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Captain's Log
Captain's Log
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Globe Telecom offering FREE Starter SIMs to SMART prepaid subscribers
Saturday, March 29, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315242.3

My friend Glen received a call on his SMART Prepaid SIM from Globe Telecom a few weeks ago. The caller from Globe offered him a Globe Starter SIM for FREE. The SIM was being offered as an alternative or even a replacement to his SMART Buddy Prepaid SIM Card.

The caller from Globe also offered the SIM to be delivered to my friend free. Yesterday the package arrived via Air21 and Glen took some pictures.


Glen used to be a Globe subscriber like me but transferred to SMART. He had problems getting a Globe signal when he was traveling through the provinces during our college days.

Any other SMART subscribers receiving calls from Globe?

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/29/2008 04:26:00 PM
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Smart Bro Plug-It Goes Prepaid
Thursday, March 27, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315236.88


PLDT has been really aggressive to penetrate the masa market. They recently introduced a prepaid GSM-based landline service that will definitely kill bayanWIRELESS Landline. PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid enables anyone who have a GSM mobile phone to have an instant landline for as low as P300 per month. Now, anyone can get a Smart Bro account without submitting any papers or requirements. Smart is offering their Smart Bro Plug-it as a prepaid kit for Php4500.

Smart BRO PREPAID, the newest Smart Bro broadband internet service that allows you to surf the net anywhere there’s a PC! Absolutely no Monthly Service Fee since it’s prepaid!

The Smart BRO USB modem is a small, palm-sized device that you can carry with you wherever you go. And anytime you need to surf, just plug it into the USB port of your PC, and you’ll get connected in a flash. Total initial payment is P4500 with FREE P30 broadband load. Broadband Internet use is P10 for every 30 minutes.

Actually, you can enjoy the same rates of P10/30mins if you have a SMART Prepaid SIM and a 3G enabled phone. Php4,500 for the USB Modem is also expensive compared to getting yourself a 2nd hand 3G mobile phone. A second hand Nokia 6630 can be bought for as low as P3,500. You get 3G modem capabilities plus call and text functions. Of course, a portable music player and a 1.3 Megapixel camera.

The only advantage with this prepaid kit is that the USB modem gets its power from the USB port of your computer. You don't have to charge it unlike your mobile phone which may last for only 2-4 hours of continuous modem use. Of course if you're mobile, it doesnt really matter since your laptop's battery would probably last 4 hours.

I am currently looking for a cheap version of this 3G/HSDPA USB modem at TipidPC. So if you have a modem like this, send me an email :)

I have been using my Nokia 6630 on my SMART Prepaid SIM whenever I go out with my laptop. My lola's one of the first Smart 3G + Laptop + Skype user when we used my 3G phone to make a call via Skype 2 years ago in the middle of Himlayang Pilipino.

Anyone from China willing to export these 3G modems here? :~)

More information about Smart Bro Plug-It Prepaid here.

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/27/2008 04:46:00 PM
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SIM Card Giveaway Winners!
Monday, March 24, 2008

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -315229.41

Announcing the winners of Captain's Log PLDT Landline Plus SIM Card Giveaway:

1. Bob Reyes of TurfSite Manila
2. Tonyo Cruz of tonyocruz.com

Please email me your complete name, complete mailing address, and contact number so I could send the SIM packs. :)

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/24/2008 11:13:00 PM
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Papaya Dance on Good Morning America

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -315228.22

The Papaya Dance of ABS-CBN's GAME KNB reaches ABC's Good Morning America. Nice "accidental" viral work ABS-CBN. :P

Filipinos have another item to addm to their list of unique accomplishments. Filipino choreographer Mel Feliciano together with actor and gameshow host Edu Manzano took an old gay-disco-funk hit from the 1970s, "Papaya", by Polish jazz vocalist Urszula Dudziack and turned it into a global dance fad--much like the Macarena craze.

The latest proof of the Papaya Dance phenomenon is the March 21 episode of "Good Morning, America" aired over ABC Network in the United States, where a video of Filipino kids dancing the "Papaya" was featured, followed by Diane Sawyer and the other Good Morning America anchors doing their own version on live TV.

YouTube now has several videos that feature the Papaya Dance. The video showing kids dancing the Papaya (the one featured on Good Morning America) has been viewed 116, 571 times.

