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Captain's Log
Captain's Log
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The Philippines Needs Your Help
Monday, September 28, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314739.91

The Philippines was hit by storm Ondoy (international code name Ketsana) last Saturday. Metro Manila was hit hardest, Rocky and I luckily survived the rampage, but a lot of our neighbors did not, and so are thousands (or maybe millions) of people. Some are still trapped and a lot of them are either missing or dead.

These people need all the help they can get. TXTPower.org is currently accepting donations via PayPal, Globe G-Cash or Smart Money.

Donate now via Paypal (via TXTPower.org). All donations coursed through TXTPower will be sent to the Philippine National Red Cross. You may also donate via SmartMoney (5577-5144-1866-7103) or GCash 0917-9751092. You may also donate directly to the Red Cross.

Barrio Siete is also running a donation drive.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/28/2009 01:38:00 AM
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Globe Launches IDD Suki
Friday, September 25, 2009

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -314734.17

Globe continues to pioneer in efforts to provide new and affordable calling offers as it launches its new IDD Suki promo to help enrich lives of overseas Pinoys by keeping them connected with their loved ones here in the country.

“IDD Suki is the first and only IDD load that you can buy at any retailer, whether at a sari-sari store, grocery, canteen, market stall, or other load outlet,” said Globe Segment Business Head for Overseas Filipino Communities (OFC) Alan C. Supnet,

“With Globe IDD Suki, Globe prepaid subscribers can now easily call their loved ones in eight countries at very affordable rates. Compared to other IDD promos, IDD Suki is easy to use. There is no need to dial prefixes, prepaid call numbers or PINS, or listen to a recording. And since it is readily available in all your suking tindahan, there is no need to go far to avail of this IDD promo,” Supnet added.

There are two (2) IDD Suki packages to choose from, depending on the country that you plan to call. IDD Suki 20 allows a user to make an IDD call to the US, Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, or Singapore for five minutes for only P20, while IDD Suki 30 is P30 for a three minute IDD call to Saudi Arabia, UAE, or Kuwait.

Popular singer Gary V “Mr. Pure Energy” who recently starred in Globe’s latest TV commercial for Globe IDD Suki believes in the integrity of the product “As an artist who often performs abroad, I know how hard it is for OFWs to be away from their families. In many of the countries I visit, many Pinoys talk to me and some even cry to me. It makes me realize how important it is to hear from friends and family regularly. Globe recognizes this sacrifice, and that is why with the launch of Globe’s Suki IDD, it is now easier for families of overseas Filipinos to always remain connected to their loved ones abroad.”

For more information on the Globe and TM text and call promos, call the Globe 24 hour Call-in Service at 730-1000 from a landline, or via your toll free mobile at 211 for Globe and 808 for TM. You may also log-on at www.globe.com.ph.

Sa Globe’s worldwidest services, palagi nang buo and pamilya.

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/25/2009 11:23:00 PM
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Get in gear with Bridge DataRoam Promotion from Globe

Captain's Log Stardate -314731.57

All revved up for your F1 fantasy? Race aficionados rejoice because the long-awaited Singapore Grand Prix is right around the corner. And fast on its tail is the most affordable data roaming service ever brought to you by Globe Telecom: Bridge DataRoam5 Promotion.

Zoom away with the most affordable data roaming package this Singapore Grand Prix season! From September 10 to October 10 2009, Globe Telecom's subscribers will enjoy 50% discount off Bridge DataRoam5 subscription plan* for data roaming usage on SingTel's network in Singapore.

What's more! The first 50 new sign-ups from 10th September will stand a chance to win a Nokia E75 mobile phone in a lucky draw! One winner will be selected from Globe Telecom's subscribers.

So pack your bags and don't forget your Globe mobile phone, because whether you're in Singapore for business, leisure or to cheer on your F1 favorites from RBR-Renault, McLaren-Mercedes and Ferrari, you can win the data roaming race with Bridge DataRoam5.

