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Captain's Log
Captain's Log
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Sun Cellular Launches SunTel
Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315748.6

Sun Cellular has a new product and it's called SunTel. The staff of Sun Shop Trinoma didn't know anything about SunTel except that it comes in a desktop GSM unit. You know, those big and bulky wireless desktop phones from PLDT, BayanTel, Globe and Sun Cellular's very own MANGO.

The desktop unit is an Avvio Startel 1950g Dual-Band GSM Desktop Phone, which upon further research reveals Brightstar Logistics Philippines Pte. Ltd. as the local distributor. The Avvio 1950g features SMS, speaker phone, an external antenna, 100 phonebook memory, caller id, call barring/history.

Since the staff at the Sun Shop didn't know all the details of this new product, I decided to call their hotline. I was expecting this SunTel as the re-launched MANGO. I was wrong. SunTel is just a glorified Plan 350 postpaid line sporting a pseudo-wireless landline look. You get:

- 1 Unit SunTel Terminal
- 24/7 Call and Text Unlimited Sun to Sun
- Free 10 mins worth of IDD per month
- Free 50 SMS to other networks per month

Your SunTel's number prefix is still 0922/0923 which means, landline users will be charged according to their telco's mobile phone rates. Remember that Plan 350's that are converted to Sun-Sun Call and Text Unlimited have free 250 text messages. SunTel has only 50. What the?! Your only consolation is the free 10 minutes of IDD per month.

I don't know if the information I received from Sun's hotline is accurate but if it is, then better get a normal Plan 350 postpaid line. You'll get to choose better looking phones.

Click to enlarge:

*Computer end log*



Posted by Jepoy @ 9/30/2008 11:43:00 AM
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My Turn - In Defense of My Friend Rocky
Friday, September 26, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315735.27

I've already said my concerns about the Level-Up! Gaming Blog Award the other day, same goes with Rocky, Karlo, Andrew, and Mark. I decided to keep my mouth shut about the irregularities I've seen on the categories besides the Level Up! Gaming Blog Award. But I won't sit here and shut up while my friend Rocky is being referred to as an "effing idiot", Bitter Ocampo, posting with malicious intent, etc. just by posting his observations on the Level-Up! and Nokia Special Awards of the Philippine Blog Awards 2008.

His post at GameOPS was clear Poyt. Rocky did not question your talent, not Coy's talent, not because both of your videos won, but because of the rules and eligibility requirements. September 19, midnight (00:00 of Sept 19) is the extended deadline. I am actually the first one who noticed this and brought this up to Ria and itot54joni (100% Batangueno). I told them about the deadline because I believe it's unfair for their part. Ria said it's no big deal. Jonald on the other hand said he felt bad of the late entries being as finalist. He said it's nothing personal and he'll just join again next year if there will be another contest.

If it's okay with them then it's fine with me. Have you seen me rant the past few days about this? No. I only questioned the Level-Up! special category, nothing else. You guys cannot call me bitter since I also won Lalaine also won a Nokia phone right? Even after the contest, I didn't mind Coy and Poyt winning. No bitterness at all on my part.

I know this midnight thingy is really causing a lot of confusion. Midnight can be referred to as September 19, 23:59 or September 19, 00:00. Initially, I thought it's 23:59 of September 19. But I did ask around and all of them said that midnight, if used as a noun, is 12 'o clock in the night. So the deadline literally translates to September 19, 00:00. That's when I decided to cram and upload my video before September 19, 00:00.

I shot the video with Lalaine on September 17 and was planning to edit it on the morning of 19th. I am to accompany Rocky's mom to a convention on the evening of 18th so the editing could wait. But when I learned that the deadline was actually on Sept 19 00:00, I've called Rocky to tell her mom I couldn't go since I need to finish the video. Rocky hated me that day.

Function: noun

1: the middle of the night ; specifically : 12 o'clock at night

Based on the definition above, Rocky is right. Poyt and Coy's entries will raise eyebrows if we strictly follow what's written on the dictionary because they weren't even eligible for the contest in the first place.

Poyt, your Plurk friends insulted Rocky just because of his post and you allowed them to continue. Remember, Rocky is a blogger who posts only in GameOPS and does not "bloghop" on other local blogs (even mine!). He asked those questions because he found out that you're volunteers coupled with the questionable things he raised. Jester even mixed Rocky and Siopao Master's post and twisted it to make it look like we're bitter because GameOPS didn't win. Siopao Master clearly castigated the way the judges of Level-Up! chose the finalist and not the Philippine Blog Awards or its convenors. Rocky on the other hand, aired his questions and concerns about the rules and eligibility, not about your talents, abilities, honor, or whatsoever. It's clear. Very glaringly.

Now you leave me no choice but to defend him and show them what I really saw.

I know about the delay in the channel Coy mentioned in his comment at GameOPS. My low-res video took about an hour (the high-res about 3 hours) before it appeared on the PBA channel on OVI. This delay only applies to the channel and not to the profile itself. I've visited Poyt's profile (and same with Azrael and Coy) once the list of finalists was released. The time differential of the videos on their profile and the channel itself is about 1 or 2 hours. Do the math?

Okay, no math. Let's check them all right now.

Here's a comment from Poyt on the Philippine Blog Awards website. The time stamp on the Philippine Blog Awards website has a 15 hour differential from our current time. Her comment was posted at 9:53am of September 19, thus this translates to 12:53am of September 20.

We also know that before submitting our videos as official entries, we must first post them to our blogs and include the URL once we submit. The time stamp on Poyt's blog post was 9:42am of September 19. That alone should be questionable. But wait, her blog also has a time differential of 15 hours. How did I know? I tried to post a comment and here's the result,

I posted that comment at 1:00am of September 26, while her blog's timestamp displays September 25, 10:00am. I can only conclude that the September 19 9:42am timestamp on Poyt's OVI blog entry can actually be September 20, 12:42am.

This is the same case with Coy. Though without a timestamp, his blog entry has a date of September 20. How can someone submit their entries on the submission form without the blog URL itself? I know this can be done on Wordpress, but how about blog hosted on Blogger? You cannot obtain your blog post URL without publishing first in Blogger.

Rocky also pointed out on his updated blog post at GameOPS about the date displayed in their videos. In Poyt's video entry, Coy opened up the calendar application on his mobile phone and the current date indicated is September 19. Unless he changed the date, we can assume that the video is being shot on the 19th of September. This is assuming and not accusing. No malicious intent here okay?

Besides the deadline thing, Poyt's entry should have been disqualified. Why? Because rule #2 of Nokia Sponsor Awards states that,
2. The video must also be uploaded in their personal blogs with a link back to the Ovi site.

From the screenshot above, we can clearly see that Poyt's blog post didn't contain any link to the OVI site.