Even more views were tracked for a Papaya Dance video featuring Philippine Army soldiers (260,388 views). That army version was viewed more times than the one featuring PBB Teen Edition Big Winner Kim Chiu and other teen housemates (242,761 views).

One clip even featured Dudziack herself talking about the song on Polish TV interspersed with clips of the Philippine Army dance version (49, 501 views).

SOURCE: abs-cbnNEWS.com

Edu Manzano's Famous Papaya Dance together with the 26K of Deal or No Deal

The original Papaya in the 1976 by Urszula Dudziak

Urszula Dudziak talks about the Papaya Dance craze. It's in Polish though :P

(Via Man-Blog)

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/24/2008 12:42:00 PM
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Bead Me Up Scotty!

Captain's Log Stardate -315226.8


How about some cool "bead" me up Scotty mosaics from Star Trek fan Devorah Sperbe?
To re-create the look of being beamed up, Sperber used semi-translucent beads to thread the standing characters into shape. The image of Captain Kirk (pictured) uses 25,000 plastic beads strung onto monofilament.

"The beaded figures are the most time-consuming works I have done to date," Sperber reveals. "In addition to laying out the beads in the correct order and stringing them onto monofilament, aligning the beads and attaching them to a hanging apparatus took weeks and weeks for each figure."

(Via about:blank)

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/24/2008 12:17:00 AM
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Rumored Intel Netbook
Sunday, March 23, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315226.56


This is the rumored laptop from intel, the intel Netbook. It looks cool compared to the Neo Explore X1. Specs according to Tech Corner:

...900Mhz Celeron, 512 Ram, 40GB HD, 9 Inch screen, wifi, and Ethernet. It seems to be about 7” x 9”x 1.5”. I asked him how much it was going to cost, and he said he didn’t know but would probably be around 400 bucks. Said it should be available in the US by June.

More pictures after the jump.

Click pictures to enlarge



(Via Tech Corner)

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/23/2008 10:08:00 PM
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The Real Super Mario and Homer Simpson

Captain's Log Stardate -315224.14

Have you ever wondered how Mario from Nintendo's Super Mario Bros. and Homer from The Simpsons would look like if they were rendered with realistic lighting effects? Click Mario's picture above for a bigger view and check out Homer's picture after the jump.

Mario is creeeeepyyyyyy... :-ss

Source: Pixeloo; (Via Lalaine)

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/23/2008 12:51:00 AM
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Free Google Adsense Stickers
Friday, March 21, 2008

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -315218.94

Google is giving away limited supplies of Adsense stickers for free to their Publishers.

We've printed up a batch of AdSense stickers, and we'd be delighted to send one or two your way, wherever you are in the world. The stickers are designed for laptops, but they'll work just as well for placement on mugs, skateboards, or temporarily on a shirt. (Note: turning a pal into a walking Google ad without their knowledge is not recommended.)

So how do you get one of these glue-backed masterpieces? Easy: send us a self-addressed, stamped envelope with enough postage to return 1 oz of sticker goodness to you from our office in California via standard U.S. mail. (Sorry, we can't help you calculate the postage to your location). Send your envelope, along with a note if you'd like, to:

Google AdSense
c/o Arlene Lee
1600 Amphitheatre Parkway
Mountain View, CA 94043

Supplies are limited, so send your envelope soon! Then you can stick with AdSense wherever you go. (And one last thing to keep in mind: while we're flattered that you might want a whole box, note that we're only able to provide one or two per publisher.)

Great. Postal services won't open until Monday.

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/21/2008 03:16:00 AM
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Internet Power Circa 1990s

Captain's Log Stardate -315218.89

Here's an old video from Andy Baio discussing the unlimited possibilities of the internet. I still remember browsing through that fugly Yahoo! website. :~)

(Via Mike)

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/21/2008 02:47:00 AM
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SMART Forces Termination of Old Plans
Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315212.46

SMART has been sending out "love letters" to their pioneer postpaid subscribers this month. They are forcing their postpaid subscribers to either terminate their subscription or migrate to "better" postpaid plans. The letter states that they are currently "upgrading" their billing system.

The old postpaid subscription plans of SMART includes unlimited text/SMS to anyone, whether within or outside the SMART network. Whether it's plan40, plan300, plan1500, etc., they have unlimited text capabilities.