Contact Globe Telecom at +632 7301212 or 211 through your Globe mobile phones (toll free) to sign up TODAY!!!

*Bridge DataRoam5 promotion details:

Bridge DataRoam5 is offered at US$7.50 for 5MB of data roaming usage under this promotional package (Usual Price: US$15/5MB) and is valid for use on SingTel's network in Singapore only. Promotional price is sold in pesos and is subjected to differences in exchange rates. 5MB worth of data is equivalent to 100 emails, 500 WAP (wireless application protocol) pages or 50 web pages.

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/25/2009 12:37:00 AM
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Ako'y Pinoy - Biggest Sing-A-Long Concert Party in the World
Thursday, September 24, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314728.93

Solid Broadband Corporation (Destiny Cable Internet and myPhone) will be having myPhone sale and a FREE sing-a-long concert this Saturday, September 26 7:30PM, at the Araneta Coliseum.

The event, dubbed as the "Biggest Sing-A-Long concert party on the whole world", will feature Filipino artists Kuh Ledesma, Leah Navarro, Ariel Rivera, Geneva Cruz, Yeng Constantino, Jed Madela, Erik Santos, Rachelle Ann Go, and Ogie Alcasid.

To get your FREE tickets, just call 7282168, 7283175, 5833097 and look for either John or Chie.

This event is brought to you by Ultimate Entertainment Inc., Solid Broadband Corp., and Smart.

*Computer end log*



Posted by Jepoy @ 9/24/2009 01:28:00 AM
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Smart Subscribers Experiencing Delayed SMS?
Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314723.91

Subscribers of Smart Buddy/Gold from popular mobile/gadget forum BnC-XE are complaining of delayed SMS for the past 2 weeks. There are also reports of difficulty placing a call and sending text messages.

Smart has over 10 million subscribers and each of them are entitled to avail Smartalk, the unlimited call package of Smart. Some are theorizing that Smartalk is the cause of the network problems they're experiencing.

Smart's successful B-Free Day event for UAAP and NCAA students last Saturday gave away 10,000 free Smart Bro Plug-It modems. Does this mean more congestion for Smart subscribers?

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/22/2009 05:30:00 AM
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Globe's Super-Unli - Unlimited Calls and Text
Sunday, September 20, 2009

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -314719.27

Globe gives you Super-Unli. Enjoy unlimited texting AND calling to Globe/TM for only P150 for 5 days.

To subscribe to Globe's Super-Unli, just text SUPER150 to 2824. To make unlimited calls, change the 0 to 238 at the start of the Globe / TM number you are calling (eg 238917xxxxxxx).

Available for Globe Prepaid, Tattoo Prepaid and Postpaid subscribers. Reply messages for Postpaid and Prepaid subscribers upon successful registration:

For Postpaid:

You can now use GLOBE SUPER-UNLI! Enjoy unlimited Globe-Globe/TM calls and text for 5days! Registration fee is charged on top of your subcription plan. To enjoy unlimited calls, just dial 238 plus the 10-digit Globe/TM#. Ex. 238917xxxxxxx. All text msgs to Globe/TM w/in 5 days after registration are free. To check status, text SUPER BAL. To stop, text SUPER OFF. Send to 2824 for free. Promo is until 10/18/2009. DTI4858SO9.

For Prepaid:

Maari mo nang magamit ang Globe SUPER-UNLI! Enjoy unlimited Globe-Globe/TM calls and text for 5 days! Unlimited texts to Globe / TM until xx/xx/xx. For unlimited calls until xx/xx/xx, just change 0 to 238 at the start of the Globe / TM no. ur calling (eg 238917xxxxxxx). Maintain P1 in ur account upang patuloy na makapag-SUPER-UNLI. Promo is until 10/18/2009. DTI 4858.

To know more about this service, text SUPER HELP to 2824 for free.

*Video calls not included in the promo.

