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Captain's Log
Captain's Log
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Tara na sa Barrio Siete
Monday, May 25, 2009

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -314396.44

Once upon a time, there was this group blog who I had high hopes for. A blog that claimed to be the collective voice of the Filipino. A voice that someday will rock and change the world.

But as time passed by, they simply became a petri dish of bullies, liars, and homophobes that will mostly likely inflict oral diarrhea to anyone who reads their work.

One day, Reyna Elena came up with an idea of having a collective blog, and avoid the mistakes of others. Thus, Barrio Siete was born

An alternative collective blog by a group of bloggers who talk the talk, and walk the walk of its target audience — the socio-economic group who do not use pretentious and intellectual language that can not be grasped by ordinary human beings. Sa blog na ito, gagamitin namin ang mga salitang ginagamit sa araw-araw, sa kalye, sa iskuwela, sa bahay at sa opisina.

So ano pang hinihintay nyo, tara na sa Barrio Siete!

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 5/25/2009 04:54:00 PM
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PLDT Call All: Free Nationwide Local Calls

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -314395.26

I was surprised to see PLDT's full page ad on Inquirer yesterday about their latest "unlimited" call service despite their eye-roll inducing protest against Globe. Their new service is called PLDT Call All and allows any existing PLDT postpaid landline subscribers to avail of another 2nd postpaid wireless Landline Plus SIM for only P250/month.

From what I've understand from their ad, the Landline Plus SIM is capable of making free calls wherever in the Philippines as long as the number you're calling has the same area code as yours. The current Landline Plus setup whether postpaid or prepaid are limited to their area codes only. For example, you bought a Metro Manila PLDT Landline Plus SIM, then you cannot use it in Cebu or even in nearby provinces outside Metro Manila.

Get the PLDT Call All Bundle with a PLDT Landline Plus SIM. Make free local calls to your loved ones from anywhere in the country as much as you want, for as long as you want.

Again, according to what I've understand, this new PLDT Call All service will allow you to use your postpaid Landline Plus SIM anywhere in the country. You can receive and make calls for free as long as you call the same area code of your main landline subscription.

Currently, PLDT is offering a landline extension service for P360/month on top of your wired landline postpaid subscription. You get the same old PLDT Landline Plus SIM but is limited to the service area, no way to use it outside your area code.

The new PLDT Call All is cheaper than the Landline Extension Service. Call All is only P250/month on top of your main landline subscription and can be used anywhere, unlike the P360 Landline Extension. I don't know about you but I feel sorry for the people who availed the P360 wireless extension bundle. Makes you think that early adopters are most often to be screwed.

PLDT Call All bundle is P850 per month (plus P1,100 installation fee) for new subscribers and P250 per month for current postpaid subscribers. The PLDT Landline Plus SIM can be used on any openline dual band GSM handsets, even an old Nokia 5110 will work. Promo period according to the ad is from May 24 - August 1, 2009. Don't ask me what's the meaning of this "promo period" as I don't know.

This service is perfect to those who have relatives outside Metro Manila. My aunt lives in Sta. Rosa, Laguna and though our calls are only P10 per call because of our subscription to "PLDT/Smart P10 unlimited", her calls to her friends in Metro Manila are still charged the normal NDD rate. If I can get her a PLDT Call All SIM, then she can save a lot and her friends can call her anytime they like.

But I'm having second thoughts of getting one because of my recent and unpleasant experience with PLDT. Hmmmm... what do you guys think?

UPDATE: I called PLDT's hotline and the unlimited call service is only a promo from May 24 to August 1, 2009. After the promo period, the Call All's Landline Plus SIM will revert back to 300 outgoing minutes. Prepaid Landline Plus SIM Cards are still limited to its service areas, unlike the Call All SIM.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 5/25/2009 06:30:00 AM
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Globe Broadband 30-day trial free for SMEs

Captain's Log Stardate -314394.82

In order to give small and medium-sized companies a chance to experience the benefits of Globe Broadband’s better and faster connection, Globe is offering a free 30-day trial of its wired broadband packages with no commitment, no hassle, and no charges.

From May 15-July 31, small and medium entrepreneurs (SMEs) availing of any of Globe’s broadband and landline plans will automatically be given a one-month free trial of the service. SMEs availing of the promo will also get additional savings as the installation fee will also be waived upon sign-up.

