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Captain's Log
Captain's Log
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Why PBB is the Suck
Sunday, June 24, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate -316478.7

Sucky Wendy and Snake Bruce under one modelling agency? So the "I Love You..." is just a gimmick?

They then allow Wendy to comeback then let her bitch her way to winning the PBB Big Night by eliminating Nel instead of that @$$hoe last night. Wendy's so irritating that someone even circulated some "facts" about here.

Facts about Wendy

i think even if how hard we try to
hide our real “mukha” lalabas at
lalabas din to. i know wendy from FEU
(my school too) the main reason why
she passed her mascomm degree is
because she ****ed (sorry for the term)
our professor last february. (this is
true we have pix and cams) inside the
speech laboratory all schoolmates know
this. She said shes went to japan as a
dancer…it is true but she works in a
prostitute house there and is charged
$150 (pls convert to yen) a night.
Shes had controversial issues in FEU
before about her story because she
denied this when called to explain
herself(kailangan ng FEU na mag
background check sa students for
school image) sabi ba naman niya “i
went to japan as a cultural dancer”
may cultural bang inuuwi at binababoy
ng mga customer?(confidential files
from 2005 feu) IT is true that she is
a good person but trust me when i say
this. she should not deny the fact of
her past so she can gain advantage
over other people. SHe is NOT POOR.
her last boyfriend was a Japanese DOM
(62) named Hakimoto Ikita who gave her
more than a million pesos. After she
got the money she enrolled herself
AGAIN IN FEU. this was around 2003.
and left her lover to rot in Japan.
while she was with the JAP guy. she
was engaged sexually with my cousin
T.H. Morales. also a student in FEU.
reason they broke up. He caught wendy
in bed with another DOM. It is sad to
admit that my cousin is a shabu addict
and so is wendy.they have sessions
with drugs and after they have loud
*** ( i should know my cousin lives
next to me i can hear them). I am not
against wendy or anything…and im happy
that this might be her next step to
changing her bad ways of using people
for money…i am just sad that she keeps
on making herself look “nakaka awa” to
other people on tv so she can get more
votes. i just want her to be real and
honest of who she is…she is hiding
from a beautiful face and a sexy body…
all i want is her honesty.

I pity Bruce he seems to be a nice guy
to fall for someone like wendy…i told
you shes an evil genius. she has her
ways of convincing people to like her…
through her lies and many faces. i bet
after big brother and shes a star…she
will never look at bruce the same way
like shes trying to portray now. She
has used a lot of people already…i
know miss M guidance councelor.
sometimes shes saddened of wendy’s
personality problem and wendy being a

if you found this article rude…my
if you found this article enlightening…
thank you

im hoping that the true PBB housemate
deserving to win should win…but i hope
wendy won’t coz she is not deserving
to me.

thank you…

Ma.Kathleen Morales Espiritu

I used to watch PBB... now the show sucks because of this stupid Wendy-Bruce love team and Wendy's Oscar Winning actings.

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/24/2007 05:25:00 PM
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myDestiny Service Interruption
Friday, June 22, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate -316472.85

This is one of those times that Solid Broadband Corp. actually sends out advisories about their signal interruptions or maintenance schedule to their subscribers.

To Our Most Valued Subscriber:

Greetings from MyDestiny Broadband Internet.

We would like to inform you that we will have an activity in Rotonda Hub, where your location belongs to. Please be informed that all subscribers will experience intermittent connection from 8:00pm to 5:30am of June 22, 2007. Together with this message is an attachment for you to reset the cable modem into its factory settings.

We want to apologize for whatever inconveniences this will have in your internet connection. The said activity aims to correct the loading per node.

If you have questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to contact us at 841-9393. Kindly see attached guide on how you can get in touch with MyDestiny through our SMS campaign. Rest assured, we are always at our best in serving your needs.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,

Customer Care - Internet
MyDestiny Broadband Internet
2/F Solid House Bldg.
2285 Chino Roces Ext.
1231 Makati City, PH

Ok, there will be intermittent signal from 8:00PM of June 22 2007 upto 5:30am (June 22? 23?) The email doesn't state why I should reset my modem settings and when I should do it.