I won't even dare question the winners. Those are the judges (or sponsors for the special awards) prerogatives. What Rocky was after was how can they win if they aren't even eligible because of the rules? Remember, the Awards has eligibility requirements. Not just because a blog or entry has nice contents. Here's a comment from one of the post at the blog awards regarding eligibility,
Bruce in Iloilo:

I cannot find anyway to send this directly to the organizers, and so I post it here. I added this comment just now to a blog entry from weeks ago, but since that entry is so old, it might no be read. And so I repeat it here. My apologies if this is a great faux pas.

I think that the first eligibility requirement, “I. It must be Filipino owned,” is more restrictive then it needs to be and discriminates against immigrants. I suspect that it is unintentional.

The awards should be open to blogs related to the Philippines and the Philippine diaspora. It shouldn’t matter what passport one carries or the color of one’s skin.

I should be allowed to compete. The rules, as written, says I cannot because I am a white guy carrying an American passport, this despite the fact that I live and work, and love, the Philippines.

This is discrimination pure and simple, most likely unintentional.

It is easy to forget, because we are relatively so few, that there are tens of thousands of us in the Philippines, and I don’t mean returning OFWs who are no longer Philippine citizens. There are professionals who work in Makati. There are missionaries who are kidnapped and murdered. There are Chinese and Indian businessmen. There are loving wives and husbands, parents and grandparents.

All of these people, these permanent residents, are Filipino by choice, if not by law or skin color. In our hearts, we are Filipino. We should be fully accepted into our adopted country. We should not be treated as outsiders, excluded from full participation in civil life, and that includes the blogger community and these awards.

Accept us fully. Accept us for what we are, your neighbors, friends, lovers, indeed your fellow Filipino bloggers. Let us, in this country, set the standard of acceptance and openness to immigrants and outsiders for the whole world to follow.

The points and questions made by Rocky is no different from the concerns of Bruce. Eligibility. You can't blame others like CathCath (link 1, link 2) and Reyna Elena (link 1, link 2) if they cry foul given the evidences above.

I will state it here again, I have no problems with the Nokia Awards. If it's okay with Ria and itot54joni, it's fine with me. I won afterall. Poyt, I consider you as one of my online friends, same to you Coy. I have nothing personal against both of you. I know you're both talented and I have been appreciating your talents for a long time. I only posted this entry to defend Rocky. I would have remained quiet if weren't for those foul and personal attacks against Rocky. Btw Coy, Rocky didn't forget your link. Your blog's link is still on GameOPS' sidebar as agreed upon our link exchange last May 2007.

Based on what Rocky (a no one in the blogging scene) experienced, if you have something to tell against something or someone, better shut up or commit suicide if you have no friends to back you up online.

"Effing idiot" is the new sexay!

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/26/2008 02:40:00 AM
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GameOPS Founder Speaks About the Blog Awards
Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315729.65

I received a text from Rocky informing me about his take on what happened to GameOPS on the Philippine Blog Awards 2. I've already said mine the other day. You may read Rocky's opinion by clicking this link.

*Computer end log*



Posted by Jepoy @ 9/24/2008 01:17:00 AM
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My Nokia Kaleidoscope of Connections Entry Won 2nd Place
Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315727.02

My video entry to the Philippine Blog Awards 2: Nokia Kaleidoscope of Connections won 2nd place. Yay! Prize is a brand new Nokia 6220 Classic. Coy won 1st and got a Nokia N95 8GB while Poyt is 3rd and got a Nokia N78.

Since I didn't go with Lalaine and Rio last night, I think I'll have to settle with my Nokia N70 and Nokia 6630. The last reconnaissance report I've received from my field ninja is that Lalaine have placed C4 explosives around her house to keep me away :)) And since Mocha's the star of our video (others are just extras) we'll be treating her to a "food"spa this weekend. This might be my only chance to snag that 6220c away from Lalaine. :P

Anyway, thanks to the organizers, volunteers, and sponsors of the Philippine Blog Awards 2 even though there are several eyebrow raising moments. Eyebrow raising not just on the special gaming blog category, but also on several categories which I won't mention. Tapos na eh, masabihan pa akong bitter.

Oh by the way, when I thanked everyone who were involved in the Philippine Blog Awards, do not include these guys. :P

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/23/2008 02:09:00 AM
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Level-Up! Gaming Blog Award Finalists: A Big Joke at the Philippine Blog Awards 2
Saturday, September 20, 2008

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -315721.24

A few weeks ago, Rocky and I nominated our gaming website GameOPS to the special game blog category of the Philippine Blog Awards 2008 sponsored by Level-Up! Games. GameOPS is celebrating its 10th year this year FYI. :~)

Sponsor Award: The Level Up! Gaming Blog Award

The Level Up! Gaming Blog Award is open to:

1. A blog about gaming (console/handheld/online) in general or about Level Up!'s games only.
2. Philippine based Filipino Bloggers only


Mon Macutay
Marketing Manager, Level Up!

Carlo Ople
Marketing Manager, Level Up!

Kevin Codamon
Editor in Chief, Level Up!

Judging Criteria

1. Content - 80%
The post itself and all its totality from the headline to the manner and style of writing is considered. Content and how the content was presented is critical. It is the total package, from the headline to the grammar and even to the effective use of images and sound, that is considered. Content for content sake is not enough it must be told in a manner that effectively conveys the idea and leaves an imprint in the readers’ mind.

2. Design and Usability - 20%
This refers to aesthetic and usability features of the blog. Not only should it look pretty but it should also be functional and stress free to navigate within. Is it pretty and user-friendly?

The nomination period is from August 27 to September 2008. Last day of for submitting nominations is on September 15, 2008. last day of submitting is on September 19, 2008 at Midnight.

The list of the finalists was released today and boy we were all surprised. GameOPS didn't make it to the finals but surprise, surprise! A couple of blogs that are barely a month old with 3 posts did make it to the official list.

First is this blog that was created this September with only 3 blog posts. THREE!

Here's another blog. Same with the first blog, this has 3 posts and barely a month old!

This blog is a month old with 10 posts and sports an unstoppable and annoying autoplay background music. What happened to the 80% content and 20% Design and Usability criteria with these three blogs?

To the owners of the blogs above, it's nothing personal. I'm only questioning the process on how Level-Up! Games managed to come up with the finalist while leaving GameOPS out. Is it because Andrew posted some not so good articles against Level-Up! Games's GMs and Forum Moderators? Or maybe because we're not posting on a regular basis lately?

Or because we blog about Level-Up's competitors too? Take note of the word OR on the eligibility requirement. "1. A blog about gaming (console/handheld/online) in general or about Level Up!'s games only." Which means the blog can contain gaming in general (console/handheld/online). And I presume online means ALL online games, even games from Level-Up! Games' competitors. Again, take note of the word OR. So let's scratch that idea of not being on the list because we blog about Lineage, Tri-Isys, etc.