My friend once asked me to buy his plan40 subscription for P8,000. Fortunately for me, I was having my Design Project (thesis) and my wallet was empty :~). Plan 40 includes 40 free minutes of voice calls and unlimited SMS to all networks. P8,000 was cheap compared to others who are selling these plans for as high as P20,000 each. Just imagine how screwed those people who bought these plans for P20,000 right now.

Dear Valued Subscriber,

Thank you for your continued patronage of SMART Gold.

As part of our commitment to provide you with reliable service and a pleasant customer experience, we would like to inform you that we will be upgrading our postpaid billing system. This enhancement will however result to the expiration of your current plan on August 07, 2008.

The good news is you can now migrate your plan to any SMART Gold's new plans for FREE and enjoy the many privileges it offers. Simply accomplish the lower portion of this page and submit it to any SMART Wireless Center on or before April 07, 2008. As a loyal subscriber of SMART, migration of your account will be free of charge and will entitle you to these benefits:

* Free handset offer better than the standard plan
* Free on-net voice calls for the first six (6) months (expiring monthly)
* Waiver of financial documents and advance monthly service fee (MSF) per plan

We urge you to avail of this special offer available exclusively to you and a selected group of loyal SMART subscribers. If we do not hear from you on or before April 07, 2008, we will consider that you are not interested in this offer and have agreed to the automatic disconnection of your subscribed line. Kindly disregard this letter if you have already availed of any of our standard retention offers under the new plans.

For further clarification, our Customer Care Officers at any SMART Wireless Center will be happy to assist you. You may also call our toll-free hotline *888.

We look forward to continuing our relationship with you.


Maria Rosario C. Caluya
Head - Loyalty and Retention
Smart Communications, Inc.

Click image to enlarge

If you have an old SMART subscription, please visit BNCXE's thread here. You will find a lot of unhappy SMART subscribers there :)

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/18/2008 06:19:00 PM
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ASUS Eee Design Contest Voting Issues
Monday, March 17, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315209.71

Asus Philippines is having a design contest for their limited edition EEE PC and voting officially started last March 15 and will last until March 25. But as early as today, participants are already complaining of the flawed voting system. BNC user pogitaz reported that a certain entry gained hundreds of votes in just a span of 60 seconds.

Each vote is being counted as 3 votes and anyone can vote as many times as they like. All you need is to enter a name and an email address. Their site lacks email verification. Without this verification, anyone can think of any name and any random email address and the vote will still be counted.

ASUS should stop the voting now before it's too late. The current top entry is fugly and if ASUS does nothing, it would be printed on limited editions of the ASUS EEE PC. Of course the "not-so-deserving" winner will take home a brand new ASUS EEE PC.

I wonder if they're using COMELEC's counting machines :~)

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/17/2008 06:09:00 PM
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PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid Hands-on
Sunday, March 16, 2008

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -315207.49

Several years ago, applying for a PLDT landline takes years to be approved. But that's no longer a problem today with the introduction of PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid. PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM is the latest wireless product from PLDT that enables anyone who owns a GSM mobile phone to have a "landline" of their own. Anytime, anyplace, and nearly everywhere. MOBILINE!

I've been testing the PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM for a week now and so far, the voice quality is clear, text messages arrive on time, and no congestion. My test unit is a Nokia 6510, my trusty old companion during my college days.

First thing you'll notice when you open the SIM pack is the SIM looks exactly like a normal GSM SIM card. They may call it a landline but it's just a rebranded SMART GSM service. PLDT claims mobility, they are true indeed. Your "landline" is no longer confined within the walls of your house. You can practically use it anywhere as long as there's a SMART signal.

One feature of a real landline remains though. You cannot use this outside your serviced area. If the SIM pack you bought was issued in Metro Manila, then you can only use it within Metro Manila or nearby provinces that is under the area code of two (2). I gave one to my aunt who lives in Sta. Rosa Laguna and our call was cutoff when she entered Mamplasan Exit. Her phone still has a signal but can no longer make and receive calls. It's a "landline" so no complains ok? :P

A lot of my customers are asking about network congestion. PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid rides on the SMART network so whatever congestion SMART has, PLDT Landline Plus has. I'm a Globe subscriber so I really don't know the quality of SMART's network. But for the past week, my calls are connected instantly, whether incoming or outgoing. There are times that I have to redial 2-3x but it rarely happened.

