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Captain's Log
Captain's Log
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hospitalscams.blogspot.com = Severe Case of Psychosis
Thursday, February 28, 2008


Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -315160.94

timothy-ellis-cumperI don't know if you ever stumble upon the blogs and videos of a person using the name ellumbra online. His name is Tim Cumper, a married man from UK and according to the blogs and social networking sites I've read, he's close to retirement. *cough* age *cough*

His famous work online is hospitalscams.blogspot.com. It's about his hallucinations of a large scale and organized Philippine real estate / hospital scam. At first, reading his blogs and watching his videos is entertaining. But there is one problem. His blog and videos have been accusing innocent people without even providing a solid proof or evidence. Jun Lozada anyone? :P

He accused his girlfriend Mayen, Mayen's friends, Tierra Maria Estates manager Francis Jalbuena, Tierra Maria Estates itself, Tierra Maria Estates owner Antonio Montinola, Medical Center Paranaque and its doctors, accountant and lawyer, the British Embassy and Filipina Actress Chin-Chin Gutierrez of conspiring just to extort Php100,000 of money from him. All of them blatantly accused on his blogs and videos... ALL FOR Php100,000!!!

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Scam Hoax AlertTimothy Ellis CumperTimothy Ellis CumperTim CumperEllumbraTierra Maria Estates ScamTim CumperAbout My Recovery

I first saw his blog from Ms. Noemi's Filipina Images website last February 4. It took me hours to finish reading the whole blog.

timothy-ellis-cumper-1When I posted my opinion, he immediately accused me for being part of some "bayanihan payola" just to defend the victims. He also questioned me for calling Ms. Noemi "mommy". FYI, it's a sign of respect since Ms. Noemi's the same age as my father. I would have also called you "daddy" but that would never happen. I lost my respect for you the time I read all your hallucinations.

To add to his hallucinations, he even accused Ms. Noemi of being Mr. Jalbuena and was only pretending to be Noemi and Lauren. Talk about extreme paranoia.

He literally spammed the internet about the existence of his blogs and videos. A quick search on Google yields 456 results (as of Feb 28th 2008) on the term "hospitalscams". Also search the name of Tierra Maria Estates boss, the hospital, the name of the lawyer, etc. and you will see ellumbra's preposterous blogs.

But the real victim here is her Filipina girlfriend Mayen. Reading his blog would take hours to finish and now that his blog is set to private, most of you can no longer read his hallucinations. I was in the process of saving his entire blogs until he set it to invite only. So if anyone has a complete copy, please send it to me and I'll post it here :) My email address is on the lower right side of this blog.

Anyway, here's a brief summary of Tim's hallucinations:

Our British friend Tim, is married and was having some trouble with his marriage. One day he decided to sign up in one of hundreds of online dating websites, DateInAsia to be specific. He met a Filipina who goes by the name Mayen and blah blah blah blah... *poof* They liked each other! Mayen then decided to gave her number the emails and chat became SMS and phone calls.

timothy-ellis-cumper-6Tim decided that it was time to see Mayen and visit the Philippines. But wait, his tracks must be clean so his wife wouldn't know sh!t. So he got a ticket through his friend and finally met Mayen in the Philippines. He met Mayen's friends, colleagues, and family. Mayen introduced him to her co-workers and boss at Tierra Maria Estates.

The Tierra Maria Estates boss Mr. Jalbuena talked with our friend Tim about business proposals and ideas to extend Tierra Maria Estates' presence in the UK. They made arrangements and Tim agreed to provide an uber expensive Tierra Maria Estates UK website.

So after all the business and money talks, our couple went to Mayen province. Mayen introduce Tim to his parents and extended relatives, very common to our Filipino family structure. They came back to Manila, had unprotected secks several times, and Tim finally returned to UK.

timothy-ellis-cumper-2They continued communication via SMS, Yahoo! Messenger chats, and emails. One day Mayen said that she's having an ectopic pregnancy and needed money for the operation. This is where all the paranoia begins. Tim now thinks that the ENTIRE Tierra Maria Estates and the hospital where Mayen's confined is in cahoots to extort Php100,000 from him.

In short, Tim abandoned his responsibilities and the consequences from unprotected sex, experienced severe psychosis, continued listening to his "imaginary" friend Jim, and finally spamming the entire internet with his blogs and videos.

I wanted to quote lots of stuff on his blog but MrkGrismer of theworldoffilipinas.com already did a remarkable job on that matter. (CLICK TO VIEW)Just to add some info on MrkGrismer's points, Tim did plan on having a family in the Philippines. Check out the things I uncover from the filipinouk.co.uk forum (link 1, link 2):

He did plan on leaving (or should I say SCAMMING) his wife and have a family and business in the Philippines. So if he planned this all along, then why bother creating all this hallucinations. He could have just returned and verified all to the authorities.

Here's another interesting one from his blog. Remember, he was still married when he had secks in the Philippines.
No sleep for days - I am in need of some help - essentially from someone who can sympathise with both sides of my situation. I call at the church where I was married - a warden gives me the phone number for the vicar - and I ring him up telling him that I am in urgent need of spiritual guidance, a bit of confession and hopefully a blessing for my journey.

He drives down to meet me in the church office.

I am extremely emotional and fight to hold back my tears - the pressure is immense inside of me.

I start to explain the scenario - my cellphone rings - it's my wife - "Have I drawn out all the money - am I still going?"

I continue explaining things to the vicar telling him that from my point of view my relationship with Mayen has been miraculous - I find him wonderfully comforting - he is totally sympathetic and seriously understands my predicament and my concern over personal security. "The heart has its own reasons" he tells me.

He suggests various options - but the cost of another air fare at a later date is out of the question and I don't want to keep Mayen on her own in this time of need.
So I am not to venture outside the security of the airport - seek assistance immediately and get taken to the British Embassy in Manila - don't proceed with any transactions without an unbiased witness - only deal with the hospital.

He says a wonderful prayer for me and asks me to visit him when I return.

I leave - full of resolve - perfectly calm and inspired - feeling brave yet cautious - once again treading the path of love.

Do this in the Philippines and you'll get a bitchslapped instantly by a bishop. I can't believe that the vicar tolerated all your doings. Case you didn't know, committing adultery is crime... huh Mr. Tim?

He also refers to himself as the "Golden Goose",
I hate the feeling of being the Big White King - the Golden Goose - being fleeced for all they can get - I loathe the undue respect that the exchange rate affords me.