Whatever SMEs require, there is a Globe Broadband wired package suited to their needs. Broadband plans range from Plan 1 Mbps to Plan 5 Mbps which includes an internet connection, landline service, WiFi modem, email account with corresponding storage space, IP address, Worldpass WiFi account, and a dial-up account as back-up.

For more information on Globe Business’ Wired Broadband package and the free 30-day trial, please call 730-1288, or email sme (at) globetel (dot) com (dot) ph, or visit www.globe.com.ph/business for more details.

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 5/25/2009 02:40:00 AM
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Funny Protest from PLDT and Bayantel
Sunday, May 24, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314391.79

PLDT and Bayantel filed complaints against competitor Globe Telecom because of what they claim as "false advertising" about the the latter's wireless landline service called DUO. PLDT and Bayantel claimed that Globe has been misleading people about unlimited landline calls.

PLDT and Bayan lodge protests versus Globe ad
Written by Lenie Lectura / Reporter

THE Philippine Long Distance Telephone Co. (PLDT) and Bayan Telecommunications Inc. last week filed separate complaints against Globe Telecom before the Advertising Board of the Philippines (AdBoard) for allegedly making false claims about its new wireless landline offering marketed as Globe Duo.

PLDT head and first vice president for regulatory strategy and support Alfredo Carrera said in an interview that the marketing unit of the phone giant complained before the umbrella organization of the advertising industry about Globe’s new wireless landline offering.

“It’s our marketing unit that knows about this. All I know is that there was a complaint with the AdBoard about Globe’s misleading ads on its Globe Duo product,” said Carrera.

The PLDT official did not elaborate. But according to sources from PLDT and from Bayan, the two were supposed to file a complaint before the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) but instead had to go to the AdBoard first, pending further review of a possible violation of NTC rules on discriminatory pricing.

“We will still take a look and determine if there are settlement rate issues with Globe that needs to be clarified with them. So far, we have an existing interconnection agreement with Globe at P3 per minute for mobile-to-fixed line and P4 per minute for fixed line-to-mobile calls,” Carrera said.

The sources also said Globe’s print ad materials suggest that all landline-to-landline calls are unlimited and free of charge. “But it isn’t. Once Globe Duo subscribers call from other areas other than Metro Manila and Cebu, they are charged P7.50 per minute. So it’s not unlimited landline calls nor is it free,” said the sources, adding that this aspect violates the truth in advertising law.

Globe Duo is Globe’s add-on promotional service to postpaid subscribers which allows them to have a landline number for P399 a month—on top of the current postpaid monthly cellular fee.

When sought for comment, Globe head for regulatory affairs Froilan Castelo said the Globe Duo product is “good for consumers because it adds value to their money.” He declined to comment on the complaint filed by the telcos before the AdBoard.

In a competitive summary among the wireless landline services prepared by one of the fixed line operators, it shows that Bayan has the lowest call rates even to other networks at P4.50 for every minute of NDD (national direct dial) to other landlines and P6.25 per minute to mobile calls. Bayan wireless landline’s coverage is limited to Metro Manila, including Cainta, Rizal and San Pedro, and eight regional areas.

SunTel, Digitel’s wireless landline service riding on the GSM platform, charges P5 for every minute of NDD call and P6.50 to mobile. The network coverage spans within Metro Manila and Davao.

For Globe Duo, the NDD charge and cellular calls per minute is P7.50 each. Its coverage is limited to Metro Manila and Cebu.

For PLDT’s Landline Plus, the network coverage spans nationwide. It now offers on a promo basis a second line to new and existing residential postpaid wired subscribers until July 31 for P360 per month on top of the postpaid monthly fee. The P360 fee carries 300 minutes of local calls. A fee of P1 per minute will be charged in excess of the allotted free minutes.

I don't know what they're blabbering about but Globe's advertisements and website FAQs about DUO clearly state that the unlimited landline calls are only available in Metro Manila and Cebu. Can't they read? LOL!

Read my first impressions on Globe DUO.

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 5/24/2009 12:09:00 AM
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Globe DUO First Impressions
Saturday, May 23, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314390.96

My Globe DUO demo kit was finally activated today after weeks of anticipation. PLDT also called this morning informing me that they have already re-activated my Landline Plus Prepaid SIM and included P300 prepaid credits or about 150 outgoing minutes and unlimited incoming calls for 30 days. I now have 2 wireless landlines ~_~

Anyway, I tried calling our PLDT landline using my Globe DUO. I've been reading inter-connectivity issues between PLDT and Globe from Yuga's blog. My call was immediately connected though. Call quality was okay, but not as clear as my PLDT Landline Plus. I also tried DUO on a Bayantel landline. It took 3 tries before the call got through.