*Promo period from September 19 - October 18, 2009. Per DTI-NCR Permit No. 4858, Series of 2009.

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*



Posted by Jepoy @ 9/20/2009 12:48:00 PM
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Smart Gives Away Free Smart Bro Plug-Its to UAAP & NCAA Students

Captain's Log Stardate -314718.02

Smart Bro may just have gained 5,000 to 10,000 new subscribers today and possible 5,000 to 10,000 future residents of The Smart Bro Chronicles.

Smart promised to give away 10,000 pieces of Smart Bro Plug-It USB modems to current high school and college students from UAAP and NCAA colleges on the B-Free Day event at the Mega Tent yesterday. The first one to get a free USB modem was a fellow Thomasian.

The free modems are limited edition Plug-Its with designs depending on the member school of UAAP and NCAA. Unlike Globe Tattoo's sticker skins, the designs on these Smart Bro 3G dongles are printed on the case itself.

Alumni of member schools are also entitled to a special P100 discount. No need to provide identifications so I assume everyone at the venue can get one for P895.

Aside from the free Smart Bro modems, students were also given free foods, refreshments, wifi, games, rides, and concert. Big computer discounts were also offered to people who will subscribe to Smart Bro's postpaid services. You can get a Celeron desktop for as low as P3,000.

I wonder if Smart was able to throw away 10,000 plug-its since the 4PM registration deadline was extended until 7PM.

Lalaine's cousin got the UST Growling Tiger modem. Mark and I were offering her P500 plus a Globe Tattoo in exchange for this thing of beauty. She refused :(

If you're wondering, the limited edition modems are ZTE MF627 and are easy to unlock :P

*Computer end log*



Posted by Jepoy @ 9/20/2009 01:53:00 AM
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ASUS Introduces Xtreme Design Hybrid Motherboards that Deliver Fast Performance and Uncompromising Stability
Friday, September 18, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314712.63

Manila, Philippines, September 17, 2009 – ASUS, the leading innovator of advanced motherboard solutions, today launched the ASUS P7P55D Series motherboards in the Philippines. Featuring the Intel® P55 Express chipset, the P7P55D Series supports the latest LGA 1156 socket for Intel® Core™ i7/Core™ i5 Processors for maximum performance. The P7P55 Series is based on groundbreaking "Xtreme Design", a winning design formula drawn from many years of engineering innovation, to optimize overall system performance and hardware reliability. It also includes the latest Hybrid Technology—Hybrid Processor, Hybrid Phase, and Hybrid OS—to give users intelligent performance enhancement, active cooling, and rapid online access.

Achieving 6Gbps Storage Bandwidth with Exclusive Expansion Bridge

Your browser may not support display of this image. Equipped with a specially-designed onboard chip, the P7P55D Premium is the first motherboard to natively support 6Gbps data transfer bandwidth with the latest SATA storage interface. With this expansion bridge, the P7P55D Premium unleashes the performance potential of the latest hard disk drives, achieving almost double the throughput from existing SATA compatible drives. By eliminating any transmission bottlenecks, the expansion bridge enables 50% faster reading and writing of disk data. For other P7P55D Series models, ASUS also provides an expansion card to achieve the same results.

Optimizing Efficiency with Revolutionary Hybrid Phase Power Delivery

Users can expect maximum power efficiency, extremely cool operations, and enhanced component longevity from the P7P55D Series. With its Hybrid Phase Technology—combining ASUS Xtreme Phase with ASUS T.Probe—the series delivers maximum efficiency and extremely stable power. P7P55D Premium's 48 Hybrid Phase technology is the most power-efficient design in the industry, surpassing other 48-phase prototype motherboards. ASUS T.Probe is the world's first active cooling technology that detects and balances power phase loadings and temperatures in real time—especially around the active CPU. A new frequency conversion technology further improves efficiency by maximizing energy utility. High-grade materials also help enhance component longevity and further minimize power loss. Additionally, the P7P55D Premium includes Stack Cool 3+, and is the world's first motherboard with four layers of 2Oz copper in an 8-layer PCB design. This delivers ultra-cool performance even under extreme overclocking conditions.