Anyway, I'll just quote some "technical stuff" he mentioned in his blog. Tim actually has a friend who goes by the name Jim (and I'm beginning to suspect that it is actually James T. Kirk... Jim is his nickname in the Star Trek show right?).

This Jim guy actually do the geeky stuff like tracing IP addresses and performing spectral analysis on a video of a webcam transmitted and compressed in the internet. (the hell?!)

I'll quote some of them for you...
Ellumbra posted:

I was hopelessly hooked on the love I felt for her, despite one obvious, glaring anomaly - the IP address on emails from Mayen had not changed - was precisely the same number - going back to the first email she had written to me after leaving the hospital - The Four Feathers.

I had done some crude tracking of this IP address but had always come to a dead end with the ISP provider - domain name "Unknown."

Jim, however, was doing some stirling work on this particular curiosity and discovered that beyond the ISP provider he was able to find the Domain Name. Registered to a telecom company, leasing business from the ISP provider under their own name he was delighted to find that this company's own website listed the areas of coverage that its service provided. Mainly centered around Manila - Paranaque was a name that jumped out of the list at us - but critically - the name that was not on the list was Surigao.

Now this particular service involved a wireless transmission system based around mobile equipment trucks - broadening the coverage area to remote locations - but not Surigao - where Mayen had allegedly been since 23rd August. However, the internet cafe that she was now chatting from, she told me was in the same buildings as her room - in Paranaque - an area listed as being covered by the telecom business associated with her IP address. What was going on?

What's going on? I'm not sure. But your friend seems to be clueless on IP tracking. As far as I know, there is no "telecom" company leasing a service of an ISP "Provider" in the Philippines. (ISP means Internet Service Provider. So Internet Service Provider Provider is kinda redundant don't ya think? :~) ).

If you're reading this, give me her IP address and I'll provide you an accurate answer in less than 15 seconds. I majored in networking and CISCO systems if you didn't know.

Anyway, Jim's discovery might be Smart Broadband. An ISP that is owned and operated by PLDT (ISP) and Smart Communications (telecom). That's the masa ISP nowadays. And if they're really using Smart Bro, there's no need to enumerate ALL the serviced areas. If there's a Smart Communications GSM signal, there IS internet.

Ellumbra posted:

I spent a long evening with Jim as he explained the significance of his research and discoveries. It was an evening of quite a few Eurika moments. Of extra special significance was our analysis of the the video of the scar revelation.

Jim had some very sophisticated computer equipment and a breakthrough digital and analogue device for performing spectral analysis and image enhancement. Going through the video, painstakingly frame by frame, it was perfectly clear that this was no genuine scar at all. A complete fake - drawn on with pen and coloured inks by the look of it.

How could you base your conclusions on a very blurry video of a webcam streamed from Yahoo! Messenger? The video probably was even recorded via manual screen captures or by a screen capturing program. Which means that every single pixel you record is based on the image displayed by the receiver's video card.

Now, how the hell does a "very sophisticated" computer equipment analyze a video from this procedure? TELL ME. PLEASE. HOW? Spectral analysis on a blurry screen grab. WHAT THE F%$&?! -_-

My former multimedia professor would laugh if he reads this. Really. You cannot base your conclusions on a blurry screen captured webcam video. Folks, we're seeing another Sigaw ng Bayan guy here.

Ellumbra posted:

I discovered a site called Filipina Images. After following a trail of recent posts by Tierra Maria Estates - done in an effort to lessen the domination of my incriminating videos and blogs in the search engines.

It seemed I might get some unbiased reactions - it was relevant to the IMAGE of the FILIPINA after all.

What did they think?
Well - I started a thread going with a posting (you can read it all below.)
If comments are left - I am sent a notification by email from the site - perfectly normal.

What I have not come across before is that these notifications contain the comment author's IP address.


Despite pretending to be Noemi - the author of the blog - who remarks quite firmly that she does not know him personally.
A further comment made by EMILY - also was sent from the same computer.
What can one deduce from this subterfuge and the fact that Noemi herself denies that it happened?
They are obviously in cahoots - as thick as thieves - another posting on her linked sites contains a short write up about Tierra Maria Estates.

The quantity of coincidences - arriving from so-called "only showing an interest" members of the Philippine community - absolutely astonishing - if you were to believe one word of it - they've all been told exactly what to say.
The bottom line is - for them to create doubts in my mind - guilt - leading me to remove my writings and videos. Unfortunately - every time I discover more of their deceitful measures - I am inspired to put even more on the Internet. Hence this - the latest posting.

As I said earlier, Tim accused Ms. Noemi of pretending to be someone else just because of a simple IP address. Again, Jim isn't doing his homework. Residential ISPs in the Philippines operate by assigning dynamic IP addresses to its clients. Everytime you reconnect, you are assigned a new IP address.

Sorry Jim, our "third world" country isn't as rich as yours to provide every ISP subscriber a static IP. And if you're also reading this, I think it's about time your friend Tim seeks medical attention. ASAP.

{{ -- Start entries added on March 2nd 2008 -- }}
Tim Cumper posted:

...surrounded by her nepotistic cronies - a whole stooping and scraping clutch of yes-men and women, mainly fresh out of kindergarden, sycophantic Star Trek fanatics, who's life experience comes courtesy of computer gaming - their little brown noses stuck so far up the Queen's backside that even she is starting to feel uncomfortable.

Mr. Cumper, is it safe to assume that the "Star Trek fanatics who's life experience comes courtesy of computer gaming" is me? If yes... FYI, I don't play computer games but only CONSOLE games. I don't get it that you have stooped to this level on insult. Running out of options? How about raising the white flag and face all your responsibilities with your Filipina girlfriend?

Tired of fabricating all these lies that you resorted to become a racist? "Little brown noses" huh? ;;)

Anyway, at least I do not travel half across the globe just for secks.

Tim Cumper posted:

Francis Jalbuena has been consistently reading his emails at this IP address - and this is the address from which the comment was posted. (see statistics elsewhere)
The comment was written by Francis M Jalbuena and was posted to appear as if it were written by Noemi Dado.
Hence her strenuous denial about it - and the Tierra Maria Estates write up on her site - posted by Lauren Dado - of course - there is no connection there at all.

I'm sure you are reading this Mr. "timmy" and this conclusion is completely wrong. How can you track someone's IP with your BTInternet or Yahoo! Mail by just saying he's "consistently reading his emails at this IP"?? Well you can, technically, if your friend Jim planted a trojan horse or something into Mr. Jalbuena's computer. But I don't think he has the capability or skillzzzz in doing that. Unless he's using some techniques used by spammers. Oh well... that won't work with me :)

EDIT: Ok, I stand corrected. He is using a different email provider that uses techniques used by spammers to track their target. Cool.

