submitted for indexing. As of this writing, sigawngbayan.com administrators have not yet submitted the site for crawling of engine spiders like that of Alexa, for legitimate reasons based on experience.

Obviously, some professed bloggers cannot accept the fact that lowly people, the poor, those who suffer away silently due to the state of affairs of this country, would like to visit a site like www.sigawngbayan.com than their web or blog sites actually meant only for the elite. They must remember that there are more grassroots people than elitists in the Philippines. Most Filipinos are fed up with the fact that these elitists have lorded it over so much for so long a time in this nation – electronically or otherwise.

Amazing though is the fact that while these highly critical netizens split their hairs for so a simple issue like the site hits made on the www.sigawngbayan.com, they generate more attention to the fledgling site by their croaking and barking. Thanks to their special concentration and mention of the site, Atty. Raul Lambino’s 9 million figures is indeed wrong – as it has gone up plus 1 million as we put the period on this issue.


1. Free site meters really are expensive? If you're afraid of email spam, then why not use a FREE email account like Yahoo or Gmail for your free site meter account? That's an advance tool in cyberspace called common sense. But if you cant afford that tool, there's this reliable tool called Google Analytics. REAL high traffic websites use this.

2. Your website is using advance software??? So using ADVANCE SOFTWARE? HTML IS ADVANCE? HELLO CAPTAIN OBVIOUS.

3. Your log analyzer detects the exact location of your visitors? Wow! How? Tell me. Please. How? My ISP's located at Makati and I live at Quezon City. If I visit your site, your "wonder" log will report my location at Quezon City? C'mon. That's preposterous.

4. Until now, Sigaw ng Bayan's pagerank is ZERO. How do you expect people to find your site in search engines? Give them leaflets? Spam their email address?

5. They must have been paying a lot since you're hosted on Yahoo! as stated by Mike. I've also done a search indeed they're hosted on Yahoo!

6. If their site is on Yahoo!, the bandwidth error Mr. Quezon got was fake.

Due to the huge volume of visitors, this site has exceeded its bandwidth limit and is temporarily shut down. To the Administrator, please contact service provider. Thank you.

I have several domains on Yahoo! so I was entitled to one of their premium support. I've asked them what's the default error a user will get when a website reaches a bandwidth limit. Here's what they sent me:

So... that... means... the error message... was.... ummm... :)

With this kind of explanation, you're twisting the facts and are trying to impose on the masses that your mvement is so popular that almost half of the population supports you.

And why do these people kept on implying that they're oppressed? Same with those ridiculous guys protesting at starbucks. Everytime someone criticizes them, they act like oppressed slaves. Who's side are we left with? Those asswipes buying expensive coffees to protest or these?

Me? I rather climb and live at the top of Mt. Everest. -_-

Protest whatever you like. But please, dont exploit people who don't know much. You're creating more dumb people for you to manipulate.

Even n00bs can pwn yuo. :)

*post edited so it can be easily be comprehended

*Computer end log*

Posted by Jepoy @ 5/19/2006 11:34:00 PM
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Posted by Blogger Mike Abundo on Saturday, May 20, 2006 at 11:56:00 AM GMT+8:  
"Special concentration and mention of the site"? Nobody's even linking to the damn thing!

Posted by Blogger Jepoy on Sunday, May 21, 2006 at 1:18:00 AM GMT+8:  
maybe he's talking drugs.. that's why he's making up fantasies :P

Posted by Blogger Mon on Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 8:46:00 AM GMT+8:  
Check out PTB as some readers reacted on your "Nursing" comparison...

Posted by Blogger Jepoy on Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 12:25:00 PM GMT+8:  
hahahahaha... we do need Batibot back! And maybe teach 'em readers the basics of reading. :P

I can't believe that someone actually thought you wrote that yourself.

Batibot save our children. *cries*

Posted by Blogger Mon on Tuesday, May 23, 2006 at 1:12:00 PM GMT+8:  
Actually, the comments did underscore the entire point. Just because somebody "uses" a technology doesn't make him an expert.

It would have been interesting if the posters were to explain the rudiments of TCP/IP...

Posted by Blogger Siopao Master on Wednesday, May 24, 2006 at 12:19:00 AM GMT+8:  
why do idiots roam the internet?

Posted by Anonymous Blackstarr_ph on Friday, July 21, 2006 at 10:32:00 AM GMT+8:  
80MB of access log is pathetic with CONSTANT bandwidth usage of 1.4MB (based on 2GB bandwidth per day) per minute!!!

proxy server logs with traffic of 1.4MB DAILY AVERAGE eats at least several hundreds of diskspace using plain text.

Kala ko dag-dag bawas pang elections lang, buti na lang bokya kayo sa internet! Hahahaha

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