According to one criteria of the blog award, "...Content and how the content was presented is critical. It is the total package, from the headline to the grammar and even to the effective use of images and sound, that is considered. Content for content sake is not enough it must be told in a manner that effectively conveys the idea and leaves an imprint in the readers’ mind."

Not that I'm bragging but GameOPS did left imprints on our readers' mind. Remember the little drama we had with some PinoyXbox members? How about when we started our mini-series called Pirates 'R Us? This series got the attention of big international gaming websites like GamePro, PC World, Nintendo Wii Fanboy, The Tanooki, Kotaku, GameTrailers, GoNintendo, GameRevolution, and a lot of other international and local blogs and forums.

Remember the Toys 'R Us story we published? DS Fanboy and MaxConsole picked them up too. How about Maria Ozawa? They've got her covered here and in Wikipedia too!

Of the eight finalists, only masterdiwa.com and games.testermulo.com deserve the title "finalist".

I don't want to sound bitter but if the finalists have blogs that are barely a month old and with less than 5 posts, then GameOPS should have been included too. Winning the top spot isn't the issue here. It's how they chose the finalist.

If they continue this tradition then I might as well start a blog about Flip-Flops and name it CAPTAIN ISLANDERS SANDAL LOG.

Anyway, who wants my passes for tomorrow's award's night? I have a slot since my blog and video entry are finalists. I just lost my excitement.

UPDATE: My Turn - In Defense of My Friend Rocky

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/20/2008 11:24:00 PM
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Finalist at the Philippine Blog Awards 2008 Tech Category

Captain's Log Stardate -315718.84

My blog made it to the finals of the Philippine Blog Awards 2008 Technology Blog category without me knowing it. :~) Guess I was busy cramming my video entry to the Nokia Kaleidoscope of Connections contest just to beat the September 19th 12AM deadline. I was able to upload the video a few minutes before the 12AM deadline yesterday. COLLEGE CRAMMING TO THE RESCUE! :~)

Anyway, I'm not looking forward in winning this one. Just look at the other finalist:

Tech Source From Bohol
Captain’s Log Oh, that's me!
Unlock For Us
Seed Interactive Multimedia and Animation
Tech At Hand Dot Net

And there's already a little "issue" brewing up in the comments section.

Personally I believe that Technograph should win this category... HANDS DOWN. And as for the Nokia video contest, there's only three of us: itot54joni, riajose, and me. And have I told you that there are three prizes? Guess we're all winners huh? :P

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/20/2008 02:21:00 AM
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Messages with an Impact
Thursday, September 18, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315715.6

This is my official entry to Nokia Video Award: Kaleidoscope of Connections contest of the Philippine Blog Awards. Create an impact with your messages using mobile technology. Video uploaded to Nokia's Ovi Share.

I've uploaded a small version to Ovi since my ISP is having its usual tantrums and won't let me upload the original 54MB file.

Okay some trivia, could you name the videogames where the background music from the old scene, plane scene and ending credits came from? Clue: They're all 8-Bit games :D

Low-res version

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/18/2008 09:53:00 PM
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Destiny Cable Offers Stupidest Customer Service
Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315713.07

You're having problems with your internet connection and you need to contact your ISP's technical support, what to do? Standard practice is to call the dedicated hotline for your internet service and wait for someone to take your call.

My ISP (Destiny Cable / Solid Broadband Corporation) used to have the same dedicated hotline (8419393) and also introduced a text hotline about 2 or 3 years ago. The text hotline actually works in some way. You send a text message (SMS) to Destiny using a pre-defined format and expect a call within 20 minutes from their technical support representative. Well, 20 minutes' their claim but from my experience, it will be around 10 minutes to 45 minutes.

But what if one day, your ISP removes their traditional hotline and even the text hotline? Then out of nowhere, send an email broadcast to all subscribers containing a phone directory of its customer service agents. No, it doesn't contain a new hotline, but a gazillion of numbers to choose from.

To Our Most Valued Subscriber:

Good News from MyDestiny Broadband Internet!

We would like to reintroduce our My|Care Program 24/7.

We are personally committed to giving you the best value and enjoyment from our products and services. So, we put all our service support numbers in one directory with the names of service agents so you know who is serving you. Our service agent directory is organized by area, but they can receive service requests for other areas, too. Call and let us know how we can help you.

Kindly see below for the complete listing of numbers or you can visit our website at www.mydestiny.net for the My|Care Directory.

If you have questions or clarifications, please don't hesitate to e-mail us at helpdesk@mydestiny.net or mycare@mydestiny.net

Rest assured, we are always at our best in serving your needs.

Very Truly Yours,

MyDestiny Broadband Internet

How in the world can this be good news? TELL ME! You can get their updated phone list on the Destiny website but... EARTH TO DESTINY?!!! COME IN DESTINY. Your service is based on the internet, so how the hell can we retrieve those numbers if our internet connection is down?! HUH?!

This is probably one of the biggest joke and stupidest idea I have seen in my entire life. Imagine this, you need to call your ISP to report a problem. Instead of a single hotline or text number, you have to choose a number to call from a gazillion of numbers from a list. Very convenient. Very f%^&ng convenient.

By the way, those aren't your ordinary landline phones. They are PLDT LANDLINE PLUS PREPAID FOR GOD'S SAKE. So what you say? PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid calls are limited to 10 minutes. If your call lasts for more than 10 minutes you're dead. The line automatically drops. And since they're running off the GSM network of Smart, say goodbye to quality customer service. Goodbye recorded conversations. Hello arrogant and stupid tech support.

I was talking to my friend who works at Destiny earlier and here's some of our YM conversation.
jepoy: haha stupidest idea ever
jepoy: pldt landline plus yan no?
Friend: o bakit
jepoy: haha taena.. every 10mins napuputol yan e.. eh typical tawag ko sa destiny at sa lahat ng kakilala ko 15-25mins
Friend: yan mismo ang maganda dyan
Friend: kasi target namin within 5 mins tapos na ang call
Friend: hehe
Friend: isipin mo, pag kausap mo tech sup ng 25 mins palagay mo me magagawa pa sya para isolate problem?
jepoy: sa 9yrs ko? oo
jepoy: nagpping.. then may chcheck
Friend: ineffecient yan
jepoy: then kung natatandaan ko.. mga after 15mins dun nya nalaman na may problem sa area
Friend: kaya nga
jepoy: haha mas inefficient na magoffer ng gazillion numbers
Friend: anong point na mag stay ka sa line ng 25 mins
jepoy: stupidest idea ever. so sana maghotline nalang kayo na iisa tapos may limit na 10mins
Friend: panegt yang hotline
Friend: kasi pag busy lahat mas lalo sila naiinis
Friend: pag dyan malaki chance na makakausap mo kasi nga walang nagbababad sa line dahil me limit na 10mins
jepoy: haha so pag busy.. magcycycle ka sa gazillion numbers to call
jepoy: nice. efficient
Friend: correct
Friend: para me konting time na mag redial ka
Friend: by the time na nai dial mo malamang tapos na yun sa isa nyang kausap
jepoy: efficient indeed
Friend: correct
jepoy: [/sarcasm]
jepoy: sige kain lang ako
Friend: yung pangbibili namin pabx pambibili na lang ng router

So they think this setup is efficient? I'm currently dialing the 14th number of the Quezon City block and either the phone is turned off, the SIM is not yet activated, the phone has no prepaid load/credits, or no one is answering the goddamn phone! EFFICIENT MY ASS.