Enhancing Performance with Intelligent Hybrid Processor

With its new Hybrid Processor, the P7P55D Series lets users achieve superior overclocking performance with the latest Intel CPU and the ASUS TurboV EVO, which functions like a second microprocessor. Both novice and hardcore overclockers can easily boost system performance with TurboV EVO's intuitive interface. Additionally, overclocking is simplified by onboard tools including Auto Tuning which automatically overclocks the system to an extreme yet stable state; ASUS OC Profile which offers the best overclocking settings for different scenarios; ASUS Turbo Key which creates more physical overclocking buttons on the keyboard for instantaneous overclocking; and ASUS TurboV Remote* which allows users to overclock from a convenient controller.

Hybrid OS Delivers Express Gate and Windows 7 Benefits

Hybrid OS integrates Windows® and ASUS Express Gate onto the ASUS P7P55D Series for more flexibility. Users can upgrade to Windows® 7 and have better security and faster performance, while Express Gate delivers rapid access to online applications—within five seconds.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/18/2009 02:41:00 AM
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Google Chrome 3.0 Released
Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314707.06

The stable version of Google Chrome 3.0 is now out, a few weeks after its 1st birthday. This new release had about 3,505 bugfixes in the past year. Download Google Chrome now at http://chrome.google.com

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/16/2009 01:53:00 AM
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MMDA's Trip Tracker: A Crime Deterrent Measure vs. Erring Cab Drivers
Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Captain's Log Supplemental Stardate -314706.19

Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) Chairman Bayani Fernando today described his “Trip Tracker” project as a crime-deterrent measure designed to nail erring cab drivers who connive with crime groups.

Dubbed as “Iwas Holdap, Pagtugon sa Oras ng Kagipitan”, the latest anti-crime tack is being launched under the Safe City Program of the agency.

“We need to protect the commuters against crimes taking place inside public utility vehicles, particularly taxi cabs,” Fernando said, adding that the measure was prompted by rising complaints by returning Overseas Filipino Workers, balikbayans, students and women against abusive cabbies.

Aside from its Metrocall 136 hotline, the passengers can access the MMDA cellphone nos. - 09175618709 (Globe) and 09209472116 (Smart) to send their text messages for complaints.

Passengers simply need to text the plate numbers and name of the taxi cab as soon as they are on board the taxi. “This way, cab drivers will have second thought before perpetuating his malicious intent, if any,” he said.

This new measure gives the MMDA a way to build profiles and track the behavior of the drivers.

“Nowadays, the perception is that the taxis are no longer safe. Passengers are being robbed and taken advantage of. We really need to monitor so that the driver and the operators can be held liable in case something happen to their passengers,” Fernando said.

He said passengers can report all cases of traffic violations, including refusal to convey passengers, using defective taximeters, overcharging or asking additional cash other than the rate indicated on the taximeter. They can also report rude and impolite cab drivers.

The MMDA will be putting stickers bearing the hotline nos. inside the taxi cabs and other public utility vehicles such as buses, jeeps and tricycles.

It will also be posting more stickers at taxi stands, waiting sheds, shopping malls and other public places to aptly inform the public.

Mila Silvestre of the MMDA Communications and Monitoring Center said they have set up a system where text messages sent by the passengers are automatically transmitted to the computer for segregation and processing by MMDA personnel.

These computers are interconnected with the Philippine National Police (PNP) and Land Transportation Office (LTO), she said.

Silvestre added that disposition of proper action will depend upon the complaint to be forwarded by the passengers.

“If it involves the commission of crimes, we will coordinate it with the PNP and if it is traffic related, we can coordinate it with the Traffic Operations Center or the LTO, for proper action,” she said.