Your friend Jim is also clueless on Wordpress am I right? The entry is clearly posted by Ms. Noemi by just looking at the username used. LOL.

Tim Cumper posted:

First of all, a big thank you, guys and gals - for helping to propogate my blog across the Internet - it saves me an awful lot of copy pasting.

In case you didn't noticed, all of your links have a rel="nofollow" tag. Or should I go on explaining what "nofollow" is?

Tim Cumper posted:

Jepoy - you're going to enormous lengths also - but you are also exaggerating and distorting - and nit-picking about things which are completely irrelevant.

Was I distorting? I merely quoted technical stuff on his blog and now here I am distorting things. Irrelevant? I don't think so. All of these are relevant unless you produce at least a single solid evidence for all of us to analyze.

Tim Cumper posted:

OK - Jepoy - you are right about one thing - we didn't need sophisticated equipment in our analysis of the webcam recording - just a pair of eyes.

LOL. Look guys, more lies. Might just prove how his whole hospitalscam is just one big fat lie. You cannot just base your conclusions by looking on a blurry video. How pathetic.

How about a song from Star Trek's Brent Spiner?

Tim Cumper posted:

The actress (Chin-Chin Gutierrez) is accused of not using her high profile to denounce the activity going on in the firm that she endorses.

Because how could you denounce an activity that only exists in one sordid mind of a delusional man? And just because your pathetic attempt to acquire her contact number failed, you openly accused Chin-Chin Gutierrez on your videos and blogs as the one "endorsing" the "whole event".

If celebrities like her could be contacted so easily, then I should have lots and lots of authographed Maria Ozawa DVDs right naaaoo!

Tim Cumper posted:

Don't be stupid Jepoy - don't you see - most of the people became implicated after the original "simple scam" went wrong - and I started demanding proof - so fake evidence was needed, false testimony was needed.

Had I coughed up straight away - Php100,000 - maybe a 3 way split - not bad for a days work, eh?

Sure thing Mr. Golden Goose. If that's worth of 3 days work, he shouldn't have plans on selling his properties. All he needed to do was a "3 way spit" :~)

Tim Cumper posted:

So - like I say - stick to the facts - stop distorting things - people can read for themselves.

I have always emphasized that my readers should use their own judgement. I have never, ever forced them to side with me.

Tim Cumper posted:

Another point that you are all making very clearly - is that your Internet knowledge is far from being in its 3rd world infancy that you would like to portray at times when it suits you.

O RLY? You really love to emphasize the "3rd World" status of our country no? May I remind you that the virus that crippled millions of computers, including the computers of your "1st World" government, came from my Alma Matter. FYI. :~)

Our country might be "3rd world" with your eyes, but a lot of my countrymen are smarter than you... wayy wayyyyyy smarter.

Tim Cumper posted:

It's perfectly clear that this is all circulating around a group of bloggers etc. who are all linked - trying to overpower with quantity - certainly not quality.

Well, don't worry. We're in the process of telling EVERYONE about your blogs. Just wait. :)

Tim Cumper posted:

Again all this reveals is an act of cowardice - bullying - still no sign of TIERRA MARIA ESTATES themselves.
They're perfectly content to hide in the shadows - letting you folks do their dirty work - by proxy.

Can't wait for everyone to read his blogs. 101% sure he'll accuse the entire Philippines after that :P

I have a suggestion, why not open your blog for comments. I'm sure a lot of readers would love to post their comments on your illusions.

{{ -- End entries added on March 2nd 2008 -- }}

Now my fellow bloggers, readers, internet surfers or who anyone who has finished reading this entry, please... PASS THIS TO EVERYONE. We do have Tim Cumper's permission to "announce it all we like to the local media".
Ellumbra February 5th, 2008 at 12:01 pm says:

Jepoy - just another stooge eh? On the Bayanihan payola?
Great - announce it all you like to the local media - I welcome it.

Blog about this, post this on to your respective e-groups or mailing lists, post this on your favorite forums, etc. Mr. Tim wanted attention, now lets give him one.

I am not influencing anyone to side with me or Ms. Noemi. Use your own judgement based on all available information on his blogs. The entire archive of his site can be downloaded via any of the links below. I recommend reading the PDF archive of hospitalscams.blogspot.com. The archive is a portable format and can be read on your phone, ebook readers, or computers.

And again, I make a simple request. Blog and spread this to your friends if you think Mr. Tim Cumper has been suffering from psychosis. Drop a comment or email me your blog link and I will update this entry to include yours.

Oh one more thing, be ready to be accused as being part of some "bayanihan payola" if you don't believe any sh!t he has said. Think of him as an internet troll, n000b and spammer rolled into one. Deal with extreme caution. I won't be surprised if one day, he'll accuse every Filipino conspiring against him just to milk his Php100,000 (or Php 81,837.69 to be exact).

{{ -- Start entries added on March 23rd 2008 -- }}

It's been almost 1 month since I first blogged about Tim Cumper's illusions and paranoia on the internet. Judging from the dates found on his Flickr and other accounts, he was already blogging about this since late of 2007. But as of today March 23rd 2008, I have yet to find any other supporter of his claims besides his imaginary friend Jim.

A lot of bloggers have also condemned his doings by blogging about him. And because no one seems to believe Tim Cumper, he has now resorted to personal attacks against me, Ms. Noemi Dado, Lalaine, Andrew, MrkGrismer, SouthernDon, and anyone who has condemned or will condemn his doings.

This action only proves my earlier point. He will attack ANYONE who doesn't believe what he is claiming. He attacked my girlfriend and called her dirt, my friend as an excrement, and the Filipina in general as scum (he linked to filipinaimages.com which advocates the image of Filipinas online).

He has repeatedly claimed that we have been distorting the issue in order to "turn the tide of opinion" against him. If you would read Ms. Noemi's blog and mine, we have always emphasized that you, our readers, should use your own judgment.

Here's an example of a very libelous and personal attack against me. He stole my picture which I clearly marked as "copyrighted" on my personal blog. After stealing the photo, he cropped and pasted the photo on an obscene picture (nude photo) and included some libelous remarks. Sure anyone can display my pictures provided that they don't alter and provide a link to the source.
Tim Cumper posted:

JoHN PHiLLiPS BeNGeRo - you are a big joke - go on - spread it around - I do not care.

I've got all the proof I need - whereas you have NOTHING.

You're just a TROUBLE MAKER.