I'll be stress-testing DUO in the coming days, but before I do that, let me show you one of the best features of Globe DUO I like.

Compared to using a Dual SIM phone, you can actually receive 2 calls on your two Globe numbers simultaneously. Dual SIM phones only allows call waiting to work on the current active line, and since for example, you availed Sun Cellular's Double Unlimited subscription, you cannot accept another call from your other number.

With Globe DUO, it's like Barrack Obama... YES YOU CAN!

I'll post my full review in the coming days :)

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 5/23/2009 04:51:00 PM
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Globe Telecom launches DOLE hotline service for workers
Friday, May 22, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314386.36

In celebration of Labor Day, Globe Telecom and the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) recently teamed up to launch the 3-Way Asenso Connect, a call, text, and online hotline service for the local workforce and OFWs seeking immediate information on local and overseas jobs and other relevant updates and services.

The 3-way Asenso Connect service consists of three communication channels—the DOLE 2-917 Hotline, the DOLE 2917 Text Services, and the www.dole2917.com.ph website—that workers can access for information and services on local and overseas jobs and other services provided by the DOLE, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA).

According to DOLE Secretary Marianito Roque, the 3-way Asenso Connect service is part of the DOLE’s efforts to facilitate assistance to workers especially those who were affected by the global economic crisis. “This will help meet the challenge of communicating the DOLE assistance and services to the workers. I would like to thank Globe for extending its assistance and expertise in developing this communication program,” Roque said.

Vice President Noli de Castro and Secretary Roque joined Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu in launching the service during the DOLE backed Labor Day celebration last May 1.

For the workers’ easy access, the DOLE 2-917 Hotline unites the hotlines of DOLE, Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), and Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). Workers may call the DOLE 2917 Hotline by dialing 2917 from their Globe or TM cellphones, or 908-2917 from their Globe landline phones. All calls from Globe or TM cellphones are free of charge nationwide. The service is also open to non-Globe subscribers, who will be charged regular per-minute call rates.

The DOLE 2917 Text Services will give millions of Filipinos an easier means of reaching DOLE by simply texting to 2917. Globe or TM subscribers may text “DOLE” for local jobs and “POEA” for overseas jobs to 2917. They may also text their questions and comments to the two agencies through 2917. Globe subscribers may also register their cell phone numbers in order to receive updates from DOLE and POEA on relevant news, job vacancies, and other updates on services. OFWs or their family members may also send their urgent messages to the OWWA 24/7 Text Helpline 0917-TXT-OWWA (or 0917-898-6992).

The launch also introduced the DOLE-Globe website, www.dole2917.com.ph, which aims to provide an internet-based venue to be able to touch base with the DOLE, POEA, and OWWA from all parts of world. From www.dole2917.com.ph, the general public may send emails directly to DOLE.

Aside from the hotline service, Globe also lent its full support to the recently concluded JOBapalooza ’09: Tayo Na! Trabaho Na! job and livelihood fair in celebration of Labor Day last May 1. Attended by over 21,000 job seekers, JOBapalooza is considered to be the biggest job fair ever to be held in the country. The nationwide fair was held simultaneously at the SMX Mall of Asia Complex in Pasay City and other key areas all over the country. Spearheaded by DOLE in cooperation with country’s labor federation and other partners including Globe, JOBapalooza ’09 gave job opportunities to more than 10,000 job applicants who were hired on-the-spot for local and foreign postings. Aside from the job fair, Globe also sponsored livelihood seminars and workshops for those interested in setting up their own micro-business.

The affair was highlighted by a Globe-sponsored concert dubbed as Alay sa Manggagawa: Hatid Saya Concert which was held at the SMX Convention Center featuring labor unions bands and topbilled by popular Pinoy entertainers Gary Valenciano, Hajji and Rachel Alejandro, and Rivermaya. The concert launched the revival of Hatid Saya, a concert caravan of Filipino artists who travel to OFW jobsites worldwide to bring OFWs a taste of entertainment from home.