Even drivers who want to know if they have outstanding traffic violations can text the MMDA for verification.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/15/2009 06:15:00 PM
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WalterMart North EDSA (Muñoz) Heist

Captain's Log Stardate -314706.11

A heist in one of the banks inside WalterMart North EDSA (Muñoz) happened a few hours ago. There were rumors that one of the robbers threw a grenade near the grocery area. I don't know what exactly happened but the place is in complete chaos when I arrived. People are still being evacuated off the mall and the Quezon City Police Department (QCPD) had cordoned off the entrance.

Sorry for the quality of the pictures, these were taken using my Nokia N70:

This mall is just 3 blocks away from our house.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/15/2009 05:35:00 PM
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Globe Broadband Tattoo Kit Now Only P895
Friday, September 11, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314695.73

Starting today, you can get yourself a Globe Broadband Tattoo prepaid kit for only P895. That's P1000 off the regular price.

The P895 offer will run upto October 31 2009. The kit also includes 5 hours internet time worth P100.

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/11/2009 10:35:00 PM
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Cease and Desist Warning on Tim Cumper's Harassment and Stalking
Sunday, September 06, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314682.11

Mr. Timothy Ellis Cumper, for years you have stalked and harassed me and my friends and I have ignored it. I've allowed you to call me libelous names, post my pictures and edit it as you like, create a fake mySpace and Plurk profiles for the past 2 years. But when you blatantly accused my innocent friend Pepper, I said to myself. That's it. I have to draw the line.

You accused my friend of posting comments against you and you have posted her pictures and her Facebook and Multiply page on your blog. For the record, she doesn't even know who you are. If you are still contesting the links on her blog, read this: Wordpress and Blogger theme authors have the free will to include links on the theme's footer or sidebar. Pepper asked me to create a theme for her site, the same with Mark, Glen, Rocky and Lalaine. Since I authored and created that theme, I have rights to place links on any part of it whether they like it or not.

Of course, Pepper was just one of the many you have blatantly accused of a crime we did not commit.

You called my girlfriend a filth and excrement. You posted the picture of my mother and even branded her a scammer. You called GameOPS as Gay-Mops and said several times that I am from Gay-Mops, yet you deny. You called one blogger a Nazi. You posted pictures of an innocent 14-year old girl and branded her a scam supporter.

You've also sent harassing and threatening messages to my relatives on Facebook, don't deny it. All of them ARE my relatives and I saw ALL your messages. YES. ALL 20+ of them.

I also find it funny that you claim that I HAVE BLOCKED ALL means of communications between us. THAT IS ABSURD. You know my email address, we both have copies of our email exchanges last January. My blog also displays a link to my contact form and my email address. So how can I ban you from sending me an email or a message?

By the way, sending the same message to 20 different people who are all related to me is stalking mind you. I can't believe that you even sent this message to my father,

Hello from the UK,

Please forgive this seemingly intrusive message, but ultimately I think you will see that it is benevolent.

I am at present being hounded by a certain John Phillips Bengero (Jepoy) – who has gathered kith and kin – clan and colleague, to inundate me with his own brand of propaganda, stating that I am in some way a racist.
This is far from the truth.
I did have an unfortunate and short lived affair with a Filipina some two years back – but it ended in disaster.

The story of which involved a scam attempt – a fake Ectopic Pregnancy – a real estate business and several other levels of deception.
It culminated in the revelation of a patently fake scar by the girl during our second ever webcam use.
She did not realise that this was being recorded.
The reason for my suspicions started when I was requested for money on my return to the UK – and ended with this pretence at an emergency operation.
You can imagine that it was a most distressing time – being torn between my love for the girl – and my suspicions.
But my suspicions were unfortunately vindivated by the revelation on webcam.

Realising that this was an organised scam attempt – because the hospital and real estate firm were involved from the very start – I decided to publicise my story online.

This has attracted interest – and opposition – in the form of an orchestrated campaign of hateful propaganda, organised by the real estate firm in conjuncton with bloggers in and from the Phillipines.