The guy who suggested this setup and the one who approved it should be shot in the head. Seriously. What were they thinking?!

NICE ONE DESTINY! This definitely should go down in history as the STUPIDEST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

UPDATE 09/18/2008 12:42AM: I've asked Lalaine to call some of the Quezon City numbers since I can't seem to reach anyone. Same problem as mine. It's either ringing (with no one answering) or no ring at all.

She managed to reach someone though. I believe the person she talked to was Toney. Since Lalaine's not the subscriber, she requested Toney to call me instead. Guess what, the girl told her that they don't have any outgoing calls. WTF?! Hey! PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid's Plan 300 has 150 minutes worth of outgoing calls! Toney said that she'll ask someone to call me. It's about hmmm... 35 minutes and still no call from Destiny.

I've asked her to call one more person since I think I've almost exhausted all the numbers and I still can't reach anyone. The person Lalaine talked to the second time was Abner. This time the CSR got my number from Lalaine, but there's a slight problem. He's handling a different part of Quezon City and he needs to forward my number/concern to the other group handling my area. WHAT DA?!

Oh by the way, I haven't received any calls from Destiny as of this very moment.

UPDATE 09/19/2008 3:33PM: I haven't received any calls from Destiny after Lalaine spoke to two of their TSRs yesterday. The TSR she talked to just told her that he'll be sending someone to check my computer without even asking what's the problem.

The guy even said, "Ma'am, hold ko lang po kayo..." Then Lalaine heard drops of water as if the guy's urinating or something. And place the call on hold? PLDT Landline Plus doesn't have that feature... hmmm...

Lalaine told the TSR to call me since I've been cycling to the list of numbers and still can't reach someone. Lalaine clearly told the TSR that I was having "Request timed out" on the default gateway. Guy TSR promised to call me but he never did. Instead, a field crew arrived in the morning. I wasn't around so they left this job instruction:

SLOW BROWSING? WHO EVER SAID SLOW BROWSING?! If their instruction was to do some screencaps then I could have done that without bothering the field crew. In fact, I've been doing that for years. TALK ABOUT EFFICIENCY.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/17/2008 11:41:00 PM
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Vote for Mike Villar on Philippine Blog Awards 2008
Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315709.63

The Philippine Blog Awards' Blogger Choice Award 2008 is up. There are more than 20 nominees and I think Mike Villar deserves the award. I know you need elaborate reasons why he should win and here's one: Vote for Mike Villar by Ade.

But there's one and only one reason why you should vote for Mike Villar. Because he's Mike "Fucking" Villar. Need I say more?

Level Up! Games
Blog Bank
Smart Communications
Josiah’s Catering
Rsun Technology Store
XFM 92.3
Buddy Gancencia Reality TV
Ultravision Photo and Video
Clique Booth
Aloha Board Sports
Sheero Media Solutions
Belo Medical Group
ROAM Magazine
Red Box
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf
California Pizza Kitchen
David and Goliath
flippish tv

*Computer end log*



Posted by Jepoy @ 9/16/2008 05:26:00 PM
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Problems with Google Adsense
Monday, September 15, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315705.22

I've been having this Adsense error since last month. This error appears whenever I click on the payment details link on my Adsense account. I cannot retrieve my Western Union payment details issued last August 26, 2008 because of this error.

We apologize for the inconvenience, but we are unable to process your request at this time. Our engineers have been notified of this problem and will work to resolve it.

I've already emailed Adsense Support. First they changed my login email but still the same error. I received this support email last September 9, 2008:
Thanks for writing in. I have escalated your issue to the tech team. Unfortunately, a handful of publishers have been facing this bug and you happened to be one of them. We are working to fix this issue.

Thank you very much for your patience and understanding.


The Google AdSense Team

So, anyone having the same problem with their Adsense account? I have about 35 days to claim my earnings from Western Union or it will be returned to my Adsense account and my payment will be automatically placed on hold.

Oh well, atleast it's still safer than Postal Checks. Or not?

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/15/2008 02:43:00 AM
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New Ultraman Movie Opens Today in Japan
Saturday, September 13, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315699.67

Besides the usual Voltes V and Shaider stuffs from Japan, the Ultraman and Magmaman series combination of ABS-CBN remains one of the best loved memories of our childhood years. Most of us wondered if Magmaman and the original Ultraman are related. My cousins and I also used to debate on what's more powerful, Ultraman's Ultra Ray or Magmaman's Fireball.

A few years later, ABS-CBN again aired another Ultraman series, this time it's Ultraman Ace. This one's my personal favorite. This series as far as I can remember, featured the voice of Filipino actor Earl Ignacio as Ultraman Ace's host Hokoto.

Ultraman Mebius & the Ultra Brothers Trailer

A few days ago, I watched a fansub of the Ultraman Mebius and the Ultra Brothers Movie from Andrew. Seeing the original actors portray their respective Ultraman personas gave me goosebumps.

Jack, Ultraman, Mebius, Seven, Ace

The Ultraman Mebius movie features the original Ultraman, Ultraman Seven, Ultraman Jack, and Ultraman Ace. The movie also features 26 year old actress Aiko Ito, who some of you might recognize as Ranru Itsuki aka Abare Yellow in the Super Sentai series Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger (2003)

Ultraman Mebius and the Ultra Brothers was released last September 16th 2006 to celebrate Ultraman's 40th year. And just yesterday, I learned that a new Ultraman movie will be released today in Japan featuring 8 Ultramen. Yes eight (8).

The new movie, Great Decisive Battle! The Super 8 Ultra Brothers, features Ultraman Tiga, Dyna, Gaia, Mebius and the original four (Ultraman, Seven, Jack, and Ace). I wonder how they'll integrate all the Ultramans within the storyline. Tiga, Dyna, and Gaia all came from different realities. Hmmm...
Pop singer Hiroshi Nagano (35), the star of ULTRAMAN TIGA will be reprising his role as Daigo, the human form of Ultraman Tiga, in a new feature film produced by Tsuburaya Productions, which will be released in Japanese cinemas, next fall. Nagano last appeared as Daigo in the 2000 film, ULTRAMAN TIGA: THE FINAL ODYSSEY. The ULTRAMAN TIGA television series first debuted on TBS in 1996 ( the series was briefly aired in the US as part of Fox's "Fox Box" children's line up in 2000, and is now available on DVD from Funimation).

