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Captain's Log
Captain's Log
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FLAME ON! - The Archive
Saturday, June 24, 2006


Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -317478.14

Last night, wrencelot disabled his comments and deleted all of our comments in his page. But there's one thing i've learned with my years of online experience --always save.

the one with the clarification

E-commerce = Internet Commerce as to E-mail = Internet Mail right..?


Home(H) Archive(A) of Non-indexed(N) Internet sites(E) in the Philippines(PH) = Hane.PH!

“if you dont understand something, dont make fun of it.. you’ll mght end up making a fool out of yourself..” - wrencelot


Hane.PH! is not a web 2.0, i wish it was but its not..

91 Responses to “the one with the clarification”

  1. buwayahman Says:

    Ha ha ha . . . this one got me laughing again!!!!

    Email means “Electronic Mail.” Not Internet Mail.

    Ha ha ha . . . .

  2. wrencelot Says:

    and where do you get your electronic mail..?

    there you go…

    and oh, before i forget, you dont actually have to be a rocket scientist to figure that out.. (roll eyes)

  3. jepoy Says:

    ok. i can’t take it anymore… must… release… must…. re…leeaseeee…..


    i’ve restrained myself long enough from posting any comments on your blog (except for that trackbac) but this entry…. hahahahahahahaha!

    Your analogy took 10mins to sink into my brain.. whew! anyway, so, E in hane.ph stands for e-commerce? But why Home(H) Archive(A) of Non-indexed(N) Internet sites(E) in the Philippines(PH)???? Not all “internet sites” are based on e-commerce.

    BTW, hane.ph is not web 2.0?? how about homepagekoto? is it web 2.0? :)

  4. karlopogi Says:

    OMG, THIS…… THIS……. SOO FUNNY!!!!!!!
    May I suggest you pursue a career on stand up comedy instead?

  5. wrencelot Says:


    i thought i told you to go back in elementary and relearn your english 101, have i not..? simpleng reading comprehension dmopa magawa sos..


    oh i might.. and ill make you the subject of all of my jokes..

  6. buwayahman Says:


    You are obviously too young to remember the days of Novell Netware or Compuserve or BBS, where email was sent not necessarily through the Internet.

    You are obviously not a rocket scientist so I suggest you go back to nursing…

  7. karlopogi Says:

    sure be my guest, but make it sure also that you yourself is the main subject of your jokes…. ;)

  8. wrencelot Says:


    if my logic doesnt make any sense to you, then why are you here..? your blog doesnt make any sense to me even if its about me but you dont see me leaving comment there do you..?

    and i am not a nursing student, sorry.. guess again..


    oh i will.. i already have two regular customers in mind..

  9. jepoy Says:

    and so i thought i advised you to join me in english 101 and take reading and comprehension 101 as well? So funny you got offended by my original comparison on that PTB article but you yourself don’t even know the basics and history of email, much more of IP addresses.

    Instead of answering questions thrown at you, you retaliate by insulting others. Pathetic.

  10. jepoy Says:

    btw, you haven’t answered my question, IS HOMEPAGEKOTO.COM WEB2.0??

  11. He’s at it again! at Buwayahman Says:

    […] Now the funny guy defends his acronym: E-commerce = Internet Commerce as to E-mail = Internet Mail right..? […]

  12. karlopogi Says:

    btw,does he know what is WEB2.0??? you’re askin him always about his site if it is WEB2.0, does he know what is that?

  13. wrencelot Says:

    i chose not to answer your questions for i want you to realize it by yourself.. i ddnt read your blog so i kinda missed that invitation and for that i sarcastically apologize.. tell me your definition of web 2.0 and if its the same as mine ill tell you.. if you get insulted everytime youre here then i suggest dont go here, because i dont go to yours..

    homepagekoto.com is a web 2.0.. if you have any problem with that, sue me.. or if you think that will insult me, well, guess what, you have to stand in line..

  14. jepoy Says:

    or maybe you don’t know any of those answers??

    so how do I sue pseudos??

  15. karlopogi Says:

    OMG!!!! Exhibit A, AYOS!

  16. wrencelot Says:

    maybe i do, maybe i dont..? can you tell..?

    i admire you tho for the effort that you are exerting for everything that you are doing trying to get even.. too bad i dnt give a tiny rats ass about it..

    why not writing something on your blog about history and basics of the email, explain it thoroughly if you may.. probably then i would visit your blog and find something actually WORTH reading..

  17. wrencelot Says:


    kung maka react ka parang end of the world.. talk about over acting.. kung nakakainsult un eh di dapat hndi ko na un inaprub.. i own this blog remember..?

  18. jepoy Says:

    exhibit a? hahahaha…

    ok, another pseudo example

    can you please guide me on how I would sue you? or maybe i’ll stand and remain in my line to make your life miserable? watdyulyk?