Unfortunately, Jepoy is one of these – issuing unsubstanitated claims of innocence on behalf of the real estate firm and death threats to me personally.
In complete denial of all the evidence that I have collected – he helped another celebrity blogger in a video interview with the girl concerned – who lied her way through it – just as she had to me.
No proof was ever asked of this girl – indicating that the whole excercise was a sham – and purely propaganda.

The events around the “hospital” escalated to involve the British Embassy in Manila – and certain allegations were made regarding the British Ambassador – Sir Peter Beckingham.

In order to dispel the false propaganda from the Internet, which is still being produced, I have written to him urging for a full and thorough investigation.
I cannot communicate directly with Jepoy – for he has blocked me from the sites and groups that he has been organising – my right to reply has been robbed.

If Jepoy is close to you – please urge him to desist and remove all propaganda – for his own benefit – for very soon there will come a knock at the door.

Thank you in all sincerity – Tim Cumper UK

For the record, I have never issued you a death threat and my family doesn't give a damn about your philandering activities in the Philippines. If you are referring to this twitter message, then you Mr. Cumper, have a very wild imagination.

Mr. Cumper if you still don't know, your country has laws against cyberstalking and online harassments,
...if someone in England and Wales is harassing someone abroad by means of letters e-mails etc. and the Police in England and Wales are informed of this then the offender could be arrested for criminal harassment and prosecuted regardless of the fact the victim was abroad.

I have ignored you for the longest time now. Stop harassing and stalking my friends and remove all libelous and defamatory remarks against me and other innocent bloggers on your blogs. I will resort to legal actions if you don't stop.

Mr. Timothy Ellis Cumper, consider this your final warning.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/06/2009 11:21:00 PM
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Globe and modu bring the world’s lightest phone to the Philippines
Saturday, September 05, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314676.84

Innovation leader Globe Telecom has sealed its partnership with modu Ltd., with the shared mission of introducing breakthrough mobile products to the Philippine market.

Much like Globe, modu is a pioneer in its field and is poised to locally launch its flagship product, the customizable and modular modu phone never before seen in the Philippines and soon to be available only from Globe through its exclusive local distributor Lynk Communications.

Globe Telecom President and CEO Ernest L. Cu welcomes the partnership as marketing coup, as well as a key strategic move. “At Globe, we are committed to always putting the customer first and doing everything in our power to delight the Globe user. Modu for its part has shown an astute understanding of what makes our customers tick; the modu™ phone, with its unique approach to personalization, is proof positive. We are confident this leading-edge partnership will bring new value to a market that continues to grow in sophistication and discerning tastes.”

The modu phone is recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records™ as the lightest fully-functional phone in the world, weighing in at only 1.5 oz., yet fully loaded with a music player, mass storage device and 2 GB internal memory. The Philippines will in fact be among the first countries to launch this novel phone. The big news behind the modu™ phone is its incredible potential for personalization through interchangeable modu™ jackets -- fashionable phone enclosures which can instantly change the look and style of the handset. Through the use of various trendy modu jacket designs, users can have a different phone every day of the week, with a single handset.

modu was founded in 2007 by Dov Moran, inventor of the USB Flash Drive (DiskonKey™) and other groundbreaking personal storage solutions. The company is headquartered in Israel with offices in Croatia and South Korea. The company’s vision is to bring a fundamental change to the dynamics of the personal communication world. Introducing the world’s lightest phone, in partnership with Globe, is a key step.

For Globe’s part, the company’s track record for innovation began over a decade ago with the launch of text messaging. Over the years, Globe has introduced a series of advanced services, such as the award-winning m-commerce solution GCash, the world’s first and only virtual landline and mobile service Duo, and the re-launched Globe Broadband Tattoo which is now the fastest-growing prepaid wireless broadband service in the Philippines.