"It's been eight years since Daigo transformed into Tiga," commented Nagano at a recent press conference announcing the new film, "I hope that I will be still able to transform properly for the audience, since it's been so long." Other Ultramen who have returned in their later days to transform again, include the original Ultraman, Susumu Kurobe (67), who appeared in last year's ULTRAMAN MOEBIUS & THE ULTRA BROTHERS, as a senior to the new Ultraman. In the 41 year history of the Ultra Series, the oldest actor to first take the role was 27 year old Yusuke Kirishima, who starred in ULTRAMAN NEXUS (2004).

The new film, entitled DECISIVE BATTLE! THE 8 SUPER ULTRA BROTHERS (Daikessen! Cho Urutora Hachi Urutora Kyodai), as you can guess by the title, will feature eight different Ultramen, but who exactly, besides Ultraman Tiga, are not being revealed at this time. An original Ultra Series alumni, Ultraman movie producer, Kiyoshi Suzuki enthusiastically stated, "In recent years, we have pretty much ignored the mythology of the Heisei Ultras, while we have been concentrating on returning to the Ultra Brothers of the Showa Era. Now, we will bring them both together for the first time."

(Article posted on October 17, 2007 [Japan Time], translation by August Ragone.)

Anyway, here's the trailer to the new Ultraman 2008 movie.

Ultraman 2008 Trailer

Ultraman Flashback

*Computer end log*



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Circle Dock for UMPC Users
Friday, September 12, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315699.3

The problem with a UMPC is the limited screen size that makes it impossible or difficult to click icons on the quick launch toolbar. Most of the time, you have to zoom your face right into the screen just to see what you're clicking at.

There's a FREE solution to this problem, enter the Circle Dock. Developed by Eric Wong, the Circle Dock is a free Windows program that gives you instant access to commonly used programs right on your desktop with a cool look. It works perfectly well with normal laptops and desktops too!

What Circle Dock 0.9.2 Alpha 7.6 Allows You to Do:

* Launch your programs from a circular dock.
* Drag and drop your files, folders, and shortcuts onto a circular dock that you can resize.
* Rotate the dock with either your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys.
* Change the image shown for the icons and change the skins (compatible with icons and skins for Rocket Dock, Object Dock, etc.)
* The dock appears where your mouse is by pressing a hotkey (default is F1) or your middle mouse button.
* Tested on computers with multiple monitors, Windows XP/Vista, 32-bit & 64-bit, and requires only .Net Framework 2.0.
* Automatically works on all Windows Vista computers and most Windows XP computers.
* A new settings panel that allows you to customize many options. It updates your dock as you make changes. See it change in real time! No need to press an OK button.
* Multi-language capable. Just translate the English.ini file to the language of your choice.
* Change the image used for the dock icons with the easiest method out there: Just set the program to "Icon Replacement Mode" in the right-click menu of the centre icon and you can change all the icon images by just dragging and dropping new PNG images onto them! Huge time saver when you are customizing your dock!
* You can now toggle the visibility of the dock by moving your mouse to any edge of your screen. By default, the left and right edges are used for toggling. No need to press a button!
* Rotate the dock with your mouse wheel or arrow keys (customizable).
* Click sensitivity adjustment for tablet users.
* Reorder the dock items by draging and dropping them over each other.
* Organize the dock items using dock folders.
* By default, clicking on the centre button does not open the start menu. You can enable this in the settings panel.

Circle Dock System Requirements:

* Windows XP or Vista (32 or 64 bit)
* .NET Framework 2.0 or higher.

You may download Circle Dock here.

(via Anonymark)

*Computer end log*

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myDestiny Cable Internet Switches to Google Apps
Thursday, September 11, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315696.3

When Destiny Cable was hacked last year, they remained quiet. No advisories or announcements from them. During this time, I suggested that they should consider Google Apps to replace their current and unreliable email system. Well, they seem to like the idea so I took the liberty of making a web 2.0ish logo for Destiny's Start Page.

First stage was to import the internal email addresses to Google Apps then the subscribers would be next. I believe the email addresses of Solid Broadband Corporation's employees are already on the Google Apps system. After a year, Destiny is now ready to switch their email system to Google.
To Our Most Valued Subscribers,

Great news from MyDestiny Broadband Internet!

On September 30, 2008, Tuesday, we will be transferring our E-Mail System to Google (GMail)

What are the advantages?

> Google guarantees secured Mail transactions
> Aside from GMail, it also comes with features like Calendars, News, Weather, Google Docs, and many more.
> GMail has a reliable virus-scan.
> And an advanced SPAM filter. All unwanted and unsolicited E-mails will be thrown into one folder.

Will the transfer affect my E-mail access through Mail Client? (Outlook Express, Microsoft Outlook, Windows Mail)

> Yes, it will. But we will be sending User-Friendly instructions on how set it up before September 30.

If you have questions or clarifications, please do not hesitate to email us back at helpdesk(AT)mydestiny.net

Thank you very much,

MyDestiny Broadband Internet

I've been using Google Apps on AMA microsystems, GameOPS and our Bengero Family email. So far, it's more secure, faster and better than Microsoft's Live Domains.

I just hope the guys at Solid Broadband don't f*ck up. PLEASE DISABLE CONTACT SHARING BY DEFAULT. If not, that's one hell of a user privacy disaster.

*Computer end log*



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Twitter SMS Updates Now Available to Globe and Touch Mobile Subscribers
Monday, September 08, 2008

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -315688.32

Twitter recently stopped sending SMS updates through their UK number to users not living in USA, Canada and India. Well good news to Twitter users in the Philippines. Globe Telecom has introduced another service under their UPD8 brand, Twitter SMS. It's available to all Globe and Touch Mobile subscribers.

For P2.50/SMS, you can now update your Twitter via SMS and at the same time, receive SMS updates. To register and start using the service, compose a text message with the following content TWITREG [username] [password] and send to 2370. Once registered, you may now update your status by sending TWIT [message/update] and send to 2370.

