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Captain's Log
Captain's Log
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Official Statement from Mr. Francis Jalbuena
Monday, March 03, 2008


Captain's Log Stardate -315171.08

I emailed Tierra Maria Estates, Mr. Francis Jalbuena and Medical Center Paranaque yesterday for their official statement regarding the Hospital Scam Hoax being circulated by Mr. Tim Cumper on the internet. So far, only Mr. Jalbuena replied to my email. His official statement after the jump.

Thank you. I'm glad you emailed me & I'm going to forward this email & yours to all who are just as affected as me, Mayen herself ( whom I have not been able to get in touch with since about a week after she left the hospital ), people as concerned as you about the libelous blogs, people that might be in a position to right the situation & those important to me that have asked for statements.

As you very well said & realize, many have concluded without asking me or someone from Tierra Maria that we are the victims here. I myself feel so betrayed because I personally involved myself in something that did not concern me but acted like a good samaritan by helping my pleading agent when asked by her to get a needed operation even before the promise from the accusser that he will repay me when he got here Aug. 15, 2008. I will forward to you Cumper's 1st of many emails he sent me. You be the Judge because the many lies Cumper made to me is not in writing.

I will leave this incident to be finally judged by the Lord who I will trust to do the justice & vindication. I must admit that I have sinned when I reacted in unchristian ways several times because of the accusations made. I want to avoid commiting further sins like thinking of hiring plumbers siphon back all the dirt he has made back up to his own home ( I think house more appropriate) so he can bathe in it.

Furthermore, I am not in a financial position to hire a London based detective to find out what kind of background Cumper has nor a Lawyer to file libel charges against him. So I guess I'll just have to follow advise of knowledgeable people who have said that the best way to handle Cumper is to keep quiet & not mind him because by doing so I will just add fire to the smoke (smoke screen of his guilt more appropriate) the unbelievable things & lies he has made.

This is my own personal statement, Tierra Maria was not consulted nor is a part of this which Cumper also tries to associate my actuations & others with. I am working for Tierra Maria purely on commission basis.

Yours truly,

Francis M. Jalbuena
Sole Marketing Agent
Tierra Maria Estates
Ofc. Tel. (+632) 820-6122 / 826-1327
Telefax (+632) 820-1720
Personal website: www.tierramaria.net

He then sent me the following email,
This is Cumper's 1st email after assuring him I was in Mayen's bedside while she was bleeding & in danger. My 30 minute conversation with Cumper was at my expense. Some of the salient points I made were;

1) You have offered Mayen a marriage & lifetime of financial security, why would anybody in her position try to scam you for a paltry amount & lose your trust.
2) Don't expect people here to be as proficient as there in London
3) Don't spoil Mayen with too much monetary dole outs because she belongs to the large group of not too financially well off here & people who all of a sudden gets their hands on large sums of money might find it hard to handle. Cumper had intimated to me that his plans with Mayen was to buy a condo in MM & a farm lot in Tierra Maria.

Cumper never came & was unreachable for several days after he sent this email.


---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: TIM CUMPER timelliscumper@btinternet.com
Date: Mon, 13 Aug 2007 06:38:55 +0100 (BST)
Subject: The situation

Dear Sir Francis,
Thank you for your telephone call this morning.
You did in many ways put my mind at rest regarding this present situation.
The extent of my imagination - unsurpassed - my doubts and fears being supported by those around me here - I should only listen to my heart in this situation - despite advice to the contrary.
My heart tells me this is all about love - my mind tells me it is all about money.
I am not afraid of the truth - in fact I welcome it - but actually getting to see it in this complicated scenario is proving very difficult.
I am an honourable man - and I appreciate that my suspicions are very insulting to honourable people and that, in itself, makes discussion of my fears a challenge to everyone involved - especially Mayen - because it strikes at the very core of our trust.
But I owe it to myself not to be rash, not to be blinded by my love, not to be stupid when faced with all the alternative implications.
I am not turning away from my love for Mayen - that is complicated enough, but we were working through it - we are making plans - involving property purchases - you see how it is all a big tangle of possible extortions.
Unfortunately - these sort of rackets do go on - but I have met you all - and I do trust you - and that is where my faith is.
But confidence rackets are all about that - gaining my confidence.
It is impossible, I believe, to resolve this situation long distance.

The circumstances of my meeting Mayen the very first time - online - came completely out of the blue. My love for her was virtually instant. Way beyond my understanding.
My marriage was already threadbare - what was I to do - ignore what my heart was telling me or continue with it?
I didn't lie to Mayen - she knew all about my domestic situation - we have been open and honest from the start.
I was compelled to visit her - I could not continue with my life without doing that.
Even those circumstances fall under the spotlight of suspicion - my picture wasn't even showing on my profile when I received the first message from Mayen.
Is that the miracle I believe it to be - or is something more sinister going on here - someone waiting online to snatch up the new profiles as they appear? Luring them into - perhaps this current scenario - the Honey Pot trap - extortion by emotional means - it is too despicable to contemplate - but unfortunately, not beyond reason, not beyond the realm of possibility.

So you see, Sir Francis - I only have my faith, my heart to follow. If I listen to the voice of rationality - common sense - in this instance it tells me to be wary.
I am in a cleft stick - between a rock and a hard place, between my love for Mayen with all our plans and the potential for me to become embroiled in a massive deception.
I am only motivated by love - not by voracity or my pride.
My faith tells me instinctively that I can trust Mayen - and you - and I enjoy our genuine friendship and also all of Mayen's colleagues.
It is only because there is money involved that I have any suspicions at all - and for a love such as I feel for Mayen - I would willingly share everything I have.
But I will not allow my love to be abused or taken advantage of.

The answer is simple - I have to come and see for myself.

Thank you for your time - and I apologise most sincerely for all the trouble this is causing.
Kindest regards.

If you want to read more about the Hospital Scam Hoax, please click here.

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 3/03/2008 02:50:00 PM
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