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Captain's Log
Captain's Log
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Philippine National Police launches wanted database website
Saturday, June 21, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315472.02

Responding to the order of Philippine National Police director Avelino Razon to compile a database of wanted persons on a nationwide scale, the PNP Computer Service has launched a new website of Philippines’ most wanted criminals.

The new website includes pictures, vital information of the wanted persons and the monetary reward for any information that will lead to their apprehension. Anyone who has an access to a computer and the internet can browse through the website located at http://www.pnp.gov.ph (direct link: https://registry.pnp.gov.ph/mwp)

Continue reading at Tech Blog Philippines

*Computer end log*



Posted by Jepoy @ 6/21/2008 06:13:00 PM
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Sun Cellular Launches New Call & Text International SIM Card
Friday, June 20, 2008

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -315469.31

Sun Cellular has silently introduced a new SIM card in its Sun Shops for only Php49.00 per SIM Card. Called the Call & Text International SIM Card, the new SIM is capable of sending international SMS to 20 countries of only Php 1.00 per text.

The 20 countries in which you could send Php 1.00 per international text includes USA, Canada, Japan, Malaysia, UAE, Singapore, Bahamas, Brunei, Cayman Island, Cyprus, Guam, Hawaii, HK, Jamaica, Macau, Oman, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Saipan, and Turkey

Also included in the new Call and Text International SIM card is a free 5 min call every month for 6 months to Sun’s Top 10 IDD destinations and 5 free international texts. You will get the free credits as long as you load at least P50 every month. Sun Cellular’s Top 10 IDD destinations include USA, HK, Canada, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Guam, Macau, and Brunei.

According to rumors, Sun Cellular would only release a few Call and Text International SIM cards to the market so get yours now at any Sun Shops nearest you.

(Via BNC-XE - Cross posted at Tech Blog Philippines)

*Computer end log*



Posted by Jepoy @ 6/20/2008 06:27:00 PM
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New Philippine Tech Blog Launched

Captain's Log Stardate -315469.28

A new technology blog has been launched, and it's powered by Pinoys. From the guys who brought you PinoyBlogosphere, now brings TechBlog.PH - Tech Blog Philippines.

Welcome! This is Tech Blog Philippines - ang Tech Blog ng Pilipinas (Tech Blog of the Philippines).

Abangan n’yo at sana’y inyong balik-balikan. Madami-daming mga kilalang mga tech bloggers ang makakasama sa proyektong ito at meron ding mga baguhang tutulungan nating gumawa ng kanilang mga pangalan. Para sa lahat ang tech blog na ‘to at ito’y papatakbuhin ng lahat ng handang tumulong at makiisa sa layuning magkaroon ng tech blog ng bayan.

Mabuhay ang Tech Blog ng bayan. Have fun, enjoy and be a regular reader.

I'm one of the contributors and hope to post there regularly :)

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/20/2008 06:14:00 PM
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ümobile First Look
Saturday, June 14, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315451.11

I got my ümobile SIM card this afternoon and obviously, I immediately inserted it on my Nokia N70. It took several minutes for my phone to acquire a signal and several more minutes before I could make a call. "Your number cannot be completed as dialed, please check the number and dial again"... Familiar? Yes. The same voice prompt from SMART and PLDT Landline Plus.

So when I finally got the SIM to work, I tried to call my Globe number. My ümobile number did not register on Globe's caller ID. Tried calling my SUN Cellular number, same thing. My ümobile number finally registered on my Smart Buddy account though.

Another problem I encountered was my ümobile SIM cannot send SMS to any Globe or SUN Cellular numbers. I can send an SMS but the problem is that my Globe and SUN Cellular lines receive nothing. I tried it several times on different Globe and SUN numbers and still the same problem.

Same with calls. Globe and Sun Cellular subscribers cannot call my ümobile SIM. Interconnection problems?

I tried to use my ümobile SIM on my 2.5G Samsung SGH-X426 phone since Sir Angelo reported that he was unable to use his ümobile SIM on a Nokia 1112. So far, my SIM works on a non-3G but GPRS capable mobile phone.

I haven't tried sending an MMS to another umobile subscriber since I don't know anyone, besides Mike, using umobile. But I did send an MMS to my email account at GMail and unfortunately, it didn't arrive in my inbox.