(trouble for TIERRA MARIA ESTATES - not me, he, he)

You are an IMBECILE.

Realizing that he might be in legal trouble for calling me IMBECILE since a very kind law student from San Francisco posted a comment here, He later edited the post with this:
Tim Cumper posted:

Have you seen this man?
Check out his MySpace profile HERE.
He knows nothing about the case he is smearing as a HOAX - he doesn't even know the facts.
He might know some of the people though.
Because he's a corrupt geek he's being used
by the SCAMMERS to discredit my story.
All he can do is EXAGGERATE the facts, in a pathetic attempt to turn the tide of opinion.
Ha, ha, ha - Ho, ho, ho - He, he, he.

His personal attacks even came to a point of creating a fake MySpace profile of me. LOL. I don't even use MySpace. He really has lots of spare time just to post libelous information about me no? I'm flattered. Here's the MySpace Profile he created:

My FAKE MySpace Profile description:

CorruptGeek's Blurbs

About me:
I own a geek shop in Quezon City - Philippines - you know the place - one of the most corrupt places on earth. Yeah - you guessed right - I'm corrupt as well. I'm spending my time at the moment working on behalf of a real estate business - TIERRA MARIA ESTATES. They tried to scam this man in the UK - but it didn't work. He's covered the INTERNET with blogs and videos EXPOSING THEIR EXTORTION. It was a nasty thing for them to do. But as I'm corrupt as well - I'm pretending that the FAKE ECTOPIC PREGNACY was real all along - he, he - don't tell anyone. He's actually got a video of the fake scar being revealed during a webcam chat - and there's no way the firm can get round that really - so I suppose I'm really wasting my time. That's why I'm such a SAD GIT. Here's one of my geeky websites. http://jepoy.bengero.com/

Who I'd like to meet:
I'd like to meet Adolf Hitler, Jack the Ripper, Francis M Jalbuena - lots of villains and corrupt people - sick people with twisted minds - just like me. And Captain Kirk.

First, I already met William Shatner aka Capt. James T. Kirk. ;))

Quezon City as one of the most corrupt places on Earth huh? I wonder what would Mayor Sonny Belmonte and Vice Mayor Bistek would say about this. Since he mentioned that Quezon City is one of the most corrupt, I'll quote one of his statements:

Tim Cumper posted:

This is not - I repeat - this is not a racial issue - so don't anybody dare to suggest that it is. It is about a small, specific group of people only.

Hehehehehe.... Small group only. Really? Then why are you calling Quezon City as one of the most corrupt places on Earth if your actions are only targeting a minority? I will do my best to launch a petition to the City Council and have you declared as persona non grata for issuing such statements against Quezon City.

I don't know what has gotten into him that he is now attacking me. He created another imaginary post on his blogs. Though my name was not mentioned, a link to my fake MySpace profile and my initials are included in the post

Tim Cumper posted:

Tierra Maria Estates Scam - Confession
March 23, 2008 by ellumbra

Hello world,

I have a secret I really want to share with you all - I feel guilty about what I am doing - let me explain.

There are a gang of us over here in the Philippines - we've been asked by the guys at Tierra Maria Estates to post stuff on the internet - as a response to this guy in the UK - who has put loads of videos and blogs up - it's the story of how he was scammed.
It was two people mainly, who work(ed) for the real estates firm who were responsible - they were pretending that the girl had to have an operation for an ectopic pregnancy - just so that they could get some money from the guy.

But then the guy decided the best thing to do was deal directly with the hospital - and that made it really difficult for the scammers - more and more people became involved - because they had to keep sending fake evidence to him - to try to shut him up - because he was starting to spread the word around.

The thing is, you see, I wasn't there at the time, I don't know what happened at all - but it was obviously a very bad thing to do - scamming like this - but I have to pretend that I know that it was really true - that the girl really was pregnant.
Well it's quite easy for me to do - I'm so full of contempt and jealousy - I hate all westerners - in fact one of my friends calls them "Fat white monkeys" - I think that's a good description - but I'm starting to feel really bad about this whole thing.
For a start - what I'm doing is only drawing more attention to the whole affair - it can't be doing Tierra Maria Estates any good at all.

The story is so detailed - all the facts are there - just how it happened - he's even got a video of the girl revealing a fake scar - to try to get more money from him - after the first attempt failed.

I don't know what to do.

Because I'm a Filipino - I would feel a great shame if I changed my opinion - if I were to stop doing this - but all these lies I keep telling are really making me feel bad - and I'm letting the whole world know that we are prepared to support scammers - help them out - do their dirty work for them.

Oh it's so complicated - please help me.Thank you.
Check out the whole story HERE.
And check me out at MySpace.

Mr. Timothy Ellis Cumper, may I point you to EFF Blogger's Guide on Defamation. I have records of every personal attack you have made against me and Ms. Noemi. And since both of us are not related with Tierra Maria Estates and we don't even know anyone from that company, your accusations against us ARE ALL CONSIDERED LIBELOUS AND DEFAMATORY. Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood, ummm.. what do you call me? Ahh.. yes "geek" ;)

Who knows, I might visit Maidenhead soon :)


My dear readers, have I twisted something here on my blog? Have I somehow influenced you to side with me? My reactions are purely based on what he has written on his hospitalscams.blogspot.com blog. And the ones written there are the only facts available. We were requesting more proofs from Mr. Timothy Ellis Cumper but instead of giving us one, he attacked everyone who opposes his beliefs.

You said it yourself Mr. Tim Cumper, YOUR STORY SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. So stop whining like a spoiled brat and open your blog for comments. Better yet, return to the Philippines and file whatever diplomatic or criminal protest you like. Stop whining behind your computer. Be a man. Act your age.

Who's the chicken now?

{{ -- End entries added on March 23rd 2008 -- }}

{{ -- Start entries added on March 26th 2008 -- }}

Tim Cumper posted:

Jepoy - I said . . .
"Great - announce it all you like to the local media - I welcome it."
So what makes you think you have the right to spread my story, my photographs around on the Internet?
Think again - sharpish.

Earth to Tim... This is Earth calling Tim... Last time I've checked, blogging is now considered media. And the blogs (and forums.. you'll have to search them) who blogged and talked about your accusations are all "local" media :). If you don't want people spreading your blogs, then close them. Make them private and stop whining. You may want to complain to Google too, they're also making copies and spreading your blogs.

