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Captain's Log
Captain's Log
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Tracy Isabel Borres... Sigh sigh.
Thursday, December 11, 2008


Captain's Log Stardate -315945.2

I did a little catching up earlier about the newest internet sensation, Tracy Isabel Borres. Based from the forwarded emails I received and from what I've read from Mike and Reyna Elena's blog, Tracy wrote some nasty comments about our Aeta brothers on her Facebook account. I won't republish her comments here as I find it unfit for republication, and I am offended by her comments as well. You may read it at Reyna Elena's blog.

Tracy was part of a community work of sorts that involves living with an "adopted" Aeta family for 3 days. Tracy didn't like the experience that she blogged about it at her Facebook account... in detail. One of her "friends" didn't like what she wrote so this "friend" screencapped her post and circulated it via email.

I know how difficult it is to adjust to other cultures and live with them for a few days. But these experiences, or for this instance an opinion of an experience, should be kept within yourself or with your close friends only. And besides, she wouldn't experience these if she didn't volunteer herself in the community work anyway.

Unfortunately for Tracy, one of her so called friends leaked the supposedly private Facebook post to everyone. We all know how things would get out of hand once the floodgates of the internet have been opened ---no holds barred.

Tracy, word of advice... There are things you should rather keep to your self. Example, I always wanted to tell this moron how I wanted to bitchslap him whenever he whines on TV but I don't. Hmmm wait.. guess I just did it. Hahahaha! And there's this guy who damaged the reputation of GameOPS we've protected all these years due to his irresponsible post. I soooo wanted to flame him since last week, but I don't. Well, not yet.

Mike has contacted Tracy and has already posted her statement,

Yes I am fully aware of the gravity and extent of what is happening right now, but thank you still. =)

Someone stole it from my CONTACTS only account. Sigh sigh. Thing is i know how rude and offensive it sounded but that was because I was expecting it to be read by my friends only who understood a kind of dark quirky humor of mine that really would make other people mad. It was a post meant to be comical for my friends to laugh at… (exaggerated rudeness and ditzy-ness, although still not with some truth to it of course, i am not excusing my insensitive usage of words but hey! its funny WITH/FOR my friends!) then of course it leaked. Sigh sigh.

I am just waiting for this to blow over (as typical ‘internet sensations’ usually do), because seriously. People, focus on real issues not on some spoiled sheltered girl. Haha.

if anything, i would rather you forward my reply to the email. =)

i mean really. there are so many ppl out there who are just so ready and willing to jump at every and any opportunity to add insult to injury bec it will be inconsequential to them anyway without knowing the premises or without any sense of discernment whatsoever. i mean betrayal for leaking my entry by someone i knew was bad enough right? so now its like i cracked a yo momma joke and everyone thinks i want to kill their momma! hahaha oh sigh sigh.

again, thank you for your concern. =)

Sigh sigh indeed.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 12/11/2008 10:41:00 PM
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Posted by Anonymous reyna elena on Friday, December 12, 2008 at 1:03:00 AM GMT+8:  
I hate the comparison because American life is so unlike the so called ritzies in Manila or conio if one may call them. After all, we do have some weird ridiculous culture, i guess one will have to blame poverty such that parents shield their kids to all the nasty shit of life in the Philippines, hoodlums, gangstah, robbers, snatchers, holduppers, kotong, pulis este, you know. Unfortunately parenting does play a big role in molding a kid and true enough education at home is truly priceless. i hope this is just a case of parenting gone awfully bad, but given the fact that she's grown up, it's her responsibility already to know and be sensitive about her sorroundings especially the plight of those HAVE NOTS, after all, 80% of pinoys are in that category, Aetas included, worse to the aborigines because they are and have been ignored by the establishment.

apparently she's still in that protected bubble of some sorts, when that explodes, no matter what sparkling school you come from won't give you the necessary ammunition to stand up with chin high in any society for you'd always be looked down upon

Posted by Anonymous Ade on Saturday, December 13, 2008 at 1:03:00 AM GMT+8:  
Well, what she did was totally tasteless, I have to agree. But I really am not comfortable with the fact that one of her friends who she entrusted with that private (yet very, very, offensive - and that's coming from me) entry took screenshots of it and spread it throughout the internet.

I am in no way defending her. But I don't like the fact that her privacy was invaded just like that. Nobody deserves that.

I hope she has learned to think twice before posting things like that on the web.

I only wish she had shown more remorse in her statement up there.

Posted by Anonymous reyna elena on Saturday, December 13, 2008 at 8:43:00 AM GMT+8:  
ade, that's right! if that "friend" was truly a "friend", instead of capturing those facebook entries, she/he could have warned her the fire that she just lit with those entries and could have reasonably explained to her that it's better to delete those - instead sent it to the world. now, that's not a "friend". worse, the statement didn't do nothing to quell the fire.

Posted by Blogger Jepoy on Saturday, December 13, 2008 at 2:21:00 PM GMT+8:  
@reyna elena - parenting may be an important factor but the fact is, she's already 20+ and studying at Ateneo... All along I thought Ateneo is one of the best schools here. I might be wrong.

@Ade - I hate those type of "friends". Even people who "leak" things out.

Posted by Anonymous georgina on Tuesday, December 16, 2008 at 6:12:00 PM GMT+8:  
Look closely at the top most picture of this tracy isabel borres, she has dark underarms!!! ewww!! kadiri!!!

Posted by Anonymous rodelianism on Wednesday, December 17, 2008 at 8:05:00 AM GMT+8:  
Everyone, everyone, first of all, I'm sure everyone of us made "lait" to some people in the past, or even now. We are all guilty of that. It just so happens that this girl was betrayed by one of her friends and posted the little story for the public to see.

Remember when you made fun of the little kid who had "anghit"? Remember how you teased your fat friends? Remember how you made fun of your poor classmate who could only afford corned beef for lunch, and not chicken or beef like you?

As a person who grew up in the Philippines like most of you, we all know how our society views people with dark skin. Do you remember how many times you called that dark chick a "negrita"? Hell, I even remember some of my own friends calling a non-aeta an aeta just because he's short and dark.

This girl, Tracy, does not have any sort of obligation to always be perfect and politically correct. Does age really matter? A child, an adolescent, an adult, or an elderly, does it really matter WHEN people should be politically and morally correct?

Tracy is just a girl who wanted to tell a fun story at the expense of the aetas and her experience with their place. Who here has not done such a thing?

What right do we have to condemn this unfortunate girl? If it was your friend or family member who told a similar story, would you blog about them, telling the world how wrong they are and how you yourself are not like them?

Tracy is only guilty of being brutality honest. She's just a victim of a traitorous friend who didn't care how the private story would affect her life.

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