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/22/2007 02:12:00 PM
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Manila Bulletin Reviews Domain Squatter
Thursday, June 21, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate -316471.21

First, Manila Bulletin allowed a non-techie writer to write about Internet Security. Of course the result was a disaster. Then Mon pointed out a typo in one of their articles. Now they posted a screenshot and URL of parked domain / domain squatter.

Why can't their editors (and designer / layout artist for this case) distinguish a spam site from a legit one while my not so techie cousin can?

Yay! more n00bs.

Via YugaTech

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/21/2007 11:48:00 PM
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Nice Office Made Video
Saturday, June 16, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate -316454.87


*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/16/2007 12:40:00 AM
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Register Your Mobile Phones at NTC and Pay P150
Thursday, June 14, 2007

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -316449.64

After proposing that websites should be registered with them, NTC has again issued another dumb circular that requires all cellphone manufacturers, dealers and users to register their units. And the dumb part, cellphone users must pay P150 for every phone they own.

The new draft circular, titled “Rules and Regulations for the Registration of Mobile Phones,” aims to monitor and control the legal entry and sources of mobile phones and regulate their importation, sale, purchase, possession and ownership.

Cell-phone owners, on the other hand, should submit an accomplished application form, IMEI number, maker/type/model/serial number and pay the registration fee.

What would they think of next? Register every rodent in our homes?

If they want to stop terrorism, require everyone who owns a prepaid SIM to register for FREE! Then if the subscriber looses the SIM, he/she can just bring her registration info at Globe or SUN and be issued with a new SIM with the same number. My idea is far better than having phones registered since text spammers and scammers will have a difficult time in purchasing dirt cheap SIMs.

Article from Manila Times:

Mandatory registration for all
cell phones being proposed

By Darwin G. Amojelar, Reporter

Owners of mobile phones will soon have to register their units and pay a P150 fee for each phone.

A new circular from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) requires all cell-phone manufacturers, dealers and users to register their units.

The circular, which is up for public hearing, came about after the NTC found that an earlier draft circular requiring all cell phones being sold to have tamper-proof stickers did not solve prevalent problems like smuggling, terrorism, theft and text spamming attributed to mobile-phone use.

Efren R. Cabanlig, NTC director for Radio Regulations & Licensing Division, said it was proposed that a new circular must consider not only the administrative concerns, but the effect on the use of cell phones as well.

The new draft circular, titled “Rules and Regulations for the Registration of Mobile Phones,” aims to monitor and control the legal entry and sources of mobile phones and regulate their importation, sale, purchase, possession and ownership.

As of last year there were about 40 million mobile-phone subscribers in the country.

Under the draft circular, before imported phones are released from the Bureau of Customs, they must be first registered with the NTC. The importer must submit an accomplished application form, a copy of the permit to import, bill of lading and packing list, international mobile equipment identity (IMEI), maker/type/model/serial number and pay of corresponding registration fee.

Cell-phone owners, on the other hand, should submit an accomplished application form, IMEI number, maker/type/model/serial number and pay the registration fee.

Mobile phones used by minors should be registered by their parent or guardian, while individuals using company-issued phones are responsible for registration.

End-users are required to activate their phones by providing verifiable information to the blank information fields in the application interface of the mobile phone registration system (MPRS).

Verifiable information includes the name of the owner, home address, IMEI number, dealer source of equipment, PIN (personal identification system) of dealer, and two identifications.

The end user is then required to text to the NTC hot line number all the verifiable information to compete the process.

The circular lists penalties for violations which include confiscation of stocks, suspension, cancellation and revocation of permits and closure of operations.

Nonregistration of IMEI/maker/type/model/serial number is fined P5,000 per unit.

Once the circular is approved, cell-phone users have six months to register their units, while existing suppliers, distributors, and dealers are given three months.

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/14/2007 02:51:00 AM
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John Estrada and Gretchen Barretto Scandal is Fake!