Regarding your photos, I am posting your pictures on this blog entry alone. I am posting them under the United States Fair Use. I never claimed copyright or ownership of the photos nor I have edited them to defame or insult you. It is still under the Fair Use doctrine of the United States Copyright Law :)

But unlike you, you stole my picture and pasted it on a nude picture. Another one is edited to defame my name and personality. You have always claimed that I have been attacking you personally, look who's doing it now? Read this entry again. I have never called you derogatory names such as "imbecile", "chicken", etc.

Remember, I have copies of your defamatory work against me. You might want to read this. I might find some good pro bono lawyers from UK who's willing to share a hand. Who knows?

Tim Cumper posted:

You know I would welcome a legal case about this affair. For a start - Tierra Maria Estates would have to come up with some serious proof - that would stand up to the British Legal system.
Of course, they are incapable of doing that because it was all a scam - the same as you are INCAPABLE OF COMING UP WITH ANY PROOF.

AFAIK, You have to answer to US and Philippine courts since your blogs are all hosted on the United States. And if you really have a valid claim then why not file a formal protest here? You do have "solid" proofs right? Don't tell me you're chickening out.

Tim Cumper posted:

You're just hot air and chicken sh!t.

Go on, continue calling me names. :)

Tim Cumper posted:

So carry on with this stupid game all you like. It's only making things worse for you.

Quezon City is in the Philippines isn't it? CHECK THIS

Making things worst for me? Or for you? If I'm just a hot air, you shouldn't be concerned at all. You don't have to create my fake MySpace profile, you don't need to create me a fake confession statement, and you don't have to post this entry I have quoted from your blog.

Your biggest mistake was to launch a barrage of personal attacks against me. You could see that I was not updating this issue anymore and I have completely forgotten about you and this scam of yours. Then one day you called me filth, my girlfriend dirt and my friend an excrement, created a fake MySpace blog, fake posts, etc. Bad move. BAAAAD MOVE.

My friend Spock advised me earlier, "Logic dictates that his actions are all because of fear and anxiety..."


{{ -- End entries added on March 26th 2008 -- }}

{{ -- Start entries added on March 28th 2008 -- }}

Guys, look at this. Tim Cumper edited my fake MySpace profile and has inadvertently revealed that the profile is indeed fake. Just look at his booboo:


He's sending me a message through "my" MySpace account. LOL. Please tell your imaginary enemy that I have already sent a reply to her email and I'm expecting an answer. If she don't, I'll be reporting her to her ISP (Bt-central-plus) for a phishing attempt.

LOL. You're insulting my intelligence. Try harder.

{{ -- End entries added on March 28th 2008 -- }}

{{ -- Start entries added on March 29th 2008 -- }}

Our friend again shows his cluelessness on the world of the intarwebs with his latest blog entry. He posted something controversial on the internet but expects you either agree with him or shutup if you think he's stupid or too paranoid. So if you think he's just making these scams up, you should shutup and never ever blog about him. idi... never mind.

He's emphasizing on his latest entry my use of the words paranoia, hallucinations, and psychosis. You know what Mr. Birthday Boy (his birthday is today March 29 FYI), your attacks on me proves the authenticity of my post. You accused me of being paid by the guys at Tierra Maria. I haven't met anyone of them for Pete's sake! Even Ms. Noemi, SoutherDown, MrkGrismer, etc.! So I have every right to call you an extremely paranoid man.

About your racial comments.. why don't you try doing that on a black man in US, (Black noses...) Try it. Really.

Tim Cumper posted:

So you see JEPOY - I have very good reason to attack you personally - YOU ARE A TWISTED, BIASED AND BIGOTED LIAR.

So if our local broadsheets, TV stations, media, bloggers, etc. reacts the same way as me, then you would attack them all personally? My my my... that's a lot when they finished reading your story. FYI, we submitted all your links to the local media, and even our senators. Don't be surprised if a Philippine ambassador knocks on your doors with some local police :)

To my readers (I have about 700 visitors per day so I'm not really patronizing and self important) please read the comments of the people who have read Tim's blogs by clicking here. A dozen opinion is more credible than one sick mind.

Tim Cumper posted:

My writings have presented the facts as they appeared to me.

And we based all our reactions to the facts you presented. If you still reason that only you can understand the facts then it's no use to keep your blogs up as it don't serve their purpose, TO WARN OF A HOAX.

Anyway, I was planning to give you a birthday present today but due to an emergency, your birthday gift will have to wait. Don't worry, I'll still give it to you :)

I'm too tired (it's 3:42AM) to quote everything he has posted, you may read it here. I know most of you have IQs greater than of Mr. Cumper here so I'll leave it to you to analyze all his stupid comments.

By the way Mr. Cumper, if you are going to quote 98% of my articles or entries, you must link back to the page where you got it. I do have a CC BY-NC-SA license. Where's my link huh? "sharpish". (I'm really loving the new British words I learn from you.. Scandle. LOL)

{{ -- End entries added on March 29th 2008 -- }}

{{ -- Start entries added on April 4th 2008 -- }}


{{ -- End entries added on April 4th 2008 -- }}

Here are several links and resources about this issue,

- Filipina Images: Mayen
- Captain's Log: Mayen

- Filipina Images: Conned by a Filipina
- Captain's Log: hospitalscams.blogspot.com = Severe Case of Psychosis
- Philippine Hospital Scam , Tierra Maria Estates Scam Exposed as Hoax
- Fil Am Forum Report: Philippine Hospital Scam - Exposed As A Hoax!
- American Lola: The “Foreigner = Money” Problem Comments
- Philippine Real Estate Broker: Tierra Maria Estates Scam EXPOSED as Hoax
- Lalaine's World: Foreigners... deeply inlove with Filipinas
- The Romantic Geek's Comfort Zone
- Siopao Heaven: Foreigner needs psychological treatment
- Captain's Log: Official Statement from Mr. Francis Jalbuena
- It's My Life: hospitalscams.blogspot.com + Severe Case of Psychosis = entertainment!
- Reyna Elena: Was there a scam? - Part 2
- Reyna Elena: Tierra Maria UK Scam Hoax
- Kengkay: Ang Tierra Maria Estates UK Scam na Hospitals Scam Din sa Philippines
- Now What Cat?: Reader from Hell
- Nina: Tierra Maria Estates Hospital Scam is HOAX
- Chuvaness: Tierra Maria UK scam is one big HOAX!
- Gloria aka Daragang Magayon: i am a barrio girl…bow!
- Sinaglaya: Tierra Maria Estates Scam Hoax
- Diwa: Tierra Maria Estates UK Scam Hoax
- Beng: Tierra Maria Estates Scam and golden goose hoax
- FilAmReport: 18 signs the Philippine Hospital Scam Hoax could be real!