Globe has also strengthened its broadband play by rolling out new connectivity solutions like the cutting-edge fiber-to-the-home technology GPON, and the country’s first WIMAX network which is also the largest WIMAX 2.5 GHz deployment in Southeast Asia.

Globe’s latest launch is the new Globe Tattoo, a re-branded and revitalized prepaid service providing the first-ever prepaid SIM that can be used to call, text and surf the internet. The converged experience from Globe Tattoo comes in an array of pop-art designer prepaid SIMs that can be used in both mobile phones and broadband USB sticks. The flagship offer of Globe Tattoo is ImmortalTxt, another pioneering effort which is the country’s first-ever SMS service with no expiry for its text offer.

The Globe-modu partnership bodes well for technophiles for whom the latest, hottest device is an absolute must-have. Gadget fans can look forward to exciting new offers from Globe and modu.

Disclosure: Blog owner is a forum administrator of myGlobe, a website of Globe Telecom.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/05/2009 01:12:00 AM
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The Line Must Be Drawn Here
Thursday, September 03, 2009

Captain's Log Stardate -314671.28

Do I need to remind you who Tim Cumper is? Of course not. He has just become Philippines' #2 online stalker (next to Pablo Banila), a liar (second to another person I know), an impregnator (nice term Rocky), a cyberbully, an obsessively paranoid psycho-maniac, scum, dirtbag, idiot of the highest calibre, dickwad... I think you already know my point.

I said before that he'll regret stalking my friend Pepper and branding her a scammer or scam supporter or whatever he likes to call it. She's innocent yet this Tim Cumper dirtbag blatantly accused her and posted her private information and pictures on his website for everyone to see. As if my friend Pepper was a criminal. The links on her blog are part of the default template I create and distribute freely online. Anyone is free to use my layouts as long as there are no code alterations on the template. So there, you suck Ellumbra.

Pepper and I were waiting for his apology, I know, we're expecting some miracle. Of course Tim Cumper ignored Pepper's post and decided to insult the both of us even more by calling us "peabrains"

TIM CUMPER, I've allowed you to follow me on Twitter and insult me for the longest time after our posts last year. Did I reply? No. Did Ms. Dado reply to your lies? No. Did Reyna Elena respond with your insults? No. Did Mark Grismer sue you for calling his wife ugly? No. Did Southern Don insult you back for calling him names? No. Did Ade's band retaliate when you accused their band of being part of the payola? No.

You see, we don't care sh*t about you anymore. The fact is, I don't even know who Francis Jalbuena, Reyna Elena and his friends were before you branded us to be part of an organized crime group. I know who Ms. Dado is on the blogging world and that's it. I haven't even met or talked to her prior to your accusations. You can't blame us if we call you paranoid because YOU ARE PARANOID.

We've all said our opinion on your so-called scam (huh? What was that? Oh... I see... you're calling it now a scam attempt) more than a year ago. Yet you continue to stalk us, even our friends and our friends' friends. Harassing them to a point you're sending them messages to Twitter, Facebook, MyBlogLog, etc.

Don't you have better things to do? Like... work? Don't you have friends? Don't you have a life? If you want to search for the truth then by all means do it! But don't do it behind your computer. Go to the police. Remember our old email exchanges? I've suggested that you seek the help of INTERPOL if you don't trust our police. If you wanted the truth then ask the professionals. Don't do the investigative work yourself. Because we all know, you are sloppier than a grizzly bear.

Want me to enumerate?

1. Pepper posting as Jen/Jenny

    You've immediately concluded that Pepper was the Jen/Jenny posting comments on my blog just because her real name is Jennifer and that we're friends and her blog has links to our SEO. That was one of your stupidest moment man. Really.

2. Apologizing to the wrong Pepper

    I just have to hand it to you... your stupidest moment ever. Pepper was waiting for your apology on her blog entry, and you f*cked up. You've messaged the wrong Pepper FTW!

    If you can't even recall Pepper's MyBlogLog page you've visited within the past 2 weeks, then how do you expect all of us to believe that what you've written are accurate? For all we know, half your blogs contain experiences from dreams.