  19. jepoy Says:

    @wrencelot - naah.. i rather post your lies here and here

  20. wrencelot Says:

    “can you please guide me on how I would sue you? or maybe i’ll stand and remain in my line to make your life miserable?”

    i can but i wont.. you should have asked “may i” oops, too late..

    does it strike you that you are just craving for an attention thats why you are here..? because i cant see any reason other than that..

    and you know what would make my life miserable..? if you can actually make yourself a site like my site and compete me.. create a business directory of your own then blog about it.. that is what i like.. i expect you to honor it like a real man..

    and you can make a gazillion pseudo example and i still wont give a tiny rats ass..

  21. karlopogi Says:

    now we have the exhibit B, my my my……… Good job jepoy…
    @wrencelot, OMG is not OA, its an expression, like Wicked for the brittons, Cool for the americans etc etc, I thought your english is good?

  22. wrencelot Says:

    i can do this all day, you know.. until you get tired.. and you will get tired once you realized that i dont care about the things that you do..

  23. wrencelot Says:


    i dd not say OMG is not OA, nor OMG is OA.. what i mean is that you are over reacting, slowmo.. and i know its an expression.. what do you think of me, like you..?

  24. jepoy Says:

    hahahaha! I don’t have to create a site like yours. I’ve been online way before you even learned to type. Create a site like yours with the goal of competing with what? google? yahoo? yehey? yellow pages online? ha! I wouldnt waste my precious time on an idea invented years before and has already been perfected.

    Too bad you don’t know what I do. :)

  25. wrencelot Says:

    i dont care what you do if that doesnt occured to you yet..

  26. karlopogi Says:

    now im being slowmo….. maybe your brains are slowmo because of your shifting hours…..

  27. jepoy Says:

    aww… is that the attitude of a businessman?

  28. wrencelot Says:

    @ jepoy

    funny when you said that you dont wanna waste your “precious” time, but youd rather be here in my blog trying to outwit me.. im not making anything from you, and you from me.. therefore you are not my business..


    yeah, you are right.. i am not anything like you.. thank god..

  29. karlopogi Says:

    and BTW, youre nothin compare to me ooohh pleassseeee……. I’m not like you…. you dont know me…. ;)

  30. jepoy Says:

    nah, im saving precious time by saving others from you. i do part time superhero stuffs.

  31. wrencelot Says:

    for the third time jepoy, I DONT CARE WHAT YOU DO..

    karlopogi, i am not interested to know you.. if i am i would have gone to your blog right..?

  32. jepoy Says:

    i don’t care if you don’t care since i don’t care myself… I thought you could do this all day? Giving up already?

    - wrencelot LIE 1
    - wrencelot LIE 2

  33. buwayahman Says:

    “if my logic doesnt make any sense to you, then why are you here..? your blog doesnt make any sense to me even if its about me but you dont see me leaving comment there do you..?”

    I visit your blog cuz I need a laugh from time to time…

    And the level of arrogant stupidity in this blog never fails to amuse me…

    You are free to leave a comment on my blog. Be my guest.

    “and i am not a nursing student, sorry.. guess again..”

    But you defend them, right? Thinking that nursing students can explain the internet? At the rate you are explaining the internet, I am afraid that nurses were insulted by having someone like you defeinding them.

  34. karlopogi Says:

    why should I care wrencelot if your visitin my blog, duh? … ;)

  35. wrencelot Says:

    i am aware that i am free to leave a comment in your blog, but i would rather not to.. im busy here answering each and every comments that you guys have for me..

    “I am afraid that nurses were insulted by having someone like you defeinding them”

    oh they are..? those bastards..

  36. jepoy Says:

    now you’re the one insulting teh nurses!! oh my!

    /me hides

  37. jepoy Says:

    btw, if you’re already busy answering our comments (considering only 3 of us here), how could you handle the enormous number of people coming to haneph… IF EVER… IIIF EVER this site becomes big?

  38. wrencelot Says:

    aha! so you admit you insulted them! hahahaha!

    next lifetime i will be a lawyer..

  39. karlopogi Says:

    if u become a lawyer someday wrencelot your clients has just signed der death certificate…..

  40. jepoy Says:

    oh c’mon, don’t put words to other people’s mouth again. A lawyer huh? So you’ll create an online directory for lawyers as well? coolness!

  41. jepoy Says:

    if ever i have enemies in my next life, I would recommend you as their lawyer. ;)

  42. karlopogi Says:

    he cant qualify to become a lawyer jepoy, even 4 becomin a notary public….

  43. wrencelot Says:

    can you two think of other insult words to give to me..? something that i havent read on websters dictionary would be very nice..