These cheap SIM cards might cause a "little" problem in the future. If PLDT can sell thousands (or millions) of these cheap Landline Plus Prepaid SIMs, just imagine how it would degrade the network quality of current SMART and Talk and Text subscribers. Can SMART handle the added load of millions of simultaneous landline calls at the same time?

Anyway, each call is limited to 10 minutes. You will hear 2 (EXTREMELY LOUD AND EAR DRUM BUSTING) beeps 10 seconds before your calls gets cutoff. This is the same feature, except the irritating beep, that SUN Cellular imposes to at least help reduce network congestion from voice call addicts. Give them a few weeks, PLDT and SMART might find themselves in the same pit where SUN Cellular came --the NETWORK BUSY pit.

I encountered atleast 15 cross lines whenever I make or receive a call. My call is being connected to another call. It's like those old-school party lines where you could spy on another call. Remember them? "Hoy party line! Isang oras ka na diyang telebabad. Puro ka boyfried! Isusumbong kita sa tatay mo!"

There's one big problem though. As of today. SIM activation can only be performed in some areas. My SIM was activated in SM Megamall but I have another SIM that I cannot activate until now. I tried to activate here at home, near St. James Quezon City, near Holy Cross Novaliches, and even infront of ABC-5's main office. All I could hear is, "Your number cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again..." The SIM that I gave my aunt was activated along South Expressway, near SM Bicutan. We tried to activate it here and it also failed.

I tried to activate my SIM within the vicinity of SM North EDSA this afternoon and still no luck. I was informed that a lot of SMART cellsites are not yet configured to receive the activation command from a PLDT Landline Plus. So if you bought a SIM from me and still cannot activate, stand infront of SM Megamall and I'll guarantee you 100% it would work. I've already activated 3 SIMs there. :~)

Reloading is also easy. You can reload at any SMARTLoad retailers from P30 to P1000 denominations. Internet is not yet available but is seems that landline video calls may not be far from reality as my Nokia N70 shows a 3G signal.

Here's a comparison on PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid's Plan 300 and bayanWIRELESS Prepaid.

PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid Pros:
- Cheap
- No need to buy new handset, old and 2nd hand GSM phones would do.
- Caller ID built-in compared to regular landline.
- Portability
- Signal coverage
- Can be reloaded at any SMARTLoad retailer

PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid Cons:
- Per minute charging
- No free SMS
- Voice echoes in calls
- Cannot reload via SMART Call and Text Cards


Bayantel Wireless Landline Prepaid Pros:
- Per call charging
- Caller ID built-in compared to regular landline.
- Free SMS to bayan to bayan subscribers
- Portability

Bayantel Wireless Landline Prepaid Cons:
- Required to purchase new handset
- SIM Card cannot be used with GSM handsets
- Scarce availability of CDMA handsets in the market
- Weak signal coverage compared to SMART
- Frequent drop calls
- Availability of Prepaid/Top-up cards

P2/min callP3 per call
P5.10/min NDDP4.50/min
P6.50/min Cellphone callsP7/min Cellphone calls
P8/min Top 95 IDDUS$0.15/min Top 71 IDD
P1/SMS (Local)Free Bayan to Bayan SMS
Can be used on any openline GSM cellphone.Must purchase handset from BayanTel.

Their rates are almost the same but the availability of cheap GSM handsets in the market is a big advantage to PLDT. PLDT's Landline Plus Prepaid will kill bayanWIRELESS if they don't do something ASAP. For as low as P300, anyone can have a landline without submitting any documents or proof of income. Bayantel on the other hand requires everyone to purchase a CDMA handset whether applying for postpaid or prepaid, which is a big turnoff to the masa market.

Anyway, we consumers are all winners if there's a healthy competition. :) But I do hope that PLDT one day requires everyone to register their PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIMs. They're opening more room for criminals to easily acquire a mobile landline with this cheap SIMs.

- You can still order SIMs here.

- SIM CARD Giveaway to Bloggers here.

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/16/2008 10:39:00 PM
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"Free" Cable Internet and CATV from myDestiny

Captain's Log Stardate -315207.27

Solid Broadband Corporation is having a promo for new and current subscribers. Buy a myPhone t33 GPS Pocket PC mobile phone (Php1,999 for 24 months) and get "free" cable internet and cable tv for two years.