“Globe has developed strong relationships with DOLE, POEA, and OWWA for the benefits of all Filipinos working here and abroad. Over the years, Globe together with DOLE’s attached agencies POEA and OWWA have developed programs and services to ensure that Filipino workers and their families are well equipped to meet the challenges of staying connected while building a bright future for themselves,” Globe President and CEO Ernest Cu said.

As a partner of POEA, Globe has supported its Anti-Illegal Recruitment Campaign, co-published its list of licensed recruitment agencies, and maintains an electronic billboard and OFW internet hub at POEA to keep OFWs abreast with information they need to know about overseas employment. In partnership with OWWA, Globe has provided free communication during emergency situations for OFWs in distress who need to contact their families and vice versa. Globe also joins OWWA in the annual Model OFW Family of the Year Award, which showcases the best practices of OFW families in coping with the effects of overseas migration on family relationships.

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 5/22/2009 12:33:00 AM
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A(H1N1) Virus Reaches the Philippines
Thursday, May 21, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314386.21

The dreaded swine flu is now in the Philippines and is now threatening to spread.

Duque confirms first case of H1N1 in RP
abs-cbnNEWS.com | 05/21/2009 10:25 PM

Health Secretary Francisco Duque on Thursday evening announced the first case of influenza A (H1N1) in the Philippines.

Duque, who is currently at the World Health Organization (WHO) headquarters in Geneva, said in a teleconference that a Filipina patient who came from a trip last May 18 tested positive for the A (H1N1) virus.

The ten-year-old girl, who is not yet identified, already showed symptoms - fever, cough, and sore throat - upon arrival in the country. She came from a trip to the United States and Canada.

He said that the Research Institute for Tropical Medicine (RITM) got hold of tissue samples from the patient last May 20, and confirmed Thursday that she tested positive for the virus.

The patient is currently being treated at an undisclosed medical facility, Duque said.

He also said that contact tracing is already ongoing. The patient's family has been informed and has been asked to perform self-monitoring and quarantine.

Source: abs-cbnNEWS.com

*Computer end log*



Posted by Jepoy @ 5/21/2009 11:14:00 PM
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314380.82

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Mwah! See you and Mocha later :~)

*Computer end log*



Posted by Jepoy @ 5/20/2009 12:00:00 AM
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PLDT's Customer Service is USELESS
Monday, May 18, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314377.85

My PLDT Landline Plus Prepaid SIM Card is still deactivated and is now being threatened to be permanently deactivated as it nears the 180 days of no credits. And this is brought to you by PLDT's useless customer and technical support. Surprise? Naaahhh!

I blogged about how PLDT deactivated my prepaid SIM without providing any valid reasons almost a month ago. I sent them an email demanding that my prepaid Landline Plus SIM be reactivated immediately. I've also asked them to finally fix the problems our postpaid landline has been experiencing for the past 3 years and demanded for rebates.

5 days later, I got a canned response from a certain Grace Viernes,

Dear Mr. Bengero:

Good day! This is to acknowledge your concern on PLDT landline plus number 02-33XXXXX and postpaid line number 02-37XXXXX. Please be advised that your e-mail was already endorsed to the Head of our Division concern for their immediate action. We shall inform you on feedback as soon as we received their reply.

Thank you for bringing this matter into our attention.


Customer Care Analyst
Customer Care

I got no calls or emails from them for two weeks so I decided to call their Landline Plus hotline again and check the status of my ticket number. As usual, still "no solution to the problem".

I sent another followup email and guess what, another canned reply which took them 5 days to compose! FIVE DAYS!
Dear Mr. Bengero:

Good day! We sincerely regret our failure to provide you update regarding your concern as we are still waiting for any information from the group of Concern group. As of this writing, no feedback yet has been sent to our group. Be assured however, that we have escalated the matter to the Head of the Division concern for proper attention. We will revert as soon as any response is received.

We have requested for an immediate feedback so that we may relay information to you.

Thank you.


Customer Care Analyst
Customer Care

I sent a reply telling her that I won't just sit here and do nothing if ever my SIM actually expires this May. My last plan expired last November and this month is my SIM's last month to reload and reactivate a plan before it permanently gets disconnected. And again, they took 4 days to reply with, yes you guess it right, a canned message.
Dear Mr. Bengero:

Good day! We understand your concerns, Sir, and we know that our apologies are not enough to appease them. Nevertheless, we would like to express our sincere regret for the unpleasant experience you had with our service for we understand that incident, such this, has caused so much inconvenience on your part.