  44. jepoy Says:

    hey i’m asking something up there….

    if you’re already busy answering our comments (considering only 3 of us here), how could you handle the enormous number of people coming to haneph… IF EVER… IF EVER this site becomes big?

  45. buwayahman Says:

    Here’s one:


  46. jepoy Says:

    hahahaha nice one. :) )

  47. karlopogi Says:


  48. wrencelot Says:

    something that would sting buwayahman.. you can do better than that..

    jepoy, you really like specific answers to your every question huh..? you would have been a good reporter.. the answer to your questions is: ill hire people.. (applause, applause)

    you guys are enjoying these as much as i do, do ya..?

  49. jepoy Says:

    Yes I need specific answers since i need to know if i wanted to deal business with someone…

    cmon you’ll hire??? YOU ARENT EVEN REGISTERED WITH OUR GOVT. And you prefer an LLC company just because it sounded good? dimwit.

  50. wrencelot Says:


    syang, kla ko pa nman magiging magaling kang reporter.. you should have digged much more deepr, mr inquisitive reporter..

    well, you wouldnt get anywhere here if you want to make a business deal with someone.. unless thats the reason why you waste your time here..?


  51. jepoy Says:

    site down already? :( how reliable..

  52. jepoy Says:

    c’mon, are you really registered?

  53. jepoy Says:

    Domain: hane.ph
    Organization: Wren Tech Inc.
    Expiry Date: 2007-02-01

    WOW! Wren Tech Inc.!!! You have a corporation! Cool! So what are you? President? CEO? Chairman? or whatever of Wren Tech?? But I seem to encounter a problem…. I can’t find your business records anywhere…

  54. karlopogi Says:

    my my wrencelot, run out of english words?

  55. wrencelot Says:

    nope karlopogi, just got bored..

  56. jepoy Says:

    Domain: hane.ph
    Organization: Wren Tech Inc.
    Expiry Date: 2007-02-01

    WOW! Wren Tech Inc.!!! You have a corporation! Cool! So what are you? President? CEO? Chairman? or whatever of Wren Tech?? But I seem to encounter a problem…. I can’t find your business records anywhere…

    - wrencelot LIE 1
    - wrencelot LIE 2

  57. karlopogi Says:

    aww, you poor thing…. how about abandoning this site?

  58. jepoy Says:

    Domain: hane.ph
    Organization: Wren Tech Inc.
    Expiry Date: 2007-02-01

    WOW! Wren Tech Inc.!!! You have a corporation! Cool! So what are you? President? CEO? Chairman? or whatever of Wren Tech?? But I seem to encounter a problem… I can’t find your business records anywhere…

    OH MY!! TAX EVADER!!!!!!

    - wrencelot LIE 1
    - wrencelot LIE 2

  59. karlopogi Says:

    better call mr taxman

  60. wrencelot Says:

    come to think of it, i built Hane.PH! to bring offline businesses online, and here i am totally have forgotten about my own business.. thank you jepoy for reminding me, me mapapala rin pala ako sa pagdalaw mo d2 sa site ko at pag ubos ng bandwith ko..

  61. jepoy Says:

    forgot to register? what are you? a stupid entrepreneur? yes karlo’s right, i better report you the BIR for some tax raps…

    And regarding with your bandwidth, a single page refresh doesnt eat too much. You’re already complaining with my visit.. what more if your idea becomes big… IF

  62. jepoy Says:

    since siopao cannot post here because of some comment moderation, let me post for him:

    Siopao Master Says:

    guys, wrency (can I call you wrency?) doesn’t have the slightest idea what the hell ya’ll talking about. He’s too busy wanking in his room, if you know what I mean ^^

  63. wrencelot Says:

    apparently im too busy wanking thats why i dnt have the slightest idea what you guys are talkin about which makes me wonder, why are you still here..?

  64. jepoy Says:

    why? got tired already? I thought we could do this all day?

  65. buwayahman Says:

    “something that would sting buwayahman.. you can do better than that..”

    Jeez, you’re so stupid that you’re so … wrencelot.

    Wow, I finally found a synonym for stupid. It’s WRENCELOT!

    So when I find a blog or a statement that is so inane and idiotic. I can say “That statement is so wrencelot!” I should patent the term and I could get rich.

    BTW, wrencelot also rhymes with supot. No wonder it sounds so synonymously to stupid.

  66. wrencelot Says:

    i aksed you a question, answer it first.. why are you still here..? craving for an attention..? hoping for an apology from me..? what..? what do you want..?

    yes i am tired.. you keep in going in circles..