Please use the rel="nofollow" tag on your links to hospitalscams.blogspot.com. More information about nofollow at Wikipedia.

Also please use keywords such as "Tierra Maria Estates Scam Exposed as a HOAX" on your entries if you believe that Tim Cumper is hallucinating. Thanks.

- The World of Filipinas Forum
      - MrkGrismer Comments on Tim Cumper's claims. MUST READ!
- Cebu Nightlife Forum
- Romance Scam Forum
- Captain's Log: Official Statement from Mr. Francis Jalbuena
- Chin-chin Gutierrez: Captivating Goddess by Karisma Kasilag-Sison

Tim Cumper's Website and Blogs
I encourage everyone to read all of his blogs before making any conclusions or comments at this blog or any blog and forum talking about this issue. All of his websites have been updated as of today, March 3rd 2008. The download links below are upto Journey 30 only. His blog now lists upto Journey 33.

* hospitalscams.blogspot.com - Repository of his hallucinations.
      - PDF Format (rapidshare | mediafire | sharedzilla | direct linkNEW!)
        - Thanks "optimus prime"!
      - HTML Archive (archive.org | rapidshare)

* tierramariauk.blogspot.com - one of his "personal" comment blog
      - PDF Format (N/A | N/A)
      - HTML Archive (N/A | N/A)

* tierramariaestatesscam.blogspot.com - another "personal" comment blog
      - PDF Format (N/A | N/A)
      - HTML Archive (N/A | N/A)

Tim Cumper's Videos
- Tierra Maria Estates Scam 1 (archive.org | rapidshare)
- Tierra Maria Estates Scam 2 (archive.org | rapidshare)
- Tierra Maria Estates Scam 3 (archive.org | rapidshare)
- Tierra Maria Estates Scam 4 (archive.org | rapidshare)
- Tierra Maria Estates Scam 5 (archive.org | rapidshare)
- Tierra Maria Estates Scam 6 (archive.org | rapidshare)
- Tierra Maria Estates Scam 7 (archive.org | rapidshare)
- Scary Movie - Final Cut 2 (rapidshare)


Do you have an updated archive of his blog or other files you would like to share? Please drop them to me using the tool below. Just click ADD FILES then choose the file you want to dtop.


UPDATED (02/29/2008): Kuya Noli sent me an HTML archive of Tim's hospitalscams.blogspot.com via Yahoo! Messenger. I uploaded it to archive.org and rapidshare.com; Blog reader Optimus Prime informed me via email that he has a backup of ALL of Tim Cumper's blogs. He will send the link today or tomorrow.

UPDATED (03/01/2008 1:15AM): Received a rapidshare link from "optimus prime" for the PDF version of the hospitalscams.blogspot.com backup. I uploaded copies to sharedzilla and mediafire. I also uploaded Tim's videos on Rapidshare and a direct link at archive.org.

UPDATED (03/01/2008 2:43PM): Updated related blog links from Ms. Noemi.

UPDATED (03/01/2008 9:58PM): Mr. Cumper has been stalking or I mean browsing this blog using a proxy server from Japan (tv2ch). He has since downloaded the PDF version of his blog archive from rapidshare.

UPDATED (03/02/2008 3:20PM): Included links to Andrew, Noel, and Lalaine's blogs. Updated entry with latest quotes from Tim's new blog entries.

UPDATED (03/03/2008 12:20AM): Updated my entry with a link to Karisma Kasilog-Sinon's blog where Tim Cumper failed to acquire contact details of Filipina actress Chin-Chin Gutierrez. Uploaded PDF backup of hospitalscams.blogspot.com to my personal webspace on myDestiny. (Right Click and Save Target As)

UPDATED (03/08/2008 4:20PM): Received an email from Maricar of b5media's Filipina Soul. They have decided not to blog about this issue though they fully support our cause of upholding the image of the Philippines.

UPDATED (03/23/2008 3:50PM): Updated entry with the latest twist from Tim Cumper. Added link to Karlo's blog entry.

UPDATED (03/26/2008 7:20PM): Added a reply to Tim's challenge.

UPDATED (03/28/2008 1:50PM): Added a screencap of Tim's boo boo on my fake MySpace account.

UPDATED (03/29/2008 3:55AM): Updated my entry. Oh, it's Timmy's birthday :~)

UPDATED (04/04/2008 1:55PM): Added the complete and uncut interview of Mayen from FilipinaImages.com

>> DIGG THIS! <<

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 2/28/2008 09:42:00 PM
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Posted by Anonymous ruben on Friday, February 29, 2008 at 3:55:00 AM GMT+8:  
bobo ng gago...

Posted by Anonymous Optimus Prime on Friday, February 29, 2008 at 12:53:00 PM GMT+8:  
I archived his entire website. I'll upload it to rapidshare and will post the link here later. Thanks.

Posted by Blogger Jepoy on Friday, February 29, 2008 at 12:55:00 PM GMT+8:  
wow! i'll be waiting :D

Posted by Blogger Lalaine on Friday, February 29, 2008 at 4:43:00 PM GMT+8:  
kawawa naman si Mayen at lahat ng nadamay sa issue ni Tim!!!... anu ba yan.. lahat na lang ng kumontra sa pananaw nya eh kalaban at kasabwat na.. hahaha.... tsk tsk tsk...

sya na nga tong hindi nagbigay ng tulong sa babae eh sya pa ang may sama ng loob.

isa lang masasabi ko... KAWAWANG NILALANG! hahaha

Posted by Blogger Jepoy on Friday, February 29, 2008 at 4:51:00 PM GMT+8:  
@lalaine - hehehehe.. kasama ka din sa payola no? aminin mo na :D

Posted by Blogger Lalaine on Friday, February 29, 2008 at 5:23:00 PM GMT+8:  
wag kang maingay na kasabwat ako... baka malaman ni Timmy boy!!! hahahaha.... sana nde nakakaintindi tagalog yung loko!. hahaha

Posted by Anonymous joseph on Friday, February 29, 2008 at 7:16:00 PM GMT+8:  
papaano ko mabubuksan yung hospitalscams.blogspot.com??

Posted by Anonymous optimus prime on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at 12:58:00 AM GMT+8:  
here's the link...

download ebook


Posted by Blogger Jepoy on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at 1:41:00 AM GMT+8:  
@optimus prime - post updated! thanks!