    Alzheimer knocking on your doorsteps Tim?

3. Branding Lose Your Beer Belly Band Thieves
    When you did your (sic) investigative work on the Man-Blog, you branded Ade's band as thieves just because they are friends with Lauren, who happens to be the daughter of the person you're accusing of covering the tracks of Tierra Maria Estates. What kind of a conclusion is that Mr. Impregnator err... Investigator?

4. You thought Akisimet was a ban software for blogs
    You should have followed my advice to stay out of things you barely comprehend. You've said before that base on your investigations, your comments were being banned by Akisimet.

    It's an AUTOMATED SPAM FILTER dickhead. SPAM. UNWANTED MESSAGES. GOT IT? It's not that meat thing inside cans if you know what I'm saying.

5. Me visiting your blogs for 10 days.
    Another thing you should stay away is literally interpreting your stats log. What would I get for staring at your blog for hours? Nothing.

    See that? That's an automated software that archives your blog entries whenever a change is detected. You know it's very important for me to get a copy of your blog especially when you've been editing it too much. Court needs fresh and old copies of evidence if you still don't know.

6. Branding comment posters without websites as Anonymous
    Here's another one for the win. I've noticed that whenever someone posts a comment on our blogs that doesn't have link to a website or blog, you call them anonymous or think that it was me or the other bloggers who posted it. The internet is BIG old man. You don't expect people to have their own blogs or websites whenever they comment.

7. Me issuing a death threat against you?
    Did you see the word DIE or DEAD or KILL on that Tweet you read? And did I referred to you? My world doesn't revolve around you. You are nothing but a speck of anal waste in my life.

8. Gay-Mops was not GameOPS and we're not from Gay-Mops
    You wrote,
    As far as Gay-Mops is concerned and the series of adverts that I have created for them . . .

    . . . it's no more than an innocent play on words - Game Ops - Gay-Mops.

    You see it sounds the same but is spelt differently.
    Did you think it referred to you?

    No - it's a fictitious firm I made up - an Internet cleaning company - who think that it is their duty to protect the "innocent" online - even going so far as pretending their innocence for them by making excuses, spreading lies and propaganda.
    Nothing like the real GameOps - who are all about computer games.
    I mean - do the staff look at all like you?
    Don't be silly.

    Really now? Then what's this:


I have lots more to enumerate but I think these are enough. Enough for people to think you're a nutcase and a schizophrenic individual who has preyed on a poor Filipina and stalked a lot of innocent people and bloggers.

What you did to my friend Pepper was your biggest mistake. I would have let you continue insulting me on Twitter. Didn't you notice that I also interact with you on Twitter? As Euri said, it's one way to release stress. But involving innocent people is way way out of the line old man.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. You'll regret involving my innocent friends. And believe me. You should. Because I will no longer sit back and ignore your stalking. Yes, you are correct. I created the website The Tim Cumper Watch. Unfortunately for you, what you saw was nothing.

To all the people reading this. TIM CUMPER IS A LIAR, SCHIZOPRENIC, AND A PSYCHO HIDING BEHIND A COMPUTER. Whatever you read from his blog or his Twitter accounts are pure bullsh!t.

If you want to know him from the eyes of the different people who've he stalked for the past 2 years, then please, visit The Tim Cumper Watch. (alternate link: tcw.gameops.net)

Now Tim, this will probably my last entry about you on my blog. But before I go, let me leave you one of my favorite lines from my favorite movie:

"They invade our space, and we fall back. They assimilate entire worlds, and we fall back. Not again. The line must be drawn here! This far and no further! And I will make them pay for what they've done!"

-Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

.: Click Here :.



.: Click Here :.

*Computer end log*

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Posted by Jepoy @ 9/03/2009 12:25:00 AM
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Tim Cumper Watch
SCAM HOAX ALERT: The Tim Cumper Scam
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