The myPhone t33 currently retails for Php19,000 - Php21,000 while Cable Internet and Cable TV's rates are Php999/month and Php450/month respectively.

If you'll look closely, the only thing you'll get "free" is the Cable TV subscription. Just think of being re-locked with myDestiny Cable Internet for another 2 years plus Php1,000 on top of your monthly Php999 bill.

Php23,976 (Cable Internet @ 999 per month for 24 months)
Php10,800 (CATV @ 450 per month for 24 months)
Total: Php34,776 (Cable Internet + CATV for 24 months)

Php1,999 * 24 = Php47,976 (t33 for 24 months)


Php47,976 (t33 for 24 months)
Php20,000 (ave price of t33)
P27,976 (est. interest)


Php47,976 (t33 for 24 months)
Php34,776 (Cable Internet + CATV for 24 months)
Php13,200 --> almost the same price of CATV subscription for 24months.

Akala ko ba free pareho? :~)

In case you didn't know, the myPhone t33 is just a rebranded Amoi E860. If you want to have a cheap GPS Pocket PC mobile phone, then by all means get this promo. Interested? Email me


myPhone T33 GPS Pocket PC Phone Specifications:

Platform: Intel Xscale PXA270 312MHz + Agere Vienna
OS: Windows Mobile 5.0 PocketPC Phone Edition
Camera: 2.0 Megapixels CMOS with Video Recorder
Display: 240 x 320 pixels, 2.8", 262K colors TFT
Connectivity: Bluetooth 1.2 with A2DP, USB via ActiveSync
Memory: 50MB Built-in User Memory
GPS: SiRFIII GPS microcontroller chip
Expansion: Micro SD/T-flash memory card slot up to 2GB
Device Control: Touch screen with handwriting recognition
MEssaging: SMS, EMS, MMS, E-mail, MSN
GPRS: Class 10, WAP 2.0 browser
Multimedia: Windows Media Player (MP3/MP4/WMA/WMV...)
Battery: 1150 mAh
Dimension: 112.0 x 60.5 x 15.8 mm
Weight: 133g
Standby time: 150 - 200 hrs.
Talk time: 240 - 300 mins.

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/16/2008 08:42:00 PM
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DJ Dense Modesto's Tuff Ten Remix
Friday, March 14, 2008

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -315201.49

How about a dance remix of Janina San Miguel's "winning" answer? Listen to the dance remix courtesy of DJ Dense Modesto after the jump.

powered by ODEO

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/14/2008 05:55:00 PM
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Copy-pasters Ignore Creative Commons License

Captain's Log Stardate -315199.56

Don't you just hate content scrappers especially when they earn money from your works without even crediting you? Last Sunday, I received a text from our supplier informing me that PLDT is soft launching a new product. Went to their office on Monday and learned that the new product being soft-launched was PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid.

I bought 100 pcs and was informed that I have until Saturday to disposed my stocks before PLDT commercially launch the product on the 16th of March. I immediately posted the item on internet auction / trading sites and my blog. Since I was the first one to post the product on the internet, I anticipated that I will soon be a victim of content scrappers once the product has been officially launched. To at least prevent lazy ass people to copy my work, I obtained a Creative Commons Attribution - Noncommercial - Share Alike 3.0 license for all of my ad posts and even watermarked the poster I made with the logo of our online store.

Then come 13th of March. All my anticipation preparations proved futile. Three posts (2 from TipidCP.com and 1 from eBay) have copied my content without attribution and all being commercially used (obviously).

Apparently, revjon, spam888ph, and Gadgetista of TipidPC are clueless about the creative commons license or they just simply ignored them. They copied every single bit of text, typos, my grammatical boo boos, and everything I typed and composed myself. Sure some contents of my posts came from the manual, but more than 50% of it is my own work. Most of them are found on the FAQ section.

And dig this, Gadgetista used the poster I made on his eBay auction. He simply removed my email but the logo of myPapaNi Online Store remained watermarked pixel by pixel. Click the image below to enlarge:

Now, compare it to our online store's eBay auction. FYI: As a dealer, we are authorized to use all available flyers, posters (that includes Marian Rivera) and other related materials for promotion of the product. Gadgetista maybe another dealer but we haven't authorized them to use our online store's logo.