Here are the complete command keywords (access number is 2370):

Rate: P2.50/SMS
Actual message you'll receive:

Welcome to Twitter, register by sending TWITREG to 2370 to send and receive messages to your twitter account. P2.50/txt for more info, txt TWIT HELP to 2370 P2.50/txt

To register you account: TWITREG [username] [password]
Rate: P2.50/SMS
Actual message you'll receive:
Welcome to Twitter, To receive Personal Tweets from your friends,txt TWIT ON to 2370. You can receive 3 FREE personal tweets per day. To send a tweet, Text TWIT to 2370. P2.50/txt

To send update to Twitter account: TWIT [message]
Rate: P2.50/SMS
Actual message you'll receive:
Your tweet has been successfully sent P2.50/txt

To activate alerts: TWIN ON
Rate: P2.50/SMS
Actual message you'll receive:
You may now receive 3 FREE personal tweets from Twitter. P2.50/txt

To send a tweet. Txt TWIT to 2370 P2.50/txt

To deactivate alerts: TWIT OFF
Rate: FREE
Actual message you'll receive:
You may no longer receive personal tweets from twitter. to receive personal tweets from Twitter, txt TWIT ON to 2370 P2.50/txt

To send a tweet txt TWIT to 2370. Ex. TWIT at work. P2.50/txt

After the 4th personal tweet: TWIT MORE
Rate: P2.50/SMS
Actual message you'll receive:
You may receive 3 additional FREE Personal tweets from Twitter. P2.50/txt To send a tweet, txt TWIT to 2370 P2.50/txt You may receive additional FREE Personal tweets from Twitter. P2.50/txt To send a tweet, txt TWIT to 2370 P2.50/txt

To access instructions to the service: TWIT HELP
Rate: P2.50/SMS
Actual message you'll receive:
Welcome to Twitter. You must register to enjoy Twitter Mobile. To register, txt TWITREG to 2370. Other valid keywords are:
TWIT to send a tweet.
TWIT ON to receive personal messages.
TWIT MORE to receive personal messages.
TWIT OFF to stop receiving personal alerts.
Text to 2370 P2.50/txt.

It's no secret that I'm a myGlobe forum administrator but there's a cheaper way to send your SMS updates. Ever heard of phTwitter? It lets you update your Twitter account for just P1 and if you're subscribed to the unlimited SMS service, updates will be free. phTwitter does not offer SMS updates though.

It's up to you what service to choose in sending. But one thing's certain, Globe and TM subscribers can now receive 3 Twitter SMS updates per day and P2.50 per additional 3 message. Globe's UPD8 Twitter may also be more reliable than phTwitter.

Follow Globe on Twitter, just add Globe's official Twitter account. You may also follow me on Twitter by adding my Twitter account.

Hey Globe, how about increasing those "free" updates per day?

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*

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A Funny Message from Tim Cumper

Captain's Log Stardate -315686.02

Don't you just love this guy? I received a funny mail from Tim Cumper (AKA Ellumbra, Philcorrupt, Nemesis, Capuccini) the other day. It reads,
ellumbra - Sep 6, 2008 11:17 AM

jepoy you are such a meddlesome twat, it is activity like yours that keeps me going, posting, blogging about the despicable scam that you seem incapable of admitting is true - even though you know perfectly well IT IS TRUE.
Hev you nothing better to do with your life than MEDDLE in other people's business?
Are you so pathetically insecure and lacking in self-respect that you have to stand up for these CRIMINALS?
By the way, where's the answer to your LETTER TO THE HOSPITAL?
You're just a COWARD - come and join the MySpace group - I dare you to - you feeble minded twat.
But thanks for all the fun.

Activity like mine? The last entry I made about his crap was last April 30. APRIL FCK*NG 30.

Cumper said, "Hev you nothing better to do with your life than MEDDLE in other people's business?" Actually, I do have lots of "better" things to do in life that I completely ignored all Tim Cumper's posts after my April 30, 2008 blog entry.

Maybe you should face the mirror and ask that question to yourself eh, Mr. Cumper?

Reading through the entire blog of Rester, stalking the blog of Lalaine, stalking Spanky's blog, stalking Reyna Elena, stalking Chuvaness, creating the "Scammers Club" (which by the way I have filed for possible future lawsuits), replying to every comment on the Filipina Images' Conned by a Filipina post, stalking... err reading the entire blog of a blogger who have blogged about you and posting comments on those blogs at the same time, branding some of the TMB folks thieves, reading through half of the Man-Blog forum and stalking Steel to obtain this information:
On March 23rd - Jepoy thought he would branch out on to his mate's site The Man Blog and stir up more response from there, which illicted uninformed comments from one or two of the members - including "Steel" - following a trail what do we find?

A band called "Lose Your Beer Belly."

"We are Lose Your Beer Belly, a totally awesome blues/rock band who will blow you away. We are made up of:

* Julius "Bok" Balagtas - Vocals
* Lauren Dado - Guitars
* Reginald "Perf" Perfecto - Lead Guitars
* Ade Magnaye - Bass
* Jake Manlulo - Drums

And thanks to Noemi Dado for the video."

"So, huh, yeah - like - those are going to be unbiased comments eh, Jepoy? Gosh!"

Thick as thieves . . .

So who's the one who "Hev [you] nothing better to do with your life than MEDDLE in other people's business?" Judging from your stalking activities... IT'S YOU!

Yeah, you were right about one thing. This was fun, and it still is. Thanks to you I've met a lot of new people like Rester and Reyna Elena.

Sorry Tim Cumper, I have better things to do. I don't have the time to read all your crap on the internet and reply to each one of them. And I don't have the time to create a MySpace profile. Case you didn't know, It's Friendster > Multiply > Facebook > MySpace here in Southeast Asia.

[sarcastic song]"I rather have a buffallo take a diarrhea dump on my ear... I rather eat the rotten asshole of a road killed skunk and down it with beer...[/sarcastic song] (lyrics from AVGN)

UPDATE 09/08/2008 2:00PM: Well well well Mr. Cumper, I said I ignored YOUR posts. Whoever said that I've ignored my blog's backlinks and the emails I've received? I was receiving several backlinks from Spanky's blog just like you, mofo.

My my my... you're losing a lot of brain cells Mr Cumper. First you've mistaken my mom as Lalaine in your "Scammers Club" and chose a wrong picture for Karla again in your "Scammers Club". Now this idiotic reply.

Have your eyes and brain checked okay? :~)

UPDATE 09/10/2008 4:55AM: Actually, this isn't the first time I received a funny message from Tim Cumper. Last March 27th, he sent me an email posing as Nellie Sabuero,
from: Nellie Sabuero [nelliesab@muchomail.com]
to: jepoy
date: Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 10:42 AM
subject: scandle on him

my name nellie sabuero i hav some infromation on timothy ellis cumper he not who he say he is but i have info you cna use aginst him but be careful he work for governmnt in uk but i have scandle on him rite me dont let him now i rite you plse big plse

I replied to this old geezer with this,
from jepoy
to Nellie Sabuero [nelliesab@muchomail.com]
date Thu, Mar 27, 2008 at 9:53 PM
subject Re: scandle on him
mailed-by gmail.com

Oh hai nellie. First of all, where you from? Just curious on how you found my email. Are you using a subspace transponder or a multispatial probe? How were you able to cope up with subspace and submolecular temporal shifts?

Anyway, what kind of infromation do you have on timothy ellis cumper? Is he from the Epsilon Indi System of the transgendered species of Andoria? I have a position on the Klingon High Council so I don't have to worry if he works for the government or not. I am also using regenerative shieldings and ablative hull armor as our defenses and multi vector assault mode for retaliatory attacks.