  67. jepoy Says:

    nah, i rather not answer your question so you’ll realize it. you’re smart right?

    anyway, nice new word.. wrencelot = stuupid = supot. coolness

  68. kim Says:

    here we go again…

    can i join in the fun?

    kaya pala sloppy trabaho mo sa mga sites mo… kasi nalalagyan ng tamod keyboard mo sa kaka-jakol mo kasi nalilibugan ka kapag may script kang nakokopya saibang site…

    eh tang ina naman, sasabihin mong WEB 2.0, eh wala naman ni isang characteristic ng web 2.0 sa kahit nong site na ginagawa mo.

    BETA??? puta, shet, ni hindi pa nga dapat tawagan na alpha ang kahit ano mong nirelease na project… and kahihiyan ang nagdedevelop sa live server??? wala ka bang IIS sa desktop mo sa call center? or sa internet cafe?

    wrency, the P.O.S. of pinoy bloggers.

  69. buwayahman Says:

    But honestly, you should chill out. Don’t be too full of yourself. The people and other bloggers are really on your case to teach you a lesson in humility.

  70. wrencelot Says:

    buwayahman, if you want to get rich faster pick up a more famous name to match with the word supot and bank on it, like lancelot.. that will create you more buzz..


  71. wrencelot Says:

    buwayahman, i am chilled.. do you see me makin fun of your site..? do you see me posting somethng similar to what you have done to me..? if doing what you did is how you “chill”, then i must say NO THANK YOU..

  72. jepoy Says:

    hhahaha supot.. belat.. supot.. hahahaha

    kim, sure.. maaga pa naman eh :)

  73. jepoy Says:


    - wrencelot LIE 1
    - wrencelot LIE 2

  74. buwayahman Says:

    I welcome you to make fun of my site….

    Shucks, here I was, trying to at least give you an opening to salvage this entire episode, but you just had to make a very wrencelot statement.

    How wrencelot of me to think that you wouldn’t make such a wrencelot comment.

  75. jepoy Says:

    once a wrencelot… always a wrencelot. :~)

  76. buwayahman Says:

    Oh and btw, if you google “buwayahman,” at least you get my site. Google “wrencelot” and it points to someone else’s site. Not even yours.

  77. kim Says:

    wow, san na adsense nito para ma-click natin ng ma-click…

    bwahahahahahaha…. banned for life ka na… pati mga domains mo mababan for life sa google…

  78. jepoy Says:

    @buwayahman - hhahahahahahahahaha!

  79. jepoy Says:

    @kim - don’t be too harsh.. baka tirahin na naman nya sa pwet yung pusa nya

  80. kim Says:

    @buwayahman… hahahaha, talk about web expertise… ni domain name niya di niya kayang palabasin ng maayos sa mga search engines.

    and yung mga search results sa sites and sa pangalan niya all turn out to have a negative effect on him.

  81. kim Says:

    @ jepoy, maluwag na nga hininga ng pusa niya eh… kasi tinitira rin sa butas ng ilong.

  82. wrencelot Says:


    thanks for the invite, but youre site is somethingthat doesnt interest me much..


    i already know that.. tell me something new.. and welcome back by the way..

  83. jepoy Says:

    tinitira mo na din sa tenga yung pusa mo?

    - wrencelot LIE 1
    - wrencelot LIE 2

  84. kim Says:

    wow, “intereste”… galing mo mag-isfelling ah.

  85. wrencelot Says:


    running out of stuffs to say..?


    sorry typo.. i corrected it for you..

  86. jepoy Says:

    baka BETA pa din yung isfelling parameters nya :D

  87. kim Says:

    not fair… hahaha kami di kami nageedit ng comments namin after the fact. hahaha tanga ka talaga.

  88. jepoy Says:

    @wrency - my brain’s rebooting… can’t handle this site owner’s stupidity. Just wait :)

  89. kim Says:

    wow, superman background ka pala sa friendster… hahaha siguro tinititigan mo yung tambok niya habang nagjajakol ka no?

  90. jepoy Says:

    gusto lang nya talaga ng Star Trek tulad ko -_-

  91. wrencelot Says:

    okay, thats it.. i can tolerate insult but not profanity and animal abuse..

    kim, of all the people here, i expected more from you coz i admire your work..

I'm still lazy to explain what happened. You can read the snippets at Buwayahman's Blog.

*Computer end log*

Posted by Jepoy @ 6/24/2006 12:34:00 PM
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Posted by Blogger jowch on Sunday, June 25, 2006 at 4:09:00 AM GMT+8:  
hahahaha, grabeh, di yata niya tanggap na cya na yata ang pinaka sikat na contrabida sa pinoy websphere ngayon...

thanks for posting an archive/cache of all the comments.


Posted by Blogger Jepoy on Monday, June 26, 2006 at 1:03:00 PM GMT+8:  
hahahaha... pero ang yabang pa din.. closed na nga yung comments, pati yung trackbacks namin ni buwayahman, inedit at binura.. captain loser's log na ko :P

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