Captain's Log Stardate -316449.53

You've read them on the papers... seen them on TV... heard them on the radio... but they're all FAKE! Those pictures of John Estrada and Gretchen Barretto kissing are fakes! FAKES I TELLS' YA! Want to see the real picture? Scroll down :~)



*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/14/2007 01:56:00 AM
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Lineage II Closed Beta Account Giveaway
Monday, June 11, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate -316442.84

GameOPS, in cooperation with AsianMedia, is proud to announce that we will be giving away Closed Beta Test Accounts of Lineage II! There will be more than 25 Closed Beta Accounts to be given away! Be one of the first to test this much awaited online game from the guys who brought you Guild Wars.

Click here for complete contest details.

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/11/2007 03:18:00 PM
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Bad Pinoy Traits I’d Wish to Change
Friday, June 08, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate -316435.41

Wow. I've been tagged for the very first time. I was tagged by Chuckie on the topic he started about the bad traits we Pinoys wish to change. Ok, let's start.

  1. Mañana Habit - I'm guilty of this trait. I might have built a blogging empire by now if I haven't been a lazy ass. :P

  2. Whiners - MMDA Chairman Bayani Fernando started the wet rag campaign to eliminate the pesky commuters flooding the main roads to wait for a bus. Instead of being praised, what did Chairman Fernando got? Lots of complaints and threats that he's violating some human rights law.

    Then there's our other kababayans who reproduce like rabbits and yet blame the government for not supporting them. C'mon, atleast give something in return right? I even got a hater just because of hating these useless whiners.

  3. Lack of Discipline - Throwing garbage anywhere, smoking in public, ignoring traffic rules (strong emphasis on PUV drivers), jaywalking, etc.

  4. Voters suffering from memory loss - A few years ago, I joined the call for the ouster of Erap. With the result of the last election favoring the candidates from Erap's camp... RIP Philippines. It's back to square one. AND FOR GOD'S SAKE, ANTONIO TRILLIANES?! WTF is happening to our country?

  5. Online n00bishness - CLICK HERE.

Now my turn to tag. You're TAGGED: Lalaine, Karlo, Andrew, Mike, Ade, Buwayahman, Jhay, Aby, Ian, Mon

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/08/2007 10:12:00 PM
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Mac OS X x86 Reloaded
Saturday, June 02, 2007

Captain's Log Stardate -316418.33

click to enlarge

I've finally done it. I finally installed Mac OS X on an Intel hardware... two years after I started an iBook donation drive and attempted to install a developer DVD of a Mac OS X Intel installer. Blame Karlo for reviving this idea. Flooding my YM with links to cheap iBook offers. _|_

I downloaded uphuck's 10.4.9 v1.2 install DVD and followed the instructions at OSX86 Project Wiki. First problem I encountered was the issue regarding the chipset of my laptop. I needed an external monitor just to make this thing work. Fortunately, there's a VGA 2-wire jumper hack that would allow me to use my laptop's LCD.

Now after testing the installer, I reinstalled XP and created 20GB partition for Mac and 40GB partition for XP. You can follow the instructions here for the dual boot.

Installation was smooth (and fast). I had to edit some kext files on the Terminal window just to make my Broadcom wireless to be detected by OSX. The only problem I have now is how my built-in Realtek 8139 ethernet to work. OSX's system profiler already detects it but it cannot acquire any IP address from myDestiny Cable.

So far, this installation DVD is a far cry from the original leaked release 2 years ago where you have to copy the image to an empty HDD. Karlo and I have to travel from QC to Destiny's office just to copy an HDD image of the installer from Kuya Noli and we still failed to install the OS on our PCs. This time, it's like installing Windows. But still, you need to have basic knowledge on programming in order to edit some files for your devices to work.

Don't ask me where to get installation DVDs because it is simply not allowed. Google is your friend :) Tutorials can be found at the OSX86 Project Wiki. Here's my del.icio.us bookmarks for everything OSX86.

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/02/2007 04:39:00 PM
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