Posted by Anonymous optimus prime on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at 1:57:00 AM GMT+8:  
you're welcome ;)

Posted by Anonymous noemi on Saturday, March 1, 2008 at 1:36:00 PM GMT+8:  
The other link you have Philippine Hospital Scam Exposed as Hoax is having technical difficulties so I reposted it at Filipina Images:


Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 2:10:00 AM GMT+8:  
"mainly fresh out of kindergarden, sycophantic Star Trek fanatics, who's life experience comes courtesy of computer gaming - their little brown noses stuck so far up the Queen's backside..."


Posted by Blogger Karlo on Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 2:34:00 AM GMT+8:  
eh tarantado pala yang kano na yan eh, masunog sana sha sa impyerno, teka.... marunong ba magtagalog yan? hahahahaha1

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 3:30:00 AM GMT+8:  
why not submit this story to XXX of ABS-CBN Channel 2 or Imbestigador of GMA-7?

Posted by Blogger Jepoy on Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 3:33:00 AM GMT+8:  
@karlo @anonymous

wow gising pa kayo? Hehehe.. sabagay gising pa din ako.. :P

Posted by Anonymous Austin Pogi 3:16 on Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 3:40:00 PM GMT+8:  
tim your stupid. you whine too much! i know a lot of britons and they are masculine well i guess your not one of those macho britons.

be a man, go to the Philippines and sue everyone that is incriminated rather than whine in the confines of your desk.

i think you are just suffering from midlife crisis and a bad case of craziness just take care of your wife and kids you prick.

Posted by Blogger Jepoy on Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 3:52:00 PM GMT+8:  
@austin pogi - You have a point. He can do a "3 way spit" for P100,000 anyway. Few days of work... LOL

Posted by Blogger Siopao Master on Sunday, March 2, 2008 at 10:18:00 PM GMT+8:  
the guy needs help

a psychological help to be precise

Posted by Anonymous edison on Monday, March 3, 2008 at 2:25:00 AM GMT+8:  
Be sure it's true when you say I love you
It's a sin to tell a lie
Millions of hearts have been broken
Just because these words were spoken

I love you, yes I do, I love you
If you break my heart I'll die
So be sure it's true
When you say I love you
It's a sin to tell a lie

Loved the song!

I have downloaded the ebook. I'll try to finish reading the whole story tomorrow.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on Monday, March 3, 2008 at 4:39:00 PM GMT+8:  
Timothy Ellis Cumper just got OWNED!

Posted by Anonymous chill_mr_tim_cumper on Tuesday, March 4, 2008 at 2:42:00 AM GMT+8:  
Mr Tim Cumper, the world doesn't revolve around you, not everyone is conspiring against you.

May I ask what you have gained by your actions? What have you lost besides a few pounds with you trip in the Philippines?

If you believe someone has wronged you, what do you do? Do you exact revenge? Won't this revenge make you even worst than the one you accusing?

Don't you ever feel guilt with your wife? Do you have children btw? I guess you have one, since you mentioned family in your blog, and you're 56. If so, aren't your actions so selfish that you wanted an instant reset of your life, forgetting all the consequences that comes with it, betraying your wife, your children?

Don't you ever feel guilt on these? Would posting, scamming blogs about tierra maria would do any good for you? shouldn't you fix your family and yourself?

There are substantial amount of netizens (people on the net) that advice you to seek help, I'm one of those. With so many people saying this to you, should you stop and ponder, maybe I'm wrong? And I am not always right? Do I hit a nerve? I hope so! :)

Posted by Anonymous kristy on Saturday, March 8, 2008 at 12:03:00 AM GMT+8:  
ang haba nito! pero pinagtyagaan ko basahin!

loko pala yang kano na yan eh. sobrang iresponsable! dapat dyan binubugbog!!!


Posted by Anonymous mary jane de guzman on Sunday, March 9, 2008 at 1:25:00 AM GMT+8:  
what an asshole

Posted by Anonymous Angel Michalski on Saturday, March 22, 2008 at 2:31:00 PM GMT+8:  
Hi Jepoy,

I'm a law student from San Francisco. I came across your blog from aboutmyrecovery.com.

I have read Tim's blog from start to end and my God, he is nuts. No wonder no one is believing his illusions except his friend Jim. And I doubt that Jim is really a person.

Could you please provide me with links to those obscene pictures and materials you are talking about? I might help you in a legal way :)

Posted by Blogger Jepoy on Saturday, March 22, 2008 at 2:40:00 PM GMT+8:  
Angel Michalski - click here

Posted by Anonymous Angel Michalski on Sunday, March 23, 2008 at 11:49:00 PM GMT+8:  
Hi Jepoy,

The link you gave me is broken.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on Monday, March 24, 2008 at 1:12:00 PM GMT+8:  
Tim Cumper is feeling the pressure. From attacking the innocent victims from Tierra Maria Estates, he's now after the bloggers like you.

He has another post where you are supposedly confessing. Though no names, there are links to your fake myspace profile and your initials are all over it.

What he didn't realize is that by blogging his experiences, he is already drawing attention of people with sane minds. Even if you guys are not blogging about this idiot, a lot of people will still not believe him.

You should pursue a case against this sick old man. A sick a-hole.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on Sunday, March 30, 2008 at 4:15:00 PM GMT+8:  
I can't believe a man his age would resort to these child-like tantrums.

Tim Cumper is an idiot. PERIOD.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on Thursday, April 3, 2008 at 1:09:00 PM GMT+8:  
T*m*thy E**is C*mp*r...
how do I put this...
an idiot. And a criminal.

I hope you don't ever set foot back in the Philippines, as adultery is a crime there. Plus scamming your way out of responsibility... you are not a man.

I pity your wife, I hope she finds out about this and maybe teach an old cowardly dog a lesson. I shall name you, Courage! The poor excuse of a man.

I also believe you're going to hell, as a whole lot of people hate you. Therefore, you are. And the only way to be save, is to have them sincerely forgive you. Which is, not a chance "c*ck sucka".

Posted by Anonymous Benedict Bueno on Friday, April 4, 2008 at 10:07:00 AM GMT+8:  
Sad to see this kind of problems.. What you do to others will come back to you (aka karma)..

Posted by Anonymous jusD on Monday, April 7, 2008 at 10:29:00 AM GMT+8:  
43 yr old aussie here, am engaged to a beautiful leyte filipina myself.

We have a saying here in the west " Theres no FOOL like an OLD FOOL "

Tim you are a disgrace, please get some professional help soon.