On the other hand, please be informed that our concerned group is already on top of the matter. Continuous follow through is being made on your behalf.

We shall keep you posted of further developments.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Customer Care Analyst
Customer Care

Imagine this, my SIM card was deactivated illegally and they're taking ages to fix it. What's so funny is that this Grace from customer service is referring to their actions as, "concerned groups are on top of the matter....". I was not born yesterday so please stop the crap and reactivate my SIM card now and replace the battery backup that controls the landline connections in our area!

The emails I sent to PLDT were all CC'd to the National Telecommunications Commission OSPAC's email address and a couple of email addresses from the Department of Trade and Industry - NCR. I don't know if they actually received my emails though, but I hope they do.

I've also asked the help of my online buddy Tonyo, who happens to be the president of TXTPower. I hope that TXTPower can endorse my complaint to NTC if PLDT fails to fix this problem this month.

So, if you guys want to get a "wireless" or a fixed landline service, then better subscribe to OTHER companies. They may not have the range and scope of PLDT but their customer service are way better than PLDT.


Hey Globe, I'm still waiting for that DUO service for us prepaid users... Now is the right time to introduce it.

UPDATE (05/21/2009): A PLDT rep called this afternoon informing me that my SIM is now in the process of reactivation and once reactivated, they'll also be sending me P300 worth of prepaid credits. Let's see if my SIM gets activated by this weekend.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 5/18/2009 10:01:00 PM
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Globe's SULITXT15 and ETXT20 Now Even Better
Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314360.85

I learned to love an appreciate shows like Eat Bulaga and Wowowee when I was still in college. Imagine, entertaining people and contestants and at the same time, giving them a chance to become instant millionaires.

Now Globe Telecom has partnered with Wowowee and Eat Bulaga as it introduces an easy way to win prizes. No need to answer twenty questions to win big prizes because Globe makes it easy by just answering questions as simple as what is your name?, two plus two equals what?, and are you a girl?.

Globe is giving away thousands of pesos in cash prizes everyday in both Wowowee and Eat Bulaga to all studio audiences.

Just as it is easy to win in Wowowee and Eat Bulaga, Globe has also made it even easier for you to avail of its text promos. You now have easy access to Globe’s Everybody Text 20 (ETXT 20) and Sulit Text 15 (SULITXT 15) promos because it is now available in sari-sari stores nationwide like regular load.

With Sulitxt, you get free 100 Globe-to-Globe and Globe-to-TM texts valid for 1 day, for only 15. With EverybodyTxt, you get free 100 Globe-to-Globe and Globe-to-TM texts plus 10 texts to other networks for only P20 for 1 day. With the availability of these text promos in sari-sari store, you get easy access to affordable promos that give you better value for your money.

Sulitxt is still available by registering for the service via your own mobile phone. For Sulitxt, you can text SULITXT15 to 8888 and P15 will be deducted from your load upon registration. For Everybodytxtyou can register by texting ETXT20 to 8888 and P20 will be deducted from your load upon registration.

Also there's good news to all Internet and Gaming fans. Now, you can also avail of internet and gaming credits straight from your Globe Load retailers nationwide.


ISP Bonanza 50 - Php 50.00
ISP Bonanza 100 - Php 100.00
Mozcom Nitro 50 - Php 50.00
Mozcom Nitro 100 - Php 100.00


Tantra - Php 50.00 / Php 100.00
Warrock - Php 50.00 / Php 100.00
Getamped - Php 50.00 / Php 100.00
Cronous - Php 50.00 / Php 100.00
N-age - Php 50.00 / Php 100.00
Ran Online - Php 50.00 / Php 100.00
Audition - Php 50.00 / Php 100.00
Battle Position - Php 50.00 / Php 100.00
O2 Jam - Php 50.00 / Php 100.00
Dreamville - Php 50.00 / Php 100.00
Supreme Destiny - Php 50.00 / Php 100.00

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 5/12/2009 05:05:00 PM
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J.J. Abrams' Star Trek
Saturday, May 09, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314351.1

Just saw J.J. Abrams' version of Star Trek a few hours ago at Trinoma with Lalaine, Rocky, Karlo and Andrew. It's obvious that I'm a Star Trek fan, but I erased all the "Trekiness" inside me when I entered the theater. So far, the non-Trek of me liked the movie.