I hope to hear from you soon. Just be sure to set your subspace deflector to full power so I could receive your message on time.

And a follow-up email on March 29th since he didn't replied to my email,
from jepoy
to Nellie Sabuero [nelliesab@muchomail.com]
date Sat, Mar 29, 2008 at 4:10 AM
subject Re: scandle on him
mailed-by gmail.com

hei nellie,

Are you still there? Still alive? I haven't received any replies from you. If still want to communicate with me, please re-calibrate your main deflector to emit an anti-tachyon burst while sending your message. This will help boost the signal of your sensor array so you could send me those juicy information about Tim.

I will be waiting.


Funny right? :~)

So how did I know it was Tim Cumper? Simple. He was proud to announce in his blogs and forum comments that he is using an email tracking service and this email I received was leaking with nuclear wastes. Look:
X-Originating-IP: []
From: Nellie Sabuero [nelliesab@muchomail.com]
To: jepoy
Subject: scandle on him
MIME-Version: 1.0
X-Mailer: WhoReadMe v1.0

Originating IP is from BT Central Plus of UK and the X-Mailer is WhoReadMe. WHOREADME. It's a free email tracking service. LOL. And remember this?


Who are you trying to fool Mr. Cumper? You don't need to track my IP. I'm using Destiny Cable Internet for the past 9 years so no need to check my IP. From what I can tell, Ms. Noemi uses 3 ISPs and Mr. Jalbuena is using Globe based on the email exchange we had a few months ago. Besides, you don't know sh!t about the internet so why bother tracking my IP?

Ahhh... you need the type of computer I'm using and the browser etc.? Well those aren't top secret information so here they are. I have 3 computers, 2 Windows XP machines (1 HP Pavilion laptop and 1 Intel Desktop) and both using FireFox browser updated with the latest JAVA Runtime Environment, Flash, etc. They're also VBScript capable, latest CSS versions, highest possible color display, and some other technical stuffs you won't even understand. And oh, I also have an Apple iBook that has basically the same features of my Windows XP machine.

You happy now? Don't tell me... you're hacking your way into my hard drive? Funny old man isn't he guys?

Here are several links and resources about this issue,

- Filipina Images: Mayen
- Captain's Log: Mayen

- Filipina Images: Conned by a Filipina
- Captain's Log: hospitalscams.blogspot.com = Severe Case of Psychosis
- Philippine Hospital Scam , Tierra Maria Estates Scam Exposed as Hoax
- Fil Am Forum Report: Philippine Hospital Scam - Exposed As A Hoax!
- American Lola: The “Foreigner = Money” Problem Comments
- Philippine Real Estate Broker: Tierra Maria Estates Scam EXPOSED as Hoax
- Lalaine's World: Foreigners... deeply inlove with Filipinas
- The Romantic Geek's Comfort Zone
- Siopao Heaven: Foreigner needs psychological treatment
- Captain's Log: Official Statement from Mr. Francis Jalbuena
- It's My Life: hospitalscams.blogspot.com + Severe Case of Psychosis = entertainment!
- Reyna Elena: Was there a scam? - Part 2
- Reyna Elena: Tierra Maria UK Scam Hoax
- Kengkay: Ang Tierra Maria Estates UK Scam na Hospitals Scam Din sa Philippines
- Now What Cat?: Reader from Hell
- Nina: Tierra Maria Estates Hospital Scam is HOAX
- Chuvaness: Tierra Maria UK scam is one big HOAX!
- Gloria aka Daragang Magayon: i am a barrio girl…bow!
- Sinaglaya: Tierra Maria Estates Scam Hoax
- Diwa: Tierra Maria Estates UK Scam Hoax
- Beng: Tierra Maria Estates Scam and golden goose hoax
- FilAmReport: 18 signs the Philippine Hospital Scam Hoax could be real!

- The World of Filipinas Forum
      - MrkGrismer Comments on Tim Cumper's claims. MUST READ!
- Cebu Nightlife Forum
- Romance Scam Forum
- Captain's Log: Official Statement from Mr. Francis Jalbuena
- Chin-chin Gutierrez: Captivating Goddess by Karisma Kasilag-Sison

*Computer end log*

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Globe Telecom Launches UNLICHAT
Saturday, September 06, 2008

Captain's Log Stardate -315680.43

Enjoy unlimited chatting with your Yahoo! Messenger buddies with Globe's UNLICHAT. Free trial is available from September 5 to October 4, 2008. Rates after the trial will be as follows, P25 for 1 day unlimited access, P100 for 5 days unlimited access and P200 for 15 days unlimited access.

Currently, subscribers with the following handsets from Nokia and Sony Ericsson can only use the service. (Nokia: 3230, 6120c, 6630, 6680, N70, N73, N76, N80, N95, E65), (Sony Ericsson: K610i, K800i, K810i, W810i, W910i, W880i, W660i).

Globe UNLICHAT Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is UNLICHAT?
2. How do I start using UNLICHAT?
3. What phone models does UNLICHAT support?
4. I can't seem to find the UNLICHAT application after installing it, where should I look for it?
5. When signing in, UNLICHAT keeps on prompting me to choose an APN. Which one should I choose?
6. Why does the application prompt me "to allow application or start automatically when needed" when I've
    already agreed to allow connection to use network and send/receive data? Will I incur additional charges when connecting?

7. How much will I be charged to use the UNLICHAT service?
8. I don't see all my YM contacts in the list, why is that?
9. How can I easily view my contacts without going through each one of them?
10. How do I send messages to my YM buddies?
11. How do I insert emoticons in my messages?
12. How do I send a message to more than one buddy?
13. How do I view open conversations?
14. How do I add or delete YM contacts from UNLICHAT?
15. I'm quite used to the T9 dictionary, is this supported by UNLICHAT?
16. How do I change the volume of the alerts? Can I put it in silent or vibrate mode?
17. How come I hear alerts from the application even if there are no new messages?
18. How do I change my status?
19. What is the difference of "Sign Out" and "Exit"?


1.   What is UNLICHAT?

UNLICHAT is an application-based instant messenger service that provides Globe subscribers mobile access to Yahoo! Messenger, the most popular instant messaging service in the Philippines.

Back to Top

2.   How do I start using UNLICHAT?

2.1.    Make sure that your phone has the correct GPRS settings before downloading.

2.1.1.    To get the correct GPRS settings on your phone, text GO <handset model> to 2951. Ex: GO N73 to 2951. 

2.1.2.    You can also call our hotline at 211 using your Globe phone or 730-1000 to request for the settings.

2.1.3.    Save the settings once received. You will get the following:
myGlobe MMS
myGlobe Internet (for Postpaid)
myGlobe INET (for Prepaid)

2.1.4.    Use myGlobe Connect as your default APN when downloading and connecting to the service.

2.2.    Start downloading the mobile application for FREE:

2.2.1.    Text CHAT to 2979.  You will get an SMS with the link www.unlichat.com.  Click on the link or open it from your mobile internet browser. Click the BUY link to download the UNLICHAT application through your phone’s internet browser. (Note that Price is P0.00 and that downloading of application is free of charge.)

2.2.2.    You may also go to myGlobe WAP at wap.portal.globe.com.ph. Select the Messaging link, click on the UNLICHAT link and download the application.

2.3.    After download, install the application when prompted.
2.4.    Click on the UNLICHAT icon from the Applications folder to launch it.
2.5.    Enter your Yahoo! ID and password.

*You must have a Yahoo! ID to use the service. To signup, go to http://messenger.yahoo.com/.

Back to Top

3.    What phone models does UNLICHAT support?

The following handsets are supported:
Nokia:  3230, 6120c, 6630, 6680, N70, N73, N76, N80, N95, E65
Sony Ericsson: K610i, K800i, K810i, W810i, W910i, W880i, W660i

We will continuously update the list of supported phones so do check this site again in case your phone is not included currently.

Back to Top

4.    I can't seem to find the UNLICHAT application after installing it, where should I look for it?

The UNLICHAT application may be saved in different folders or sections of your phone depending on its make and model.

For newer Nokia Series 60 handsets, the application can be found inside My Own or Applications folder.  Older Series 60 versions would saved it on the main menu.

For Nokia Series 40, check either the Main Menu or Applications Folder either under Games or Applications.
For Sony Ericsson handsets, try looking for it under Applications Folder or Entertainment and check content of Games or Applications. It will usually be arranged with the last saved application at the bottom of the list. Simply look for the UNLICHAT icon (smiling chat/message bubble) and click to launch the client.

Back to Top

5.    When signing in, UNLICHAT keeps on prompting me to choose an APN.  Which one should I choose?

For most handsets other than the Nokia Series 40 phones, you will be prompted to choose among available APNs.  You will typically see the following choices:
        myGlobe CONNECT
        myGlobe MMS
        myGlobe Internet (for Postpaid)
        myGlobe INET (for Prepaid)

Choose myGlobe CONNECT.  The application may prompt you twice: (1) to allow connection to use network and send or receive data (2) to allow application to start automatically when needed.

Back to Top

6.    Why does the application prompt me "to allow application or start automatically when needed" when I've already agreed to allow connection to use network and send/receive data?  Will I incur additional charges when connecting?

Selecting Yes to this prompt allows UNLICHAT to automatically turn itself ON whenever there’s a new message.  No additional charges will be incurred on top of your UNLICHAT service fee.

Back to Top

7.    How much will I be charged to use the UNLICHAT service?

The service will be free of charge during the trial period from September 5 – October 4.  After October 4, subscribers will be prompted to purchase credits to use the service:

P25 for 1 day unlimited access
P100 for 5 days unlimited access
P200 for 15 days unlimited access.

Back to Top

    8.    I don't see all my YM contacts in the list, why is that?

We currently limit the display of contact lists to 150 buddies to ensure that the service runs smoothly for all phones (some phone models have limited capacity to run the application).  All your buddies, whether listed or not, will still see you as online (or whatever status you have set) and can send you messages.  You will be able reply to those as well.

Back to Top

9.    How can I easily view my contacts without going through each one of them?

By default, UNLICHAT allow users to view groups and contacts, both online and offline.

9.1.    You may also search for your contacts by typing their names.  UNLICHAT will automatically narrow down your contacts.

9.2.    You may choose to collapse view of a particular group to easily navigate through the rest of your contacts.  Click on the group name to collapse (-) or expand (+). 

9.3.    You may also go to Settings and view only your Online Contacts.

Back to Top

10.    How do I send messages to my YM buddies?

10.1.    To reply to a buddy from an open conversation, type on the message box provided at the bottom of the screen and press the fire key (joystick or center key) to send the message.  You may also click on Menu and select Send Message.

*Note that message bubble on the user icon means that there is an ongoing conversation with that specific buddy, while an exclamation point within the message bubble denotes unread messages. These contacts are usually displayed on top of each group.

10.2.    To start a conversation, select a contact from your buddy list and type your message at the bottom of the screen.  Click on the fire key (joystick on keypad) to send your message.

Back to Top

11.    How do I insert emoticons in my messages?

In the active conversation screen, click on Menu and select Insert Emoticon.  Choose an emoticon there.  You can also type them directly in the message bar if you are familiar with the symbols.

Note that not all supported emoticons are displayed but you can manually type them to use in your message.

Back to Top

12.    How do I send a message to more than one buddy?

From the main screen, click on Menu and select Send to Multiple Recipients.  Choose the contacts, type the message at the bottom of the screen, and click Send.

Back to Top

13.    How do I view open conversations?

From the main screen, the row right below your user information indicates the number of active conversations. To view all active conversations, click on this row and you may select one of the conversations.

Back to Top

14.    How do I add or delete YM contacts from UNLICHAT?

We currently limit the display of contact lists to 150 buddies and new contacts can’t be added once this limit is reached.  All changes made to your contact list using UNLICHAT, will apply to your YM account.

To add contacts, click on Menu from the main page, and select Add Contact. Enter the YM ID and click ADD.

To delete, go to specific contact and click on Menu. Select User Options and click Delete Contact.

Back to Top

15.    I'm quite used to the T9 dictionary, is this supported by UNLICHAT?

Yes, UNLICHAT support T9.  Go to Settings and enable the T9 dictionary.

You may also click on Menu from an active conversation and enable it there.

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16.    How do I change the volume of the alerts?  Can I put it in silent or vibrate mode?

To change the alerts volume, click Menu from the main screen and select Settings. Go to Alert Volume section and choose among available options. You can also choose Mute/Silent mode or opt for Vibrate mode.

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17.    How come I hear alerts from the application even if there are no new messages?

These are presence status alerts. You may start hearing this during loading of contacts and every time any of your contacts go online. You may change this by going to the Settings menu and disabling "Notify me when contacts come online".

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18.    How do I change my status?

From the main screen, click on Menu and select User Options.  You can either be Online, Busy, or Appear Offline.

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19.    What is the difference of "Sign Out" and "Exit" ?

"Sign Out" will disconnect you from Yahoo! Messenger and your buddies will see you as being offline.

"Exit" allows you to close the application (to save battery, or to open other applications for Nokia S40 phones) without logging out of YM.  Buddies continue to see you as “online” (or whatever status you may have selected) and can continue to send you messages.  When there is an incoming message, you will be prompted to allow connection and UNLICHAT will launch again to display the message.

When signing out, all active conversations will be closed. Exiting the application, on the other hand, allows you to view conversations once the application is reconnected. 

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/06/2008 12:57:00 AM
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