Posted by Anonymous HisBlood on Monday, April 28, 2008 at 2:26:00 PM GMT+8:  
Tim Cumper..yeah I came across that name about a month ago, because he once flooded the net with his blogs. It's kinda annoying because just 15 minutes after reading his blogs, It was already obvious he's trying to destroy someone's name. The funny thing is, its all based on his assumptions, no proof at all. I'm not surprised that everyone who have read his accusations think he's demented, because his own side of the story points in that direction. Poor mayen. Oh, I'm not ms noemi ok? I'm not anyone from tierra maria, nor anyone in the bayanihan payola. lol.

Posted by Anonymous KK aka Tina on Tuesday, April 29, 2008 at 9:26:00 AM GMT+8:  
It's really sad that so much energy has gone into this cyber drama. It boils down to a person who is unhappy about his life, marriage and finances. After he enjoyed himself with unprotected sex, he ends up not knowing what to do with the end result. I feel sorry for Mayen, Tim and the wife, I just hope this will be settled amicably and so they can move on with their lives.

P100,000 is not alot of money to drag people into such a mess, you can it earn it online. With all the time and effort doing all this "campaign" online, he could have just used the energy for something productive to make the money.

The professional fees are steep and I can see that P100K is the right amount for a hospital bill in Manila. My sister is a doctor her OB-GYN friends said that their professional fee is around P45K for a C-section.

Posted by OpenID kengkay on Wednesday, April 30, 2008 at 3:23:00 AM GMT+8:  
and he just wont stop, hayyyy

Posted by Blogger Reesie on Friday, August 1, 2008 at 6:12:00 AM GMT+8:  
I've spent the whole afternoon reading Mr Crumper's blog. It was darn entertaining. Any human being with sound mind would say that he is delusional. He created his own nightmare. His paranoia is to the extreme! Poor guy, he destroyed his own happiness. Go back to planet Earth Tim! You need clinical help really bad.

Posted by Anonymous Anonymous on Monday, August 4, 2008 at 10:20:00 AM GMT+8:  

who the hell would risk their honor for a mere 100k pesos?!
and knowing he accuses a group of people, they would just be sharing so little amount for such a big effort!

Posted by Blogger jenny on Saturday, August 15, 2009 at 10:26:00 AM GMT+8:  
hello... what a sad story... i dont know what to say... and i dont know what to do either... but i cry for the girl... and i could say one word... she is a brave girl.. god bless her soul...

to Tim... you should feel so lucky that a pretty, sexy filipina girl learn to love you as much as she did... she could have a young rich man with good looks... if she wanted too... and you say she is a scammer... are you a nuts or just that you are such an idiot... or you are both.... "yeah i guess you are both"...

"lesson 101 in most of the culture, if not all... you will only intruduce someone to your family if you are serious about him/or her"

"lesson 102 scammers dont reveal thir real identity, and most of the time they dont really meet you in person"

"lesson 103... you should know that UK has all the fasilities for a mental patients like you"

"lesson 104 you have to learn more about internet,i'm sure a lot of people would want to offer help FOR FREE"

"there are many more but it will occupy a lot of space to this blog... any way here's the last one... but if you want more feel free to asked me i can give you more lessons for free... the title of the lesson would be "TIPS TO BE A MAN" it would be a chalenge for me to teach a mentally ill patient but thats okey... it's good to be chalenge sometimes... any way here's the last lesson.... lesson 105... in order to create a perfect lie you have to research about the back ground first so you know how to get out of the situation in case your lie don't work... you know "before you inter you should look first for every exit in case the door wont open" because basically you dont have any idea how internet in the third world country works... i'm not expert about this but you dont need a rocket scientist to know that telecom company dont reveal IP's becuase that would be a violation of the human rights, specificaly right of privacy.... "well unless you have such high tech technology that can really hack such information which i highly daught... and one more thing that you should know.... you are the most clue less person i've ever meet about internet thing....

i wish i can say all the bad words found in every english vocabulary... but i dont want to...you dont worth anything at all... you are just a dirty old man who wanted attention...

haaayyyy ( very very very deep sigh)

"i've been in his blog but can't read and can't post sorry to bother you but would you mind to post my comment in his site..." i dont think i need to read all his post... i've done reading a lot of post and sites already about this and Tim really make me sick to even puke with his stupidity"

long live the filipinas...

Posted by Anonymous Lechon Manok on Monday, August 17, 2009 at 9:30:00 PM GMT+8:  
That tim cucumper is really in urgent need of some treatment.
I guess there are good shrinks in Great Britain but he probably doesn't feel like consulting one.
Too bad.
Mabuhay Pinay!

Posted by Anonymous Briscolone on Saturday, September 5, 2009 at 5:28:00 AM GMT+8:  
ellumbra, you keep spamming the whole web with your sad story and you keep writing in the “who is not with me is against me” style but, frankly speaking, you haven’t posted one single little bit of evidence.
You should be aware that there are many readers thinking that you are the bad guy who went to the Philippines impregnating a young girl while you were still legally married in your country and then you went back home and said “go to hell, they are trying to scam me”.
You should visit a shrink.

Posted by Anonymous Princess Rose Loyola on Sunday, September 13, 2009 at 10:32:00 PM GMT+8:  
kahit magpakita pa kayo ng mga hospital receipts, napepeke naman yang mga yan eh. by personal experience, nabiktima na rin kami ng isang scammer na pilipina, may mga hospital receipts din, may mga videos din, wala akong pinapanigan, pero ang mga issue na ganito, ang totoong nakaka-alam lang ng kung sino ang niloko at naloko, eh yung mga taong involved, ngayon, kung ganito na mas marami ang kumakampi sa pilipina, pwedeng totoo, pwede ring hindi, walang talagang nakaka-alam ang nakakahiya lang, nababasa ng mga banyaga ang mga pinagbo-blog ninyo, at kahit lumaylay na ang mga ngala-ngala ninyo kakapaliwanag, maraming babae pa rin ang gumagawa ng mga ganitong kalokohan at hindi na mawawala ang pangit na "filipina images" na ipinapakita ng mga blog na katulad nito. let's face it, lahat ng pilipinang nakikipag-chat iisa lang ang habol -pera. pera-pera lang yan, wag na tayong maglokohan. kahit gaano pa ka-sophisticated ang mga gadgets ninyo at kung anu-ano pang magagaling na salita meron ang mga tao, wala ng magagawa ang mga salitaan na ito, pare-pareho lang kayong nag-aaksaya ng panahon. tigilan na to, di naman uunlad ang Pilipinas sa mga ganito eh, kahit pa mamatay yan si ellumbra, magiging mahirap pa rin ang mga pilipino at ang mga pilipina ay maghahanap pa rin ng paraan para kumita ng pera. at tiyak yan, marami pang katulad ni mayen at tiim dito sa mundo.

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