My default number is 0999-3000737 and as of now, I cannot customize my number as the online facility is under maintenance.

ümobile's SIM is a 64K SIM Card with an STK Menu. I don't think it supports the recent 64K and 128K menus of Smart and Globe SIM cards which allows everyone to personalize their menus. Each link on ümobile's STK directly links their wapsite.

Reloading of credits is currently via PayEasy and PayPal only. PayEasy is Mozcom's online payment gateway for internet users and internet store owners. You can fund your PayEasy Wallet using your local or international credit card, BancNet ATM debit card or Globe G-Cash. Payeasy also supports offline funding through Banco de Oro, EastWest Bank, China Bank, Western Union, M. Lhuillier, or Cebuana Lhuillier.

* Load purchase made via Bancnet with less than PhP500.00 will charge you additional Php20.00 per transaction.

* Purchases made via Megalink (ATM) with less than P200/transaction will charge you additional P20/transaction.

PayPal on the other hand is a safe, easy way to pay and get paid online. The service allows anyone to pay in any way they prefer, including through credit cards, bank accounts, buyer credit or account balances, without sharing financial information.

I tried reloading via PayPal and PayEasy but the website got stuck on the "creating request" page. I only have P89 prepaid credits left and I have yet to receive an SMS Ad to "replenish" my prepaid credits :P

So far, here's a quick summary of my first ümobile experience:
  • Your number will not be shown on caller id when you call a Globe and SUN Cellular subscriber. Ninja stealth anyone? :P
  • SIM Card works on a non-3G but GPRS capable phone. Haven't tried using the SIM on a very old model though.
  • SMS sent from a ümobile SIM will not reach Globe and SUN Cellular subscribers as of the moment.
  • MMS sent from a ümobile SIM to email address and other networks still does not work.
  • My ümobile SIM cannot receive calls from Globe and Sun Cellular subscribers.
  • Reloading your credits will only be possible online through PayEasy or PayPal.
  • You can invite 10 friends to ümobile every month.

Since ümobile is still new, problems like interconnection with other networks cannot be avoided. Sun Cellular experienced the same problems when they're new. I will stick to my Globe line for the moment until ümobile fixes these problems. I'm really looking forward in customizing my number soon.

(UPDATE June 14th, 2008 6:12PM: umobile called me a few hours ago and apologized for the problems I have encountered. Interconnection with Globe and SUN is not yet finished so sending SMS and MMS to those two networks will not work in the mean time. MMS to email is also being worked out as well as the caller id problems with Globe and Sun. Talk about great customer service!)

By the way, ümobile will be having another party on June 20 at Ascend, Bonifacio High Street.
Get ready for lift off at the next ümobile bash on June 20 at Ascend, Bonifacio High Street, Fort Bonifacio Global City, Taguig from 10pm onwards. Entrance will be free from 10pm-12mn and the first 350 guests get free drinks, so bring all your friends! Enjoy the music and company that ümobile brings because we started it all with u!

I don't drink so could my free drink be converted to a free 3G phone? :~)

See you on June 20th everyone :)

Looking for invite codes? CLICK HERE!

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/14/2008 02:36:00 AM
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UnionBank EON application headaches
Friday, June 13, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315449.94

Last March just before the Holy Week, I applied for a UnionBank EON card online. I got my sequence number and was instructed by the website to wait 5 days for a confirmation. A month passed and I haven't received any confirmation. I emailed their customer support and I received a reply after 3 days.

Dear Mr. Bengero,

Greetings from UnionBank!

We have received your email regarding your EON Visa application. To update you of the status, we would like to ask for some information so we can verify your account. Kindly provide us with the following details:

Account Name:
Contact Number:
Date of Application:
Preferred Branch:

We hope to hear from you again so we can respond to your concern immediately

For your convenience, our Customer Service Correspondence Unit operates on Mondays to Fridays, from 8:30am to 5:30pm. Emails sent after office hours, weekends as well as Public Holidays will be responded on the next working day. You may also contact us through our 24-hour Customer Service Hotline at 841-8600


UnionBank Customer Service

I immediately replied with the information they have requested and I haven't heard a word from them since. That email was sent 2 months ago.

I decided to personally check my EON card at Muñoz Quezon City Branch last week. I waited for more than 30 minutes just to learn that my card has not been delivered to that branch. The teller gave me a form to fill up so she could re-apply my card. She asked me to return last Tuesday, June 10th 2008. Come Tuesday, my card is still smoke.