The Trekkie in me is another story. I'm bursting with anger with the bastardization of 43 years of Star Trek canon (726 episodes and 10 movies) in just 2 hours. An anger that will one day, pave the way for the invention of a Romulan disruptor to be used on J.J. Abrams and writers Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Remember these two? They're the same two writers who bastardize Transformers. No wonder.

Anyway, I'll post a complete review later. I'm still nursing a fever and I might not make it later to iBlog 5.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 5/09/2009 03:40:00 AM
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Philippines First LTE Forum slated for May 8
Monday, May 04, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314338.77

To help raise awareness in the use of ICT to improve the country’s telecommunications landscape and the lives of Filipinos, Nokia Siemens Network in cooperation with the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC), Philippine Chamber of Telecommunication Operators, Inc. (PCTO), and Integrated Telecommunications Suppliers Association of the Philippines (ITESAP) is holding the Philippines First LTE Forum which will be held on May 8, 2009 at the NTC compound in Diliman, Quezon City.

The forum will focus on discussions to help bring ICT as the stimulus for growth of the country’s economy by using wireless broadband via LTE, or Long Term Evolution as the network evolution roadmap of GSM based mobile networks. LTE is the platform of the future for wireless broadband and it promises to be one of the most important new mobile technology rollouts since the arrival of GSM technology. LTE can bring true broadband speeds, driving advanced data applications to devices without the waiting. Since the country’s leading mobile operators are all GSM based and LTE is part of the GSM network evolution, LTE serves to be a good platform for the growing wireless broadband market.

Nokia Siemens Networks will bring in top local and international speakers for this event. PCTO President Rudy Salalima will discuss “The Growing Wireless Broadband Market in the Philippines”; NTC Commissioner Ruel Canobas will talk about “NTC Leadership in Tough Economic Times;” Nokia Siemens Networks Asia Pacific South Region Head Lars Biese will speak about “ICT as a Stimulus Towards Economic Growth;” Network Solution Management Asia Pacific Head Juergen Gerigk will provide a technology overview on LTE, Business Driver and explain why LTE is well suited for a WCDMA/HSPA based country like the Philippines; and lastly, Technology Office-Asia Pacific Senior Consultant Seksan Cheewaphoonpol will do a demonstration for participants to experience "True Wireless Broadband via LTE, Long Term Evolution.”

For more information on the Philippines First LTE Forum please contact Frankie Naranjilla via frankie.naranjilla(at)nsn(dot)com.

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 5/04/2009 03:41:00 PM
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Manny Pacquiao KO's Ricky Hatton
Sunday, May 03, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314336

Congratulations for knocking out Ricky Hatton on the 2nd round! You are indeed the best pound for pound fighter in the world.

To GMA-7, no thanks for diluting us with commercials. I believe you know the word overkill, you know?

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 5/03/2009 03:24:00 PM
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43 Years of Star Trek Legacy
Saturday, May 02, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314333.69

Star Trek has come a long way and has inspired millions, including me, to dream what is beyond the skies and stars and to use logic over faith. Now after 43 years, 726 episodes, and 10 films, the franchise has been handed over to a new group.

The new Star Trek movie is a prequel of sorts since the story takes place during the pre-TOS era. Somehow, I got excited when I watched the 4th trailer. New perspective on the action scenes, but what worries me is the storyline and continuity. In canon, James T. Kirk should be serving under Captain Garrovick on the USS Farragut first before boarding the Enterprise.

40 years of legacy is hard to change, but who knows, maybe after the movie, Kirk will do serve on the Farragut. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. I must admit that I've only watched about 6 episodes from the TOS era but I do read the books, so I'm still quite up-to-date with regards the TOS timeline.

In the meantime, here's a video for you JJ Abrams. A video of a franchise you should respect and a video that a true Trekkie/Trekker would appreciate. The 40 years of Star Trek, compiled by a fan for us fans.:

Star Trek will open in theaters 1 week from now. If ever, Star Trek will be the first film I'm going to watch on IMAX, and the 7th TOS-era of Trek. I'm still saving up for the complete TOS season DVDs :P

Peace and long life to all Trekkies and thank you Gene Roddenberry! And please JJ Abrams, don't screw this up like Michael Bay.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 5/02/2009 07:10:00 PM
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