They could have just asked me nicely... I might have allowed them to use those guides and posters anyway... -_-

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/14/2008 01:01:00 AM
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PLDT Landline Plus SIM Giveaway
Thursday, March 13, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315198.81

I am currently selling these PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM Cards here, but you can get them for free! I am giving away 2 PCs of PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIMs ( free shipping anyplace, anytime, anywhere Mobiline... :~) ) to any bloggers located in the Philippines*. You must be blogging atleast 3 months to qualify.

Don't know what a PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid is? Just think of it as a normal Globe or SMART prepaid SIM but instead of having a different area code (ex. 0917, 0919, 0920, etc.) your area code is the same as any other landline phones in Metro Manila which is (2) or (02). All incoming calls made by landlines within Metro Manila to a PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM is FREE to both caller and receiver.

And unlike bayanWIRELESS and PLDT Landline Plus Postpaid, this prepaid SIM can be used on ANY GSM mobile phone. I've tested the SIM in an old Nokia 5110 unit and it worked! No need to pay activation fees and buy expensive custom handsets that look like remote controls. No more locked-in period. It's PREPAID!

To know more about PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM, please click here.

You have 2 options to join this contest:

OPTION 1: The easiest

Blog about this contest (with link to this page) and place my blog's new URL (http://jepoy.bengero.com) to your blogroll. If you want to blog about this contest in 5 words, then go! I don't care. As long as you place a link to this contest page and add me to your blogroll.

I've recently changed my URL and my 5 years worth of blog juice have been squeezed dry. My old Technorati rank of 150 has been reduced to a measly 15 and my PR5 from Google dropped to a PR0. I need all the links I can to get my Technorati and Google Page Rank back.

I'll also add you to my link exchange section once you include my blog to your blogroll. You see, wala kang katalo talo!

Email me your blog link at for confirmation. :)

OPTION 2: Help Mayen

If you have the time, please read and blog about the paranoia of the British guy named Timothy Ellis Cumper. This is a story of a British guy who created an imaginary world and accused everyone (including actress Chin-Chin Gutierrez) of conspiring just to milk P100,000 from him.

This is a serious issue and I wanted to help his victims, Mayen and other innocent people, and have their names cleared on the internet. Tim Cumper literally spammed the internet with his libelous blogs and videos.

So what to do with OPTION 2? Read the entire blog archive of "Hospital Scams" and blog about it. Download the PDF archive here. I am not influencing anyone to side with me on this issue. USE YOUR OWN JUDGMENT. I am making the entire archive in downloadable form so you could read this anywhere. I REPEAT. USE YOUR OWN JUDGMENT.

This is the latest from TIM CUMPER,

In the total absence of any facts to back up their completely lopsided assumptions and transparently influenced opinions - they resort to mounting infantile raids on my personality - he, he - like competitions for a SIM card - how pathetic - like getting all their family involved, all their friends - AH! - how sweet.

Guess he doesn't know how difficult it is to get your landline in the Philippines. How pathetic. LOL.

By the way, if you decided to participate via OPTION 2, please include the links of this blogs to your entry:
- Filipina Images: Conned by a Filipina
- Captain's Log: hospitalscams.blogspot.com = Severe Case of Psychosis
- Philippine Hospital Scam , Tierra Maria Estates Scam Exposed as Hoax
- Fil Am Forum Report: Philippine Hospital Scam - Exposed As A Hoax!
- American Lola: The “Foreigner = Money” Problem Comments
- Philippine Real Estate Broker: Tierra Maria Estates Scam EXPOSED as Hoax
- Lalaine's World: Foreigners... deeply inlove with Filipinas
- The Romantic Geek's Comfort Zone
- Siopao Heaven: Foreigner needs psychological treatment
- Captain's Log: Official Statement from Mr. Francis Jalbuena

After you have posted your article, please email me at so I could update the blog links.

Deadline of entries will be on March 18, 2008 Easter Sunday, March 23rd 2008. I've called Air21 and all operations will be halted on the holy week. That's why I'm extending the deadline to March 23 :). Entries will be randomly chosen on March 24th and SIM packs will be mailed via Air21 once I get the winners' complete mailing address.

*The SIM cards can only be used within Metro Manila and other nearby provinces under the area code of (02)

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/13/2008 06:26:00 PM
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PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM Cards For Sale!
Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315191.4

Having a landline has never been this simple - just insert your PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM into any PLDT handset or ANY unlocked GSM mobile phone (dual band minimum) and you're ready to go. No need to buy a custom handset. You can only use the prepaid SIM anywhere within the province or city your SIM was issued.

We're initially offering SIM cards with an area code of 2, which you could use within Metro Manila only.

- The SIM works with any dual band GSM phone.
- Make and receive NDD/IDD calls on the go!
- Send and receive local and international SMS.
- Choose from P300 or P600 prepaid plans.
- Reload from any SMARTLoad and PLDTLoad outlets nationwide
- Discounts on bulk orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Can I use my mobile phone or do I need to purchase a unit?
Unlike Bayan Wireless and PLDT Landline Plus postpaid, any GSM phone that works on Globe, SMART, and SUN can be used with PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid.

2.) What's an e-wallet?
The PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid comes with a built in electronic wallet which stores all your e-loads. Every time you make a transaction, funds are deducted from your e-wallet based on the published rates.

Load balance is not cumulative and will expire depending on its individual validity date. Once the load is used to fund the monthly plan, original load expiration date is invalidated.

3.) How does the system work?
1. Subscriber loads e-wallet.
2. Subscriber registers for a plan (P300 or P600)
3. The system checks if your e-wallet has enough to fund your subscribed monthly plan.
4. If yes, P600/P300 will be grabbed from your e-wallet and your account will be activated instantly. If no, your account will be temporarily deactivated.

4.) Why are your SIM priced higher than that of PLDT?
The price of our SIM cards already includes the shipping (courier rates) and handling (gas, fares, etc.) fees. Since our business is strictly online, all of our items will be shipped via LBC or Air21.

Notes on your Subscription
- You don't need to register every month. The system automatically grabs funds from your e-wallet every 31st day, based on your last subscrbed plan.
- You have the option to change plans for the next month anytime before your current plan expires.
- Changes in your plan will be reflected on the following month.
- Once the current subscription expires, the system will automatically switch you to the newly requested plan on the 1st day following your previous 30-day subscription.
- Only one subscriber-initiated registration will be allowed within a 30-day period. The last registration will be followed.
- Outgoing calls and text messages and other services cannot be performed without a valid monthly plan.
- Budget Card with access codes 101011 and 101015 will be open to PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid with additional access charge equivalent to the local per minute rate.
- Touch Card with access code 10174 will be open to PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid with additional access charge equivalent to the local per minute rate.
- Dialup access is not available.
- Internet access will be available soon.

Account Life

DAY 1-30: Active
- With incoming calls and text
- Can make outgoing calls and text depending on load balance/plan freebies

DAY 31-60: Reloading Period
- No incoming or outgoing calls and text.
- You can reactivate anytime by loading
- System will check your e-wallet daily if you have enough load to fund your last subscribed plan.

DAY 60-120: Reloading and Re-registration
- No incoming or outgoing calls and text.
- Subscriber can re-activate anytime in 2 easy steps:
1.) Load your e-wallet with P300 or P600
2.) Key-in your desired monthly plan.

NOTE: The SIM will be deactivated 180 days after the last plan expiry.

Free Minutes: 150 minutes local calls (calls made to metro manila phones)
Local Calls(in excess of free mins): P2/minute
NDD: P5.50/min
Cellphone: P9.50/min
IDD: P8/min
Local Text: P1/message
International Text: P15/message

Free Minutes: 600 minutes local calls (calls made to metro manila phones), plus 120 free texts PLDT-PLDT
Local Calls(in excess of free mins): P1/minute
NDD: P5.10/min
Cellphone: P6.50/min
IDD: P8/min
Local Text: P1/message
International Text: P15/message

I cannot do meetups. The SIM packs will be shipped via LBC within Metro Manila.


I have been detailed as possible so please read my post before asking questions. BTW, We're the first to offer this online :P


<1.) Email me the number of SIM Packs you would like to buy together with your complete name, mailing address, and contact number to jepoy (AT) gameops (DOT) net.

2.) Proceed to any Globe Business Center or any G-Cash partner merchants and pay through myPapaNi Online Store's G-Cash# 0917-2436788. P300/SIM.

*Order of 51pcs and above is subject to 50% downpayment before we order our stocks from our supplier.

3.) Email me, jepoy (AT) gameops (DOT) net, the G-Cash transaction#. Once I've verified your payment, I will ship the SIM packs within 24-48 hours.


4.) All SIM packs are considered sold and cannot be returned or refunded.

If you have other questions not stated on this post, please email me at jepoy (AT) gameops (DOT) net

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/11/2008 01:17:00 AM
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Bb. Pilipinas 2008 World Janina San Miguel Blooper
Sunday, March 09, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315187.58

Last night's Bb. Pilipinas 2008 pageant was a disgrace. This is supposed to be the most prestigious beauty pageant in the Philippines but what happened last night should be buried under 10 miles of cement.

Bb. Pilipinas 2008 contestant Janina San Miguel was just a centimeter away from nose bleeding to death in coming up for an answer from Vivian Tan's question, "What role did your family play to you as candidate to Binibining Pilipinas?"

pinoyambisyoso gave a summary of her dumb answer,

Well, my family’s role for me is so important becoz there was the wa- they’re, they was the one who’s …. very… Haha .… Oh I’m so sorry, uhmm …. My pamily .… My pamily .… Oh my god …. Ok, I’m so sorry .… I .… I told you that I’m so confident .… Eto, uhhmm, Wait .… Hahahahaha, uhmmm, Sorry guys becoz this was really my first pageant ever becoz I’m only 17 years old and ahahaha I, I did not expect that I came from, I came from one of the tough 10. Hmmm, so .… but I said that my family es the most important persons in my life. Thank you.

Complete video after the jump.

Nervous? Maybe. But why the hell did she win the crown when she didn't answer the damn question right? You can ignore the her grammar since a lot of Americans have bad grammaerrs...

Try to translate the question and her answer to Tagalog. Here's Bevie's translation,

"Importante ang role ng pamilya ko sa buhay ko, dahil sila ang pinakaimportanteng tao sa buhay ko. Salamat po."


Beauty should always come packaged with brains IMHO. I guess Ms. South Carolina 2007 is not alone.


Janina San Miguel

Age: 17 years old

Mass Communications student at University of the East

Why did you join?

“To gain a lot of experiences, new friends and opportunities” “Bata pa talaga ako, dream ko na ito talaga. Nakikita ko sa TV and I think it’s a nice experience. I knew then that I would try it.”

What makes you stand out from the rest?

“My confidence and my personality, even if this is my first time in a big pageant. I was first runner-up in Miss UE.”

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/09/2008 03:44:00 PM
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Leaked Photo of Nokia's s60 touch
Saturday, March 08, 2008

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -315185.03

Leaked photo of the upcoming Nokia s60 Touch phone. Rumored specs after the jump.

Click image to enlarge

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/08/2008 05:23:00 PM
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The gAnGzTaHs AeR Cool

Captain's Log Stardate -315183.21

I gave this picture to Ade last year. A year later, a very talented Filipino artist Christian San Jose vectorized the picture in Illustrator. Picture after the jump.

Hey Christian, you forgot one pic. :~)

(Via Technogra.ph)

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/08/2008 01:22:00 AM
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Ellen Adarna Graces UNO Magazine
Friday, March 07, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315182.15

Mark Verzo calls her the "Philippine Queen of Myspace", Rocky leeches her pictures on the internet like there's no tomorrow, and gay posers use her pictures to attract potential victims in Friendster and Yahoo! Chat. She's Ellen Meriam Go Adarna. One of the famous Filipino internet celebrity of our time. (Any news about Alicia Bonifacio / Mayer ?)

Her obsessive postings of her camphone and digital pictures on the internet made her an instant online celebrity and probably her ticket as being the cover of Candy Magazine in 2005. Mark has a link to a zip file that contains about 300+ pictures of Ellen. Enough for posers to milk and create numerous fake accounts on Friendster, Multiply, Myspace, and other online social networking sites.

Now, no more sweetie pictures for Ellen as she's the current cover girl of UNO Magazine for the month of March 2008. Click the images below for a larger view:

You can check her official Myspace account here http://www.myspace.com/567626. Here are more pictures of Ellen,

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/07/2008 04:04:00 PM
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