She asked me to call the next day to check if my card has been processed or what.

Wednesday, still no card.

Thursday... nada.

It's now Friday and my card is still nowhere in sight. I don't know if she's really re-applying my card or not. I don't want to re-apply online, it might cause more trouble and headaches if the head office receives multiple EON application from me and from her.

I've been scouring for alternatives and it seems that UnionBank's EON is the only acceptable debit card for PayPal Philippines. Or have I missed something? I've called Banco De Oro and inquired about their Cash Cards and as usual, they don't know what PayPal is.

I'll ask Bank of the Philippine Islands tomorrow if their Cash Card can be used at PayPal. In the mean time, I'll just have to wait for my EON card from UnionBank.

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/13/2008 04:19:00 PM
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ümobile Invite Codes Giveaway!
Friday, June 06, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315431.55

ümobile is really making waves on the local and international blogosphere with their ünique ways. Ad-funded, free credits every month, ability to change your mobile number on the fly, über cheap inter-network SMS, MMS and call rates, VOIP service courtesy of Fring, and a lot more surprises on the coming months.

Though my application for a ümobile account is still being processed, Angelo of ümobile gave me a unique opportunity to be a Code Giver.

What in the world are Code Givers? Are they related to the latest Sharon Cuneta movie? :~)

Code Givers are official members of the ümobile community who are authorized to give out invite codes to non-members. You may encounter people who are posing as Code Givers, so here´s how to spot the real invite codes:

* Code Givers can only be found during ümobile events and are dressed in distinguishable outfits

* Code Givers will never sell you an invite code because these are for free. Beware of those that try to sell you any ümobile invite codes. INVITE CODES ARE FREE!

I've been receiving a lot of emails requesting for an invite code now here's your chance to be part of ümobile. Post a comment on this blog entry with your COMPLETE NAME and EMAIL ADDRESS so I could send you an invite code.

Invite codes are limited and will be on a first come first served basis only. Just post your infos here and wait for my email. Don't nag me about your codes because they are really rare. Just be patient okay? :P

UPDATE: I will appreciate if you would follow the instructions on posting a comment. Anonymous comments WILL BE REJECTED :)

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/06/2008 10:48:00 PM
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.hk and .ph domains prone to malwares
Thursday, June 05, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315426.44

McAfee reports that the Philippine TLD belongs to the top domains on the internet that pose a risk to online users. I can't believe that spammers and malware guys choose .ph as their domains considering the high cost of getting one.

McAfee is set to release a study late on Tuesday that indicates the domains that tend to be the most dangerous or malware-prone on the Web, and at the top of the list is the Hong Kong (.hk) domain.

The McAfee Mal Web report, which serves as a safety guidebook to risky online neighborhoods, reveals that 19.2 percent of all Web sites ending with the .hk domain pose a security threat to Web users, followed by China (.cn), the Philippines (.ph), Romania (.ro) and Russia (.ru).

By contrast, the safest domains on the Web are Finland (.fi), Japan (.jp), Norway (.no), Slovenia (.si), and Colombia (.co).

Do you remember the days when .ph was being marketed as a "phone" domain? :P


*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/05/2008 01:56:00 AM
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George Lukas... LOL
Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315426.05

These Nigerian Scammers are not worth blogging but look who just emailed me. George Lukas! LOL!

from: George Lukas (glukas@mail.mn)
date: Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 10:06 PM
subject: Attn:My Good Friend

Attn:My Good Friend

I am remembering you in keeping to my personal belief that one good turn it is said,deserves another.It is strictly on this premise I made out amount of U.S$1,500,000.00 in certified Bank draft for you and kept it with my personal Attorney back home shortly before I travelled out of the country.
I was able to pull through with another foreigner,the transaction for which you previously extended your cooperation to me even though it did quite work out then due to circumstance beyond us.Be guided therefore to get in touch with my lawyer along with your full names and address ASAP via his below given information so that he can release the draft to you as per my standing instruction:-

Name:- Barr.John Wayne
Email:- advocate_wayne@yahoo.fr

And when this is done,do notify me in writting.Wishing you the very best in life.


Mr.George Lukas

Image Source

*Computer end log*


Posted by Jepoy @ 6/04/2008 10